Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Makeup of the Atom - What is Beyond Our Viewing - Part One

This is an interesting exchange between William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, and a member of the Research and Study Group from April of 1979. This question came from an explanation, from an earlier trance, on the effects drugs and acid rock music on the molecular structure of the physical body. In their explanation, The Council said that the protons and neutrons circulate. This is what is being questioned here.

Questioner:  The next question is on another piece of information that you gave and that is in the 47th Trance and you were giving us a description of how rock music affects the molecular structure and you were saying that if the chakras were allowed to function properly the molecular structure becomes larger, and then you say, "In other words, say, an atom if you were to look at the atom of a cell on your skin or what have you, it would be one size, the distance from the nucleus to the circulating protons and neutrons, that distance would be greater in a perfectly balanced chakra system than in one that has been, shall we say, tampered with through the drugs or through the acid rock music."  And we are somewhat confused as to the actual description of what changes.  The question that I had is when you say "circulating protons and neutrons" instead of "protons and neutrons" do you mean electrons there, circulating electrons?

The Council:  No, we meant exactly what we said.  We were talking about the nucleus itself.  What you have on the outside in appearance, you have on the inside; it is the same.  Everything is mirrored only in a finer degree or in a higher vibration.  In the nucleus, now we are talking about that area that is encompassed by the electrons, that area that you call or that you say consists of protons and neutrons.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Okay, the ...

The Council:  The nucleus itself.

Questioner:  What the scientists, and what I have come to know, is the nucleus would be made up of the protons and neutrons.

The Council:  Yes.  Within that though is another nucleus, and we were making reference then to that nucleus that you recognize as the center of the atom; we are talking beyond that.  Now do you understand?

Questioner:  What the scientists call a nucleus, the protons and neutrons, that in itself has a nucleus?

C:  In that area is the absolute essence of life.  Do you understand? What the electrons are to the nucleus, the protons and neutrons are to the essence of life.  Do you understand it that way?

Questioner:  I still don't think I do.

C:  Very well.  Give us the construction of an atom, as you understand it.

Questioner:  As I understand it, there is a nucleus which would consist of protons and neutrons.

The Council:  Yes.

Questioner:  And then around that nucleus would circulate or in some way revolve around the nucleus ...

The Council:  Give the standard understanding.  Do not interject possibilities.

Questioner:  Around the nucleus would circulate electrons.

The Council:  Very well.  Now, we were talking about the nucleus.  Forget about the electrons.

Questioner:  All right.

The Council:  All right.  What did we say about the nucleus?

Questioner:  You said that the nucleus, the protons and the neutrons, had itself a nucleus.

The Council:  Yes.  Now do you understand?

Questioner:  So the protons and the neutrons would be circulating around its own nucleus.

The Council:  Yes.  The protons and neutrons would be equivalent to the electrons circulating around the nucleus.

Questioner:  All right.

The Council:  Very well. Now, for the neutrons and protons to be revolving or circulating what would they be circulating around?

Questioner:  A point or a nucleus.

The Council:  Very well.  If the basic model in man's understanding of an atom is to have a center with electrons circulating around the outside, then the center of that center should in naturalness resemble the outer.  Shouldn't it?

***:  All right.

The Council:  Very well.  We were referring to the nucleus itself as man understands the atom.  Now within that nucleus, within the protons and neutrons is a nucleus, also.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

A Method for Solving Problems

William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, advises us to meditate on our problems.
The Council:  There are times when individuals seem to find many problems come their way, dissatisfaction, insecurity, a lack of joyful experiences, and they have the tendency to want to look in the direction of everyplace but themselves as the cause of such dilemmas.  If you are experiencing unhappiness, if you are not experiencing a contentment, look at yourself.  Look at your past, examine your past, because what you are experiencing today is the path that you have laid yesterday or the day before or the year before or two years before that.  We would suggest that if you find yourself in such a situation, meditate on the condition and the answer that means the greatest sacrifice on your part, accepting a more humble position will usually be the answer to the problem. But if you do not meditate, you will wander around chasing your own tail, rationalizing your own activities and burying yourself much deeper, and who knows, maybe dragging down with you other innocent people. So, we suggest that if life does not leave you with a sense of joy, it is because you have not created joy for you to experience.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Imperfect Love

