Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Original State in Creation

The following comes from William LePar's book - Controlling the Creative Process in You: Androgyny. It is an extremely thought-provoking book that will definitely challenge the reader. To put it another way; It is not a "quick read", but is worthwhile for those who would like to obtain a deeper understanding of what we truly are and how all of this came into existence.

Getting a better idea of the conditions and the state we originally existed in at the time of our creation is much like attempting to put the pieces of a jigsaw puzz1e together. Throughout the more than two million words of channeled information we have received from The Council, here and there, we find little bits and pieces that give us a greater glimpse into our original state. The following quote from The Council is one such piece of the puzzle.

"If you understand truly the state of existence in that time, the Godhead is in motion, and each of you as personalities, as individual souls, with individual identities, you bathe in the reflection of what you refer to as God the Father. As you bathe in that reflection, at that time you as a soul, as an individual, with your own identity, were completely transparent. An example would be a crystal. So that which was the action of God the Father or the Godhead was reflected perfectly through you."

In this particular quote there are a number of subtleties which exist, and these subtleties indicate much more than the words themselves. It is more what the words indicate than what they actually say. Let us take a closer look at the information.

First of all, each of us has our own personality. We have our own individual identities. This says a great deal if we think about it a little bit. Although we are made in the complete likeness and image of this Infinite Source, this Divine Father, we still have room for individuality, uniqueness. We were and are able to be perfect and yet to be perfect in our own unique and individual way.

In other words, we were not created like a bunch of "Barbie dolls" produced on a production line, all identical, one indistinguishable from the other. We were completely opposite from this. Each of us was quite distinguishable from the other. Each of us could be recognized as uniquely individual.

The term "God the Father" is symbolic of loving, caring, and nurturing, the giving of life. We are bathed in the reflection of this Infinite Father. What exactly is The Council saying with these words? We are bathed. We are washed over completely, totally. Every bit of our being is covered. We are completely and totally immersed in this reflection of loving, caring, nurturing, and the giving of life. We are totally and completely suffused with this reflection. To be suffused means to be spread throughout or over as with a color or a light. Every modicum of our being is engulfed with the reflection of this God the Father.

The Council's example of the crystal is meant in terms of the optical quality and not any physical properties of the crystal. In other words, we were completely transparent and had the ability to take this reflection and pass it through our entirety and allow it to be spread out beyond us, and we were able to do this perfectly. We were still our own unique selves, we had our own identity, we were individuals. We were so much a part of this God the Father and He was so much a part of us that God the Father did not impinge upon our own unique individuality. This offered us another avenue to develop an even greater uniqueness to ourselves.

Another quote or piece to the puzzle The Council gives us begins to define our state of existence a little clearer:

"You are all such a special creation of the Divine Father that He created a whole host of beings to serve and adore you. You see, you are gods in the small."

Here The Council tells us of our uniqueness, how, in God's eyes or our Divine Father's eyes, we are very special creations. The Council states that we were gods in the small. We had the same qualities as this Divine Source but not in the same quantity. We could very easily say we were a miniaturized version of this Divine Essence. Yet we were so special to Him, so unique to Him, that He created, out of His love for us, and entire host of beings to serve us and to adore us.

In the following quote, The Council continues in this vein but adds a definite ray of hope that says all this can be again for us. This is done to give all of us some stimulation to make changes within ourselves and reestablish this direct relationship with the Divine. By effecting changes in our own selves, we can then begin to stimulate changes in those individuals and circumstances with which we come in contact.

"You and all of the entities on the face of the earth were intended to be heavenly seed bearers, heavenly planters of heavenly gardens, as perfect as perfect can be. There are no terms in man's vocabulary to describe what you are and what you could have been. There are no words to describe the magnitude of even your fallen state, so we must resort to such words.

The Council leaves us with a ray of light, as they have done since the early 1970's. The Council has never led us down a path to a door that was closed, but always down a path to a door opened.

The point to note in this particular passage is the last statement: There are no words to describe the magnitude of our being even in our fallen state. Even though we have separated ourselves from the Divine Source and are now in the process of reuniting ourselves with the Divine, we still maintain a power and ability of a magnitude that is unbelievable. Regardless of the paths we have traveled, we still have the ability to change our direction and move toward the Light, move toward the true awareness.

Just as we were once heavenly seed bearers, we must become earthly seed bearers of that same light and truth. We still have within us the ability to plant the seeds of Divine Love in all we meet on our journey home.

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