Friday, March 17, 2017

Ice Age of the Heart - Part 1

Although this posting may seem foreboding, William LePar's spiritual source offers hope for those willing to make the effort.

The Council: Mankind, at this present time, exists in an ice age of the heart. We will repeat that. An ice age of the heart. In your world today, there are the users and the used. The common denominator with this lifestyle is loneliness, again, the common denominator is loneliness. Man has not learned that his only source of happiness is in his ability to love. There is no loneliness when one chooses to love, and if you have been blessed with a love or a great love, where loneliness does not exist within you, you are experiencing the best and most perfect of loves. Be ever grateful, be ever grateful. Be sure that you are giving as much as you are receiving. Be sure that if your loneliness has been taken away by the one you love, make sure that that individual also is absent of loneliness. This necessitates then you loving more than what you are presently giving. How sad man will exist in this ice age of the heart. The terrain will become more hazardous, more dangerous, and darkness will become even darker. This will continue to those who refuse to love, their hearts will be frozen to the point where it cannot be thawed out. They will choose everlasting state of the ice age of the heart. Those who venture forth from this dark, bleak time and begin to give of themselves will rise above that into spring meadows and warm sunshine. They will resurrect themselves above the coldness of man's world. They will be reborn into the springtime of eternity.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Do Not Fear The Darkness

The Council: Many times, what we say about your society is not pleasant to hear. With some of you it creates a little fear. Do not allow fear to govern your life because you are going to miss all the joy that you are able to have. Enjoy the good that is in you, enjoy the good in your life. Do what good you can do in life. You are not going to change the world, but you can change yourself, and that is what is important. Be happy with what you have because you have all the opportunities to eliminate another reincarnation. You have all the opportunities to shut this door of schooling down so that you can begin to truly evolve on the other side in the God-made heavenly realms. We invite you to be with us. What more can we do? Recognize darkness, recognize evil, recognize negativity, or whatever you choose to call it, but do not be a part of it. You know what is right, and you know what is wrong. Do that which is right, and you will be guaranteed success. Have the right attitude in everything you do. Then you will reap the benefits of those actions in more ways than one. In so many ways you will not be able to count. After it is all said and done, you are going to realize that it is nothing more than an attitude. And all of you at some given point in time on the other side will say, why didn't I just change my attitude? Well, we cannot give you the answer to that. Only you have that answer. We are telling you now, it is your attitude that will make you or break you. Be happy that you have a loving Father and that you are an exact mirror or copy of Him. The potential you have to love and care is so great that in your wildest imagination, you cannot begin to realize how much power you have.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

How The Council Got To the Heavenly Realms.

This is a follow-up to the previous two postings from William LePar's spiritual Source, The Council. Here the questioner asks The Council how they got out of the physical world on a permanent basis.

Questioner: Is it safe to assume that you got to where you are by just simply loving yourself and giving to others in return?

The Council: Ultimately, after all the stupid mistakes all of us have made, yes. We are only here because we finally woke up. It is not because of any great accomplishments, it is because we finally woke up, we began to respect the beauty that God has created in us. We began to respect our heritage as His offsprings. Once you do that, whatever time you have left in your lifetime will be sufficient, more than sufficient to clear up all your karmic debts. It is that simple. It is that simple.

The one factor that very few times do we talk about and very little is understood. Bad karma has to be worked off and dissipated. Good karma is always with you. This one (Mr. LePar) has said whatever good karma you create is yours forever, for eternity, but most important for everlasting. You cannot use it up, you cannot wear it out, you cannot diminish it. It is always going to be with you. That is why we have said with each lifetime you have enough good karma to accomplish whatever need be accomplished in that given lifetime. Every good deed you do with love is good karma that you are creating. Good karma is the kind of karma you cannot see, you cannot touch, you cannot feel. It is a strength and a conviction that you have. It is the basis of the love that you demonstrate to others. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How Do We Know That We Love Ourselves

How Do We Know That We Love OurselvesThe following discussion occurred in one of William LePar's Research and Study Group sessions. It is a follow-up to the previous posting where Mr. LePar's spiritual source, The Council, discussed Giving What We Don't Have, posted previously on this website.

Questioner: How do you know if you love yourself? How do you know that you truly love yourself and it is not your ego talking?

