Thursday, September 19, 2019

Atlantis - Part 2 - Dinosaurs and Polar Change

Atlantis - Part 2
Dinosaurs and Polar Change
This quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, has a lot to say. It answers the question of what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and also makes a prediction for the future. It states that the Atlanteans had what we call today lasers. There is more here that is inferred such as the electromagnetic construction of our beings which refers to the construction of our universe and also points indirectly to the incidents that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.
Questioner:  Did the Atlanteans have trouble with dinosaurs?
The Council:  Well, that was one of their toys.  Oh, they got rid of them.
Questioner:  With their crystal?
The Council:  Part, yes, but the greatest, shall we say, ending to the dinosaurs were the polar changes.  The changing of the poles, although you may feel it comes gradually, it does not.  There is a building up, of course, but once the poles change it is a traumatic shock.  It is an experience that upsets the entire magnetic field of the earth and since you are part of that it can also affect the electromagnetic construction of your being so that, shall we say, time could freeze temporarily and some very unusual things can transpire.  Man has not experienced a polar change and God forbid when he does.  If you think your bombs can cause havoc, man has not begun to dream yet.
Questioner:  When you say man has not experienced a polar change, are you referring to present man or present history?
The Council:  Naturally, naturally.  Your little quivering of your axis now is only the build-up because you will not only have instantaneous freezing and raining of ice, you will have instantaneous burning and raining of fire.
Questioner:  Is this the fire that is spoken of in Revelation?
The Council:  That is something for you to think about, isn't it?
Questioner:  Yes, it is.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Atlantis - Part 1 - Crystals and Polar Change

The information in this section came in the middle of a discussion of the Bermuda Triangle by William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. For further discussion of the Bermuda Triangle, see SOL's File – Mysteries of the Universe.
Questioner:  There is a school of thought that that has something to do with the Lost Continent of Atlantis, dealing with pyramids and a crystal.  Is there any truth to that?
The Council:  The crystals are activated more than would normally be since below the surface of the once continent of Atlantis lie those things that have a tendency to cause the disruption in the force field, such as the gravitational force field, the magnetic force field, what have you.  One of the instigating factors in the collapse of Atlantis was this that was forming then under the surface of that continent; this is all in preparation for the great change of the axis.
Questioner:  When you said, "for the great change of the axis," now would that indicate any change in the axis of rotation or only the shift of the magnetic poles.
The Council:  The magnetic poles.
Questioner:  You mean in preparation for the upcoming change or one that has occurred in the past?
The Council:  The big change is coming.
Questioner:  Let me ask you if there are other places on the surface of the earth that have similar properties to them?
The Council:  Yes.  Twelve, and they lie in a pattern.
Questioner:  I have heard it said that the Sargasso Sea is similar.  Is that one of them?
The Council:  The Sargasso Sea is part of the elliptical area that is referred to as the Bermuda Triangle.  You will find that all these areas are elliptical in shape.  "Bermuda Triangle" has a much more commercial sound to it than the "Bermuda Elliptical Area."  There is a natural grid of forces on the globe.  There are twelve.  They run at the upper part of the sphere and at the lower part of the sphere; so that you can form, shall we say, geometric patterns by connecting them the proper way.  This is a very natural condition and cannot really be referred to as phenomena, although man would probably choose to refer to it as a phenomena.  These segments or elliptical patterns are or were at one time the magnetic poles of the earth.  In the great change time will be definitely suspended and those who are present will be quite aware that time has been suspended.  The influences of the heavenly bodies and the workings of those elements under the crust cause the reaction in these elliptical areas.  Now, it could possibly be said that these are doorways to other dimensions, but this would be somewhat inaccurate.  They are not truly doorways to anything but a refinement, if you wish to use those words, in one's experience or awareness; not necessarily indicating a positive situation, only indicating by the word refinement that there is a change from the gross material to possibly the gross of another dimension that could be influenced by other beings.  You see, this all borders on reality and time; everything is related and is connected with all things.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Some Insight into The Council

