Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Message

The Council:  Let us take just a few short moments to ask each of you to experience the significance of this holiday, the rebirth of Christ and the celebration of His Birth.  Take into your conscious mind and into your heart the love that was involved in bringing this kind of experience into the world.  Try to realize the tremendous effort that went before and look at what has come out of it.  Take this love that the Baby represents.  Take it into your hearts and allow that same love, that same giving, to be expressed through each of you, to yourselves first of all, and then to those that you love, those close to you.  The Christ Child was a gift from the Divine because it signified the official entrance of the godly Consciousness in the creative realm, in the earth plane, in all of creation.  You call it the Christ Consciousness, but it is God in Action.  That is what the Christ Consciousness signifies, that is what it means, that is what it is.  It is God in Giving, it is God in an outward manifestation of love.  We ask each of you to accept this concept in your hearts and give to those around you, give love, give understanding, give compassion, give sympathy, but most of all give yourself to those around you.  May each of you and your families enjoy a very prosperous coming year.  May you enjoy a very Blessed and Holy Christmas.

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