The Council: Well, what do you do in life for others? That is a good yardstick of measurement. What is your attitude as you are doing them, these things for others? Understanding there are times when you must be a care giver or a provider that you get disgusted, you think that you are not appreciated. Well, when you begin to feel as though you are not appreciated, then you better take a second look at your feelings inside. Why should you be appreciated for doing good for someone else? That is your privilege, your honor. You should do it with humbleness. You should be grateful. Every time you are responsible for an action that is spiritually beneficial to another individual, that in itself should be all that you need. There are times in doing and giving, you do get tired, you do get disgusted. This is understandable, but if this hangs on too long and begins to cause you to question whether you should continue giving or doing, then you must reexamine yourself because you have not reached the point where you truly love yourself. Again, periods of time where one gets disgusted, even feels like throwing their hands up and walking away, these are all natural emotions and can be expected in a variety of situations. But the person who really loves themselves in a godly way continues through these periods of darkness or trepidation or whatever you choose to call it, and comes out on the other side still carrying the torch of achievement. They have not cowered in the corner as a coward would do.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Blessing for 2017

The Council:  It is with all the love that we can possibly send to you that we give a blessing to you all. We hope that the Divine Father expresses Himself to you as He has to us.  We hope that He gives you the understanding and the wisdom to use that which has been given to you. And as we hope you pray for one another, we too shall pray for you. At times when we are made aware of certain information it seems to become insurmountable, but that is only your human weakness that sees it as such. Remember nothing is ever given to you that you cannot fully overcome and have much to spare. Keeping this thought in mind and having faith in your Divine Father and His Love that He has for you, know that you will have more than is enough. Know that you are His chosen children. Know that you are most assuredly instigated by Him, and that you do have a very specific purpose in His Plan and that you do absolutely have the strength to fulfill it. May our Father and our Savior bless you all.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Christmas Message

The Council: Christmas signifies the birth of the Christ Child. Let that christ in you be reborn at this time of the year. Give love. Give compassion. Give understanding. Give of yourself. 

May the Holidays bring you all the joy that you could possibly want. May the New Year bring you all the happiness that this Divine Presence wants for you. May your life be full of the valuable things in life, the intangible things, the spiritual things. May the Peace and Joy of our Infinite Father shine down upon you and around you and within each and every one of you, and may you and all your loved ones, your family and your extended family, have the most happiest of holidays. We thank you.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Giving What We Don't Have

In this information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they explain how we can get the most out of our life.

The Council: ... let us see if we cannot make a comment on the proper attitude one should have in life.

How can you give out something you don't have? Well, the answer is you cannot. One must begin to look at oneself in such a manner so as to discover some element that is worthy of loving. The whole exercise of a life in the material form is for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to love others as you love yourself. If you cannot love yourself, then your life is going to be wasted. If you are in such a situation where you do not love yourself, then take a portion of your life and discover a reason for loving yourself, aside from the egotistical approach. Do good for others and find joy in that. Certainly, at times it can be a task, it can be a challenge. You may reach points where you say you are ready to give up. Well, that is acceptable, too, because those are emotions, but stay in there because those emotions will go. All things have a time, a season. You must learn to accept this, and if at a given point in time you are tired of carrying a burden, stick it out because that time will pass and it will be no more a burden than getting dressed in the morning.

If one can begin to look at their life as a task of self-discovery, and that before that individual lies many avenues, but only one will be direct. We can guarantee you that one will usually be the steepest. The more that life asks of you, the steeper the path will be, the quicker you will climb to the mountaintop. If you take some other road that may appear to be less steep, you will never be sure that you will end up at the top of the mountain. You can perform many great deeds in life, and then you can perform many great deeds in life.  Why the two statements? The first is performing great deeds. Doing things. Actions. Activities. Accomplishments. They are automatic, so to speak. They are more a fulfilling of nothing more than an obligation. This in itself is not entirely wrong.  But then there is the other good deeds, where the heart is in it, where actions are taken, things are done, because deep inside there is that desire to show the kindness, to show the gentleness, to show the dependability, and when those things are done for others, to show the respect that you have for the other person. One requires the ability to love oneself in a godly manner. The other one only requires determination and physical energy. The one that requires a godly love and self-respect for oneself applies to the latter example that we have given. You might as well reap all the benefits of actions, especially when it is such a simple condition that you must establish within yourself, and that is the ability to love yourself, therefore love others. If you take the other road, well, it will be a lot of effort put forth and not very much accomplished as far as you as an individual will be concerned.