Friday, August 26, 2011

Quartz Crystals - Part 4 - Cleaning your stones?

Questioner: Cleaning your crystals. Do they need to be cleansed?

The Council: Well, if you drop it in a mud puddle, rinse it off with water.

All: (Laughter)

The Council: Now, we made that statement not for the humor, although we hoped that there would be some humor appreciated.

There is no such thing as cleaning any sort of gemstone or stone. By nature they are clean; they are neutral; they are pure. It is what an individual attempts to do with it that may in some people's mind cause it to be negative or dirty, but the real cleaning should come with the person who attempted to use such things in such a manner. Those items, gemstones, what have you, are not negative; they are not positive. They have a specific purpose, and if you use them as they are supposed to be used, you will gain from it. If you try to corrupt it, you will corrupt yourself. Do you understand what we are saying?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: Save your energies as far as trying to clean or cancel out a stone. You cannot do it because it is the stone itself. Very well.

Questioner: I was also going to ask about the cleaning, but some of the books I have read say that you should have one crystal for this and one crystal for that. Isn't it possible just to have one crystal to be used for all purposes?

The Council: Yes. It would not be a very commercial field if you could have one crystal that served all purposes. Now, each stone can and does offer specific properties. But as we said, if there was just one stone or precious stone that you would pick or should pick, it would be the quartz crystal. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes. Thank you. I appreciate it.

The Council: You must remember, man will always try to commercialize on anything and everything. And it is the wise man who sees through that fallacy very quickly, and, of course, "wise man" means wise women, too. So, do not be fooled by all that you read and hear. Use a little common sense. Look at it this way: A stone is a stone. No matter what you do to it, it is still a stone. No matter what its properties are, it is still a stone. And if the property offers good health or a supplement to good health, then it is going to do that. And if you have one that offers good health or properties or amplifies good health and you have another one that amplifies good health and a good mind, aren't they really connected, when you stop to think about it? So, if you want to be very particular, then pick the stone that offers good mind and good health; then you are covering both ends. But if you pick the stone that offers good health, in order to have good health, you have to have a good mind. So, it is six of one and half a dozen of the other. That is why we had suggested that the quartz crystal is probably the most universal of all the crystals as far as helping. It helps physically; it helps spiritually; and it helps emotionally. And if you have help on three areas, what more do you need? If you have help just spiritually, it will take care of the other two areas. If it helps spiritually and emotionally, then you certainly know the physical end will improve. If it were just to help from the physical end, before the physical end can improve the emotional end has to improve, and before the emotional end improves, the spiritual has to improve. So you see, they are all connected.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Quartz Crystals – Part 3 - How to select your personal stone, care and maintenance

The Council tells us how to select our own personal quartz crystal. They also tell us about the energy fields of the stone and the difference between clear stones and ones with imperfections. Lastly, they talk about double terminated quartz crystals.

Questioner: Is there a specific way to pick out a crystal that is going to work for you?

The Council: Yes. Simply touch it and see what your feelings are. That is the best way. If you feel, when you touch a stone, that it has something that it is offering you, then that affirms it, that makes it so. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: It can be or it is possible that, say you were to take a dozen different quartz crystals. You may touch all twelve of them and feel nothing, yet all twelve of them have a field or an energy field that they are emanating, and just because you cannot feel it does not mean it does not exist. The size is probably the biggest factor. It only stands to reason that the larger the stone and the clearer the stone, the more potent it will be. Now, when it comes to smaller stones, do not worry about the clarity of the stone, but worry more about what you feel from them. The clarity is influential only to the degree that it would focus its energy in a narrower range or in a more direct line. Those crystals that are cloudy or have feathers in them or what some refer to as impurities will have the same influence as a clear stone of equal weight or size. The difference is, those with the impurities or the flaws or the feathers in, their energy field is not directed. It emanates in a more general pattern. For an individual's purpose, general use, it makes no difference. If you were to attempt to use a quartz crystal for a specific purpose, whatever that may be, it may be more advisable then to get one that is clear. Has that answered the question?

Questioner: It answers that one and brings up another one.

The Council: Very well.

Questioner: Is it more important to have a double terminated crystal for the energy to flow both in and out?

The Council: No, no. The energy is there period. By the very nature of the crystal, it is there. The energy that is enhanced, how can we put it so it would be understandable, energy flows into and through the crystal. It does not have an entrance point and an exit point, although, as we said, a clear crystal will have a more narrow field of energy. One may look at it in this term, a clear crystal will have an oval field where one that is not as clear will have a circular field of energy. Do you see the difference?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: But there is no entrance or exit of