Thursday, February 24, 2011

Characteristics of Our Inner God

I simply felt that this was worth reading even though it may be obvious to all of us. I find that The Council has a way of stating the obvious in an uncommon manner that adds special meaning to what is said.

Questioner:   What characteristics do we know or can we see in ourselves that would be characteristic of our inner god?

The Council:   Every time that you give freely of yourself; every time you stoop over to help a little child; every time you think of an older person who is lonely and you try to fill that loneliness either with a kind word or a smile or a telephone call; every time that you say good morning to an individual; every time you tell your parents that you love them; every time you tell your children that you love them; every time you do something kind for someone; every time you say to someone "God bless you." 

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God bless you!

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