An example of imperfect love was discussed with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council.
Questioner: Let us say I am sitting at home and I am watching the baseball game and my wife decides she wants to go get her hair cut. And I say, "Oh, I really don't want to do that," but I decide because of wanting to try to make an effort to be more spiritual I do what she wants but I am still not 100% happy with the situation. Is that a step forward or is that just sort of rationalizing around it and solving the problem without really improving?
The Council: Do you recall what we have said about perfect and imperfect love?
Questioner: Yes.
The Council: Very few individuals are capable of perfect love, so the rest must settle for imperfect love, if nothing else. An act such as that, an attitude such as that, carried out with kindness, not having a negative attitude towards the individual because they interrupted your preferred activity, may be considered an imperfect act of love, but nonetheless it IS an act of love. Many times when an individual steps forwards and is responsible for an imperfect act of love, before it is all over with, the attitude has changed and the individual has transformed that into a perfect act of love. Does that answer the question?
Questioner: Yes, I believe it does. And if you have had years and years of not making the effort and you start to make more effort, then that will have a snowball effect and hopefully eliminate all of those negative responses or the karma for those negative responses?
The Council: Haven't we said many times that all karma can be corrected in this lifetime that each of you are experiencing? We will repeat it again. All karma can be corrected, answered for, justified (and when we say "justified" we are saying the correction, the word "justification" we are using it in the sense of the correction for karma), in one lifetime. True karma, whether it is the positive karma or the good karma, or the enslavement-type karma cannot always be corrected one act for another. In fact, if a soul chooses that form of self-restoration, then he only chooses a much harder path, a much more complicated path. Very few will set their aims with that type of situation. So living life with the proper attitude will bring all the opportunities to you in this lifetime to correct all the karma, regardless of how heavy it may be from previous lifetimes or even in many cases the present lifetime. Does that answer the question?
Questioner: Yes, it does. Thank you.
The Council: Each lifetime, the sole purpose is to make amends to yourself. And when we say that what we mean is correcting the harm and the disrespect and the indignities that you have perpetrated on yourself through the acts of self-centeredness and selfishness. You are living this life for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to clean up your house, but in order to do that it is necessary to help others clean up their house while you are working on yours. If you try to clean up your house simply by taking care of yourself, you have lost the game before you started because correcting karma you must interact with an individual or in some cases a number of individuals. Take for instance those of you who have commitments to other individuals. Why does that exist? Is it because one of you might be indebted to the other one karmically, so that with this commitment and the fulfillment of that commitment you are correcting your karma? Therefore, if you want to correct the karma and not add more to what you already carry, it is necessary to be completely faithful to that commitment.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

The Composition of the Soul

Questioner: I just want to know if the soul, each person's soul, is composed of more than one part?
The Council: First, shall we say, that the soul would be better understood as the report card of the entity's work with creation of the physical and the maneuvering and balancing of the physical. Now with that in mind possibly you could reword the question or has that answered it for you?
Questioner: No. I was just wondering if there were different aspects or parts to the soul or it must be composed of a lot of different things just like the body is composed of a lot of different things.
The Council: Very well. Then you refer to the soul then as the total spiritual aspect.
Questioner: Yes.
The Council: Yes, most assuredly, there are many facets to the soul then, when looking, when considering the spiritual aspects of the entity as the soul. Shall we say, the word or the term soul then in that particular instance would be the unit description of a unit name.
Questioner: Are these always enclosed, these different units in the same body, the same time? Are they ever separated, is what I mean?

