Monday, May 7, 2012

Reaching your Maximum Spiritual Potential

In this short quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they give us their thoughts on the easiest way to gain great spiritual rewards.

 The Council: To reach your maximum spiritual potential in this lifetime is very simple. Be compassionate. Be caring. Be loving. Be willing to make commitments and stay steadfast in those commitments regardless of how challenging they may be, for this shows your power and strength. This shows the god that lies within you, and this opens the door for The God, that Divine Source, to touch others in your life. Be a being of love. Be a being that cares. Worry not about the large or big things that you wish to do or accomplish. Concentrate on the small things, for it is the small things that are actually the big spiritual steps upwards. It is the ability to smile, to greet another fellow human being. It is the willingness to bend over and help the next person up, to reach out and comfort the one beside you. The willingness to commit to a person that you care for, that you love. This gives you dignity. It gives you self-respect, and it shows you just how strong you really are. It shows that there IS a god within each of you. Allow that god to come forth.

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