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True Geniuses or the Blessed Souls of Heaven

The following contains some thought-provoking information covering several topics. The information contained here, hopefully, will give us all a new perspective on how our world operates and how advanced souls choose to demonstrate their love for us.This information was given by Mr. William LePar’s source, The Council on 07-25-1987, as a small part of the 147th trance.

The Council: To use some traditional terms, so that there would be a better understanding, those individuals who are considered less than normal and particularly those individuals that are referred to as retarded, if, in fact, they truly are retarded and not just a lack of society's understanding or knowing how to recognize a true genius, if they truly are retarded, they are the blessed souls of heaven, and they truly are special entities.  And those of you who are fortunate to deal with such individuals or serve such   individuals should feel very proud in a sense and yet maintain a certain humbleness in those entities' presence.  Now, we are not talking about worshipping or anything like that.  But you are definitely dealing with very evolved souls, in most cases, again. But the safest outlook is that all of them are extremely high entities or high souls.

Why do they exist or why do they come in?  It is a very uncomfortable life for that particular entity because they have very little control over their future.  All control and care is left in the hands of others, so they are truly subject to the wills and whims of those who are around them.  It is their choice to undergo such a state of existence to give the rest of society an opportunity to grow and to show their capabilities of love. And according to one's ability to show his capability of love also shows the quality of soul that that individual is. They come in for the world's benefit, not for their own.

Questioner: When you first described that group of souls, you made an exception of the world not being able to recognize a true genius. What does that mean or why that differentiation?       
The Council: Well, there are some entities who are pronounced retarded when in fact they are not retarded; they are so far advanced mentally that society cannot recognize a, how can we put it so that it will be, they do not conform to the mold. 

In other words, their mind, their thoughts, are progressing at a supersonic speed while the rest of you people are crawling like snails.

And their mind, the mental activity, goes at such a high rate of speed and is so creative that it does not deal properly with the physical body. 

And if this state of existence comes into play at the moment of conception, then the physical body itself may suffer as the fetus develops, and, of course, certain conditions then are set up where the metabolism may not be what it should be, body formation may not be as what it should be, it may not develop the way it should normally develop, consequently, those are repercussions that must be accepted.  Do you understand?  Or, let us say, those activities cause repercussions after the child is born and it would be entirely possible then that they may be deformed in some manner or another, the metabolism or body chemical functions may not be proper, thereby causing other problems, physical problems.  Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, pretty much, I think I do.  If they are mentally so far ahead of the rest of us but they have trouble dealing with the physical, are they able to use their gift, their mental advancement, for lack of a better word, in the physical?

The Council: If some means of communication could be set up between the slow world and the high-speed world, yes.  Now, we use the term "slow world and high-speed world" not to stimulate your thoughts that something exists that you are not aware of.  We use that as a descriptive term based on our example just stated moments ago, snails and supersonic, what have you.  So, yes, if there were a means of communication between the two levels, although any malformation of the physical body that has already been created, that would not be able to be changed, and more than likely unless some, how can we put it, unless some avenue could be forged that would allow the genius to pay more attention to the physical body and its development, possibly or more than likely future malformations of the physical body or physical condition would still occur, unless, of course, as we said, some kind of avenue of communication could be set up.  But, then again, that is not a guarantee.  But some very creative and positive concepts could be derived from these individuals.  The best avenue of approach or, let us say, really the only avenue of approach would be being able to develop a computer link-up, because you certainly would not be able to digest that speed of thought in any other way.  The second avenue that would be even less likely would be mental communication.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, except one more thing.  Why does this happen at all, that they have this ability but it is more or less that they cannot use it?

The Council: Oh, they do use it, they do use it very much.  Be thankful that these souls do come in.  You forget what we have said in the past. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.  These souls think just like you.  In fact, they think much more intensely and much more so. Their positive, constructive thoughts are being pumped out and more or less overwhelming and subduing the normal's less than creative thoughts or less than perfect thoughts that they are generating into creation.  So, these so-called "retarded" people who are actually mental giants are pumping out very positive and constructive thoughts to the physical plane into the realm of formation.

Questioner: So, we have those and then we have the really retarded who devote themselves to being avenues of service or avenues of the creation of brotherly love.  They are two distinct, different groups?

The Council: Yes.  So these souls come in to help you people, and when your little, shall we get very descriptive, your little "pea-sized" minds are pondering over something not much more valuable than your own personal desires, these advanced souls are pumping out energies and mental thoughts that are making up for your lack.  Now, of course, we are not speaking personally to anyone.

Questioner: That is very amazing.

The Council: Well, it only stands to make common sense.  How many times have we said over the years, the many, many, many years, that thoughts are things.  Some of you people say, "Oh, yes, that is a fact," but we can say that it is more verbiage to you than a real belief. Because if you truly believe such things, if you truly could see, then you would have figured something out along those lines long before the question was asked or before it ever came up.  The problem with the world today is that it is full of words and very little belief, and belief is verified by action.  What more can we say?  Words constitute nothing.  Action is proof.  It makes it so.
So, for all the "pea-sized" minds around, you have got to have a few geniuses and a few of the blessed souls to make up for the masses. Anything else?

Questioner: Not from this "pea-sized" brain.

The Council: As we said before, we do not speak to the large group on a personal level, but if you choose to wear the shoes.  We are not in the business of unlacing shoes and removing them.

Audience: (Laughter!)

Editor's note:This is a good example of The Council’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humor which is often times a very dry sense of humor. Most of the time they are poking fun at themselves because they say it is the best kind of humor when one can laugh at themselves.
I hope that all of you found this information of value.

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