The Council: There is no separation. You see, the actual working of the spirit or the entity or you within the physical is a very involved and very intricate and very delicate, shall we say, existence. The spirit or the entity works through a number of degrees to the physical and in each degree then or if you wish to use a very inaccurate term a number of different bodies then each body as it moves away from the originating spirit to the physical then becomes more dense than the one before, but yet each must work very intricately with the one before and the one that follows afterwards. Now these bodies at times are referred to as astral bodies and etheric bodies and what have you, which in reality do not truly exist. These terms have been brought about by those who do not fully understand what they are talking about and by those who deliberately create confusion in a better understanding of the spirituality or the spiritual make-up of you as an individual. Nevertheless, there is a very intricate working between the body before and the body afterwards. It would be better and more close to reality or to the truth if one would understand these not to be bodies but to be different levels of awareness or different states of consciousness. This would be much, much more accurate. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

From the Earth Plane to the Father

In this discussion with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, a researcher wishes to clarify his thoughts on those realms beyond the physical manifestation or earth plane.
Questioner: Is it possible to return to the Father directly from the earth plane?
The Council: Certainly. Isn't that what we have been saying all along?
Questioner: I'm somewhat confused about other levels of development beyond the earth plane.
The Council: If you choose to entrap yourself in those areas, then no you cannot go directly to the Father.
Questioner: I see.
The Council: You see what you subscribe to in belief is what you are making or what you are joining after you leave here. Do you understand?
Questioner: Yes.

The Council: So the simpler attitude that one develops, the one that most closely follows the truth of the Divine Father, the more that is eliminated after one leaves here. If you have paid attention to what we have said in the very beginning, our opening statement, you will realize that there are levels just outside of the physical or the earth. In those levels are the levels of what some call masters and teachers. But you can, if you develop a high enough consciousness, a high enough belief, go beyond those. Admittedly, it is rare, but it can be done. Accept the idea that you must need help from those teachers and masters, then naturally you are entrapping yourselves in those levels. The only time that you do not go directly to the Father is when you do not subscribe to the truth of the Divine Will of the Father, then you place yourself in karma. Go against brotherly love and you automatically create karma for yourself.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Using Our Inner Strength

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, suggests that we reach out after we have looked inward.
The Council: There are many who have great inner energies or powers that were given to them to use for the uplifting and development of others, but many fail to bring them about. They become self-centered. They withdraw into themselves thinking only of their own spiritual development. This is wrong. One only develops by extending oneself. True it does take one to turn inward to find this. Once this is brought out, the inward is no longer necessary. Reach out to those who need help. In doing so one learns the process of growth and development. For only by doing for others can one gain for oneself. You are at the threshold of a new life, if you choose to cross it. It will demand much patience, much work, and much sacrifice.
Do not fear that you cannot accomplish this, for no task is taken on that one is not fortified far beyond need.
For each who takes a position, the Plan of the Infinite Father is also given strength. In case one chooses not to overcome all those karmas that may or may not be for them to accomplish, whether they choose through their own selfishness to go their own way, they will not interrupt the Infinite Plan, for others are ready to replace, so one must feel that they are strong enough to accomplish. Your Father is a loving Father. He guarantees you all that you need and then some. All this knowledge is written. It is only the physical frailties that prevent you from knowing it. This goes for each and every individual. Some of these frailties are as lessons. They build strength of the spirit.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


In this discussion between a researcher in SOL’s Research and Study Group and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, there is an interesting dialogue concerning hypnosis.

Questioner: We had a series of questions on hypnosis. When you go into hypnosis, where are you?

The Council: That is not a question that can be answered quite as simply as it is stated. Depending on the individual, depending on how deep the hypnotic trance is will determine where you are or where you go. There are many levels of consciousness to each individual or subconscious levels, therefore one must be careful

Questioner: In hypnosis, can you tap into erroneous information?

The Council: Most assuredly, there are many levels or personalities or subconscious individuals within that individual so to speak. There is an opportunity to become involved with that portion of you that is not the most pleasant or the most honest. Therefore, naturally, the information would not be correct. Man does not fully understand himself physically, let alone emotionally.

Questioner: So then how much is correct information would depend on which level that you were at?

The Council: Yes. In generally speaking an individual will return basically to the same level for information depending of course on the information requested.

Questioner: Do you mean by that that an individual will decide upon a certain level and then will generally always return to that?

The Council: This depends then on the individual.  Some can choose to return to a specific level, others cannot. This goes beyond your ability to understand, it goes beyond the ability of even the most advanced of doctors to understand. An individual can be directed to return to a specific level of hypnosis or information if that individual is guided properly and in a consistent manner or suggestion made that the individual return there.

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