Sunday, October 24, 2010

Success in Spirituality - Another Thought

I realize that what is stated here is obvious to most of us but I thought that it was worth posting.

The Council:  In all situations, regardless of what they are, the curing balm, the healing salve, is understanding and caring. It can create a great difference and in some situations that are extremely severe, it can eliminate the worst of the possibilities at its very best. Yet it is the only thing that you as entities who are attempting to evolve spiritually have in your society today. Those people that you deal with day to day, the members of your family, close friends, those are your avenues for experiences that will allow you to exercise your true spirituality. Respect those opportunities, respect those challenges. Respect yourself and do the very best that you can. In the way the world looks at success today, success is only total success and that is not the way it is in the spiritual. True success is the constant effort, not necessarily the actual winning but the constant effort. Spirituality is easy to come by. Just show some kindness in the little things of life. Show some understanding in your day-to-day situations. Whatever commitments you have, honor them. That is the path to spirituality. Be a nice person. That is all it requires, a considerate, nice person. And respect the love that has been given to you. Respect the love that is offered to you. You have it now or today, but do you know tomorrow, it may be taken away from you because of the lack of respect you had today. Life is very lonely if there is no one that cares for you. But if there is no one that cares for you then maybe you should ask what is wrong with the choices you have made. If you love, you will be loved.

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