Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Truth About Medjugorje

If I wrote in this article that everything that happened at Medjugorje was not true, that it was all faked and explain how it was done, I am sure that it would make the news worldwide. Our society likes dirt, it loves sensationalism. Yet what could possibly be more amazing about Medjugorje than the truth! Read the truth from The Council.

I just recently returned from a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia.  A little nervous, I feel like I am talking to God. What I would like to find out is the validity of the apparitions that are happening there.  I have witnessed some phenomena there, such as the sun spinning.  I witnessed a young lady from Scotland who had her spine crushed and she was healed at that time and several other things such as rosaries turning from silver color to gold color.  Would you comment on that please?

The Council:
This is all actually happening.  It is man's belief in a force higher than his own physical self, and it is the recognition that that force is not outside but totally within man's life and man's being.  Are those apparitions and miracles true?  Yes, they are. Why is it unusual?  Why is it always isolated to this area or that area?  It is man's choosing.  One can have miracles and apparitions and what have you, supernatural events, constantly in his life, if he chooses it, if he has the mindset, if he is willing to recognize that this Divine Essence is part of him, not separate, and in so this Divine Essence will manifest anytime man will allow it. Mankind does not very often see the supernatural or the activities from the spiritual side.  That is because he does not allow it. God does not hide his face from man.  Man hides from God.  Are we gods?  In time, we will be gods.  Are you gods?  Yes, in time you will be gods.  Let us add here at this moment.  Man is not predestined to anything.  He has planned his own life out.  He may reach his ultimate goal in any way he chooses, with joy and happiness or with pain and sorrow.  There is only one area that man does not have the free will choice and that is this:  He is absolutely predestined to reach his own godhood.  There is nothing that can prevent this.  It is a question of how much do you wish to endure before you are willing to accept that position. Does that answer the question?

Yes, thank you.

The Council:
Such miracles and such signs are only to stimulate the spiritual nature of mankind into realizing that this Divine Essence is not sitting out on some cloud but is most assuredly present in each and every one of you.

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