Friday, November 30, 2018

Treatment of Animals - Part Four - Saving the Whales

This exchange between a researcher and William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, occurred shortly after the 1988 effort to save a group of grey whales trapped by an ice pack in the Beaufort Sea.
Questioner:  Recently, a large number of people expended a great deal of energy and effort to save, at the beginning, three whales, eventually, two whales that had become trapped in ice during their migration south.  Some people criticized that effort, saying it might have been better spent in other ways.  I was wondering if you would comment on that kind of expenditure of effort to save two wild animals?
The Council:  It shows you the beauty that can lie within each one of you, it shows you the godliness that is there if you allow it to come out. It is a great credit to those who were involved in such a situation. It saddens us though that such beauty, such light, such concern, cannot be shown for one another.  For each of you are as helpless as the wild animals who may be trapped by nature.  Such demonstrations of care and concern should serve as an example of how good man can be, if he chooses, but at the same time it is a stern condemnation of those who refuse to care -- for animals or for their brothers and sisters.  There is no limit to which you can reach.  Each of you have enough goodliness in you, enough love in you, that if you choose and you open yourselves up to God, you can transform the world, and every once in a while you are all blessed to witness how beautiful man can be when he chooses.  Does that answer the question?
Questioner:  Yes, it does.  Thank you very much.
The Council:  If man can have such love and concern for animals, he can have a thousand times that love and concern for his fellow man, because his relationship to his fellow man is much closer, much more natural, and much more attuned.  So use such experiences as an example to follow, an example of the potential that lies in each one of you.  The problem is:  All too many of you do not respect yourselves.  You do not love yourselves.  You do not care about yourselves.  So you wreak all forms of havoc on yourselves, and then in order to alleviate yourself of the responsibility, you blame it on karma, you blame it on a punishing God, you blame it on a thousand and one things.  This Divine Love is available to each and every one of you, if you will only allow it to flow through you, to become a part of you.  It is there.  All you have to do is accept it.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Treatment of Animals - Part Three - Controlling the Deer Population

Questioner:  In the first part of the question it was talking about deer, for example, in this part of the country we hear a number of reports that the deer population is getting very large, and so they have hunting seasons, and the hunters then claim that through their sport of hunting they are also controlling the deer population and helping out the deer population.  Could you specifically comment on that?
The Council:  Again, if it is to put a useful purpose to the meat, to the animal, if it is to be used as foodstuff, this would be acceptable, but simply to hunt as a means of target practice is totally unacceptable.
Questioner:  A lot of these folks who hunt, taking deer for example, enjoy going out and spending a day hunting the animal down, yet they do, in most cases, dispose of it as food.  Their intent still basically is to enjoy the hunt and the food, the meat of the deer, is also useful. Is there any problem with that attitude?
The Council:  For a man to hunt to place food on his table for his family is not something that should be considered wrong, it is not an evil.  It is not an evil to enjoy the pursuit of the hunt or to enjoy the challenge of a hunt.  The wrong comes in taking the animal's life and leaving it.  There is far more of this going on than you might suspect.  Many animals who have been shot for the hunt only and taken to places for recognition are allowed to waste instead of consumed as foodstuffs.  Do you understand?
Questioner:  Yes.
The Council:  When such a deed is committed, then this is wrong.  Then the individual becomes fully responsible for the abuse of that animal life.  Also, in the sport, if an animal is wounded, it is the obligation of the hunter then, the pursuer, to see to it that the animal is brought to a quick end and as painlessly as possible.
There are many hunters who would wound an animal and are simply too lazy to finish the job, to track down the animal and complete the job.  In the use of traps, those who would use such devices have a responsibility to tend to those traps properly, so that if an animal is caught, its suffering and pain is at an absolute minimum.  It is the least desirable way to place food on your table.

You must remember, man has charge of all animal life.  It is their responsibility to tend to it as the occasion calls, to tend to it properly, to care for it properly and show the proper respect.
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Treatment of Animals - Part Two - Controlling Wild Game Population

Questioner:  The first question that we have is on the treatment of animals. The question is:  In some of our wild game areas, it is claimed that deer and some other animals, if left alone, will multiply to the point that starvation will occur.  Hunting seasons are justified on this basis.  Ranchers claim that certain predatory animals must be killed to protect their sheep, cattle, etc.  Would you comment regarding the morality of these situations?
The Council:  If the rules or laws are set so that it is necessary to protect livestock that is generally considered foodstock, then a degree of control would be acceptable only to the extent that certain predatory animals would cause damage to foodstock. Do you understand?
Questioner:  Yes.
The Council:  For man to control the population of what is referred to as wild animals or wild game, if this control is exercised properly and with a humane approach and the stock or the control is not wasted, in other words, simply to dispose of animal life and leave it rot or waste would not be acceptable.  Man has a choice, to let nature control the population of certain animals or for him to step in and humanely control it.  But in so doing man cannot wantonly kill but must make use of those that are controlled or taken out as a controlling element. 
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Monday, October 15, 2018

Treatment of Animals - Part One - The use of animals for experimentation

This is the first of a series on the animal kingdom and our interaction with animals. This series covers a wide range of topics as given by William LePar's spiritual source, The Council.
Questioner:  One other question in regards to using animals that are used quite frequently for product research.  I have heard of one example where rabbits were used for hair spray, where hair spray was sprayed into the eyes of rabbits to see if it would be harmful to the eyes if it was accidentally sprayed into the eyes of people.
The Council:  A simple guideline:  Hair spray, is that essential to the physical body?
Questioner:  I don't think so.
The Council:  Then such research would be inappropriate.  Those inhumane actions against animals for the adornment of the body, for the beauty, the physical beauty of the body are totally unacceptable. If necessary to experiment on animals for medical purposes for the well-being of a physical body, then this would be acceptable, but  experimentation and harm and pain inflicted on an animal simply for the self-adornment is totally unacceptable, and the extraction, karmic debt, will be quite appropriate for such vanity.
The Divine Essence has given each of you, whether male or female, a beauty that does not need to be enhanced by vanity.  The problem with your world today is that it no longer sees the natural beauty, so it must enhance, as it thinks, this portion or that portion of the body or an individual's natural beauty.  This actually trespasses against the physical body and the natural beauty, so those of you who feel it is necessary to use such products will find that you become part of that karmic situation.  Not only that, if not in a direct way in an indirect way, although such karma in many cases is answered for under the term immediate karma or instant karma, in the sense that all these products for man's vanity does have a serious side effect eventually on the physical body.  So those of you who must use such things for your vanity will find that the side effect in the future or that you may gradually begin to become incorporated into your physical body will not be worth the moments of vanity that have been enjoyed.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Humor is the Healing Balm

Earlier, during this trance William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, injected humor into the answers to some of the questions. It seems that there were some in attendance who were surprised by the humorous nature that The Council demonstrated.
The Council:  After all, you are just like us.  We would say that we are just like you, but it is obvious that is not the case.  You know, your sense of humor does not leave with the physical body.  A sense of humor is the joy of the soul and the soul's ability to laugh at itself by utilizing different situations.  It surprises us that some of you would be shocked that we do have a sense of humor, but we do, just as you, and tonight was one of those rare nights that we publicly decided to show it to you.  We are not nasty villains that at times we have had the reputation.  So, it is also interesting to see that some are thinking that this "letting our hair down" is not quite as spiritual as when we are stuffy.  Well, we are sorry you have that feeling.  You are wrong, and we are right.  (Laughter)  And we will explain to you why we say that and that is because joy is part of spirituality, and spirituality must be joyful.  So, if you cannot laugh in your spirituality, then something is wrong someplace, you are not understanding what spirituality is.
It will be interesting to see the repercussions of this evening.  When you are dealing with the real thing, sometimes the real thing is not always as stuffy as what you have been led to believe.
We hope that this evening will last in your memory.  We hope that you will realize that in all your states of growth, the one thing that you can feel safe about is a sense of humor, and a sense of humor can be a healing balm for many afflictions.  Now, we will not clarify whether that is physical or spiritual, we will leave that in your lap.  If you can laugh at yourself, if you can make fun at yourself, you are standing on good ground because you are willing then to point out your own weaknesses and use them as an example or at least show that you are aware of what lacking may be there.
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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Showing Others the Way

The Council:  You may find it much easier to help others when you first help yourself.  If you have something of value to offer others, let them see what it has done for you, not by your words but by the way you conduct yourself with others.  What should be each of your missions in life is that you do one good deed a day, regardless of how small, regardless of how big.  If you can achieve one good act a day, what you have to offer will become quite noticeable to others.  It is by these activities then they will accept what you have to offer, not by your words but by the way you live your life. You cannot point the way if you have not seen it yourself, and you can only know if you have found the way, when you have reached that point and have been able to turn around and see where you used to be. May this Divine Source, our God, our Father, that feeds and blesses us and encompasses us in His Growth and in His Glorification, all those Blessings that we derive from that Source, may we humbly share with each and every one of you.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

The Makeup of the Atom - What is Beyond Our Viewing - Part Two

In part two of William LePar's spiritual source, The Council's, explanation of the true makeup of the atom they go well beyond normal understanding. To begin this quote I have inserted the last three comments from the previous posting for clarity.

The Council:  Very well. Now, for the neutrons and protons to be revolving or circulating what would they be circulating around?

Questioner:  A point or a nucleus.

The Council:  Very well.  If the basic model in man's understanding of an atom is to have a center with electrons circulating around the outside, then the center of that center should in naturalness resemble the outer.  Shouldn't it?

***:  All right.

The Council:  Very well.  We were referring to the nucleus itself as man understands the atom.  Now within that nucleus, within the protons and neutrons is a nucleus, also.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well.  Here we take on somewhat of a different perspective because once man is capable of actually looking, actually looking, the looking itself will influence what he sees.  There are particles so small that the very fact of observing them causes a change in them.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well.  So that must be kept in mind.  The actual center of the nucleus as you understand it, is an element that we have referred to as spiritual electricity.  Now it is not an element as you know elements to be.  We simply use that word to describe a something exists there.  This something is the actual spirit-force itself. That is the closest touching in the material that you have of the spirit itself.  One might say it is something resembling a magnet that draws other forms of electricity to it, and as these other forms
of electricity collect they become, shall we say, somewhat more solid; they form combinations that create a solidifying illusion of spirit; and as these elements then are combined with other elements, they too begin to form an illusion of something more solid; and so it continues until you have a build-up of an entire physical form.

Questioner:  Then the spirit or the soul is throughout our entire bodies rather than having a particular focal point in the body as is often talked of.

C:  Certainly.  Certainly.  That would not even make sense.  There is man's weakness.  How could any particular part of your body hold the soul itself, since the whole of you is only a small molecule or atom of your soul.  Your physical container can never hold your soul in its entirety.  So consequently, no particular part of your body is the center of the soul.

Questioner:  Then where is the rest of our soul, the other aspects?

The Council:  It is right there.  You see, you are trying to put dimensions or limitations on the spiritual, and it is impossible; you become very confused, and it becomes very cloudy and almost contradictive in itself.  It is good to know that there is more to you than
what you see, but that will be about the best that you will be able to comprehend it.  You see, you fail to keep in mind or hold, shall we say, important enough that the physical and all the manifestations connected with the physical really is an illusion compared to spirituality.  Now it is real; it does have substance to it; it has a dimension to it, as you all know, but compared to the spiritual, it is unreal, just as the spiritual is unreal to you in
your ability to see it.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes, as you know, I, somehow, was under the impression that all this was contained within these bodies within different levels of consciousness.

The Council:  There is the answer, but the physical is only one level of consciousness; it is the entrapment level.

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