This information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, gives us a little insight into how they know all that is. They also warn us not to pray to them as they consider themselves only emissaries of the Divine. Certainly they are of a Divine nature but our prayer should always be directed to our Creator.
Questioner:  Can you help us at times when we are not here, if we call on you?
The Council:  At no time should any of you call on us.  Absolutely never call on us.  First, we could not answer you.  If you are to call on anyone for help, by all means call on your Maker.  Call on His Love, not us.  We can when it is in the Divine Plan speak to you, shall we say, from a spiritual level, and then your spirit will feed the information down to your physical.  If you were to call for help from us, it would be wiser if you were to say or request from us that we pray for you.  Then by all means we would pray.  The most that we can hear from any of you is a request for a prayer. 
This should offer an opportunity to give some explanation as to how we know all that there is to know.  Those of a higher spiritual development can always extend themselves down to those of a lower spiritual development.  Those of a lower spiritual development can never raise their spirituality or their vibrations up to the higher.  It is only by the higher reaching to the lower that the lower can climb, can be raised up.  In being able to render information to you that helps in your spiritual development, every breath that you take, every thought that you think, every motion that you make is left in eternity.  There is a mark.  There is a stamp.  There is an expression.  And, shall we say, it is like opening a book and watching the story unfold.  With less than a wink of an eye we can cover everything that you have ever experienced in all your incarnations, because the information then becomes a part of our very awareness, our own knowledge.  Just as when the time comes that you rise up to our development, you will experience the same thing.  This awareness is not reserved for just a few.  This awareness is the rightful ability of each and every creation of God, if one chooses to achieve it.  Although at times we may say, "we see here," or at times we may even refer to looking at the book, there is in reality no book.  There is nothing for us to see, but it is a knowing.  It is an existence of complete creativity, complete awareness, complete joy, complete love, almost complete godliness which we hope to achieve soon.  It is an existence that very, very few in the physical have any awareness of.  But it is every much a living existence as the existence you have.  It is much more full of life than any of you can ever dream of.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Protein Complementarity

In this discussion with William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, the questioner wants to know if we can substitute other forms of protein for meat protein. 
Questioner:  I have a question about protein complementarity. Nutritionists tell us that if you combine several incomplete proteins that you get a high-quality protein.  It would seem that we would need to kill fewer animals if we obtained more of our protein through combining non-meat protein sources.  What about that?
The Council:  That is a temporary possibility or, how shall we put it, a temporary condition that one can bring themselves into, but over any period of time this is not acceptable.  First of all, the full knowledge, nutritional knowledge is not available or mankind does not understand what happens to the nutritional value of the food as it is combined, and it is not just a matter of combining different foodstuffs or products, natural products, it is how they are cooked, what heat degree, what temperature, what manner.  Are they boiled, steamed, fried, baked?  All this changes, and since the protein is an essential building block of the physical body, to try to reconstruct the amino acids necessary for proper physical health and emotional health is a tremendous task that man has not yet evolved knowledge wise.  Do you understand?
Q:  I think so.
C:  So, for a short period of time, if one wishes to take up a fad, then it would be acceptable, but it is not advisable for a length of time.
The physical body itself, if one looks at the digestive system, the structure of the upper part of the physical body, in particular, the jaw structure, the type of teeth, it is quite evident even to a novice that that structure is such for meat-eating, but it is also a structure that is for nut-eating and of course fruits and vegetables.
So, this attitude of eliminating all meat from one's diet is pure foolishness.  That comes from an approach of reaching spirituality through physical means.  One of two avenues or two areas of thought is that cleansing the body of the meat influences which are considered base and heavy and then rejuvenating it with the finer quality or the less dense of fruits and nuts and vegetables and what have you is taken completely out of text.  The purpose of the reduction of meat as a source of protein originated many, many eons ago in a means of self-sacrifice in preparation of a deeper insight.  Now, basically fasting was the vehicle.  Fasting from this form of food or that form of food in order to cleanse the body or reduce the density of the body.  Now, that is the, how shall we put it, the bastardized concept of what was the original concept, and the original concept was simple fasting as a means of self-discipline, nothing else.  So, the act of fasting was developed as a means of discipline of oneself in order to control the physical desires, such as food, and replacing it with more control.  Do you understand?
Q:  Yes.
C:  There is so much concerning the physical body that your scientists have not even begun to think about, let alone to realize that anything is there, to attempt to eliminate entirely certain things from the diet.  We have said in the past and we still say that your society, this society, eats entirely too much red meat. It is not necessary, it is not healthy.  But at the same time to eliminate such products completely creates a likened condition but through the opposite channel or the opposite means.  Much of the growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, what have you, that type of life, its nutritional value is governed by the condition of the soil, and in some areas where certain minerals are in short supply or depleted, combining certain vegetables or fruits or nuts in hopes to establish the necessary mineral in the body is of no value because it is not in the plant itself.  Do you understand?
Q:  Yes.
C:  So there is too much information that is not available, not in the awareness of man, it never will be.  It is one of those blind alleys that leads nowhere. Live with what is obviously provided for through nature.  If you would all concentrate on demanding cleaner food products or foodstuffs, eliminating much of the preservatives and chemicals that are utilized in your food, you would not have to worry about nutrition.  But unfortunately that takes an activity, and that means one must be productive, one must reach out and do instead of simply dealing with one's own individual self.  So it takes a combined effort of many people to change what is being done to your food products or your foodstuffs today.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

