Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fate and Destiny

The following comes from one of William LePar's Universal Being Lectures and requires no additional comment from me.

I don’t care what conditions you were born into. I don’t care whether you were born into abject poverty or an abundance of wealth. I don’t care if you were born into a condition where there was great sadness in your family or great joy. It’s immaterial in the final analysis because at the point of birth that was the hand that was dealt to you. The beauty of life is that we have free will and with that free will we are able to change anything. Fate is what you came in with but you make your destiny. You are not condemned to those conditions that you were born into. You have the free will choice and with that choice, right thinking and positive action, you can create whatever destiny you want. Remember after all is said and done you are a god in the small and you have a great deal of control over your own destiny by the choices you make. If you want happiness, genuine happiness not temporary happiness, if you want spirituality, you make the choices now so that your destiny is what you desire.

I’d like to end this with a two line quote from the Council. The essence of these two sentences is everything in a nice neat little package. It goes this way:

“Those of you who quest for spirituality and happiness must understand what real spirituality and happiness is. It is not the act of kindness or loving or caring but it is the thought that instigated the act.”

If the thoughts are sincere, if they truly come from your heart, then they will become action. They will become a doing and they will become reality.

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