How the Pyramids were Constructed

You may have seen documentaries where people use mechanical means in an attempt to reproduce the construction of a pyramid. It requires a lot of effort to build a very small one. William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, explains how it was really done.
Questioner:  Could you tell us please how the pyramids were built?  That is, any of the pyramids, Egypt or Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis?
The Council:  Through the mental processes.
Questioner:  The same powers that could also be turned to destruction?
C:  Power is neither good nor bad.  Power in itself is neither good nor bad.  Those that apply it determine whether it is good or bad.
Q:  Did they simply will the construction, will the blocks to move?
C:  Basically, it was a matter of willing, but they needed help.
Q:  From crystals again?
C:  No, only partially.
Q:  Then from what?
C:  Special appliances.  Basically, metallic rods held in hands. One was a barrel-shaped rod; the other was a staff rod.  The high priest then would carry these, and it was used as a tuning mechanism. The assistant priests or the common priests then would concentrate, and through a means of chanting which would have been strictly cosmetic in actuality, the chanting served their conscious mind for concentration, but the chanting in itself served no other purpose; focusing these thoughts then and the high priests holding these rods, touching the stone or the block that had to be moved, created a field that negated the gravitational force, thus allowing that stone or that rock to rise.  Do you understand?
Q:  Yes. Somewhat, are you talking of vibrations?  Through some kind of vibratory energy that the rock gained an anti-gravitational state?
C:  The mind emanates an electrical field.  This electrical field can be focused. The priests would concentrate on the rising of the rock or the elevating of the rock.  They were of one mind then.  The high priest which held these appliances, with the use of the appliance would be able to be what you could refer to as a power element or the priest with these appliances then would accumulate these electrical impulses derived from the extreme concentration and would trigger then, with the help of these appliances, a force that would negate the magnetic field in relationship to the object.  Now the priests would lay hands on the object or the stone.  Do you understand?
Q:  Yes.
C:  The high priest would walk ahead or behind of the stone and one could consider then, because of the appliances, the high priest would be used as the power source to cancel out the gravitational force on the rock itself.  This would be done in a manner that is hard to explain because the concept is not in line with man's normal understanding but what constitutes material form but atoms.  Again, what are atoms but fields of energy or electricity, and so by activating the molecular structure of the stone in such a way it would eliminate the relationship with the magnetic field or with the gravitational field, thus causing it to elevate or levitate. This would be a process used in moving the stone.  In some cases those stones that were too large to truly be supported on barges and what have you would necessitate a constant activity as we have described it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gaining Our Highest Spiritual Level on the Earth Plane

Over the more than 30 years that William LePar allowed his spiritual source, The Council, to speak through him I believe that this is one of the most important pieces of information given to us. It is the way to gain our highest spiritual level while living on the earth plane.

The Council: When you can raise your will to the Will of God, to your Creator, you will have succeeded and overcome and accomplished. When you start to look at yourself as the personal ambassador of that Divine God, that you personally have been chosen by Him to administer His Love to each person that you come into contact with, you will have achieved perfection.  It is that simple. When your will is the Will of God. And the Will of God, is it something complicated? Is it something hidden? Is it something mysterious? No, no. It is this: That you should be your brother's keeper. The same old thing repeated over and over and over and over from the beginning of time. Love someone unconditionally, and you are doing the Will of God. Accept someone just as they are. Pass no judgment and you are fulfilling the Will of God.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Speaking to a Child in the Womb - Part Two

The Council:  So, from the moment of conception, one must take note of what one does, both the mother and the father.  The father then should begin to share in the activities of home life far more than what he did before, unless he is, of course, an exceptional husband; so that this interreaction and relationship between the mother and the father and their  conversation will be heard and sensed by the child, thus making that child more inclined to accept the joys of a family situation, a healthy family situation, where there is an exchange of love, respect, and cooperation. A child should also be read to while it is in the womb.  It can be instructed in many areas.  Many items can be used, such as music.  Of course, we would be extremely careful in what type of music the child would be allowed to hear, preferably good classical music, none of this noise that you presently call music, this obscenity to the senses that you call music.  Reading from books that would be inspirational, books of learning such as an arithmetic primer or reading primer.  All these things are beneficial in the future.  Describing a beautiful picture to the unborn child that you may see in a magazine such as a beautiful lake, trees, or as you are walking, in the woods, describing the scene that you see to the child.  Touching the child while it is still in the womb, that is touching the tummy or belly or stomach of the mother to be, this child senses all this and hears all this. The inner joy in the body of the mother is directly transmitted to the baby as is nervous tension, stress and strain, fear, anger, all these the baby feels immediately and will respond to them.  The father should constantly want his presence be made known to his child by touching the stomach, by touching the child, by talking to the child, telling the child how much he loves him or her, how much he is anxiously awaiting his day of birth, as should the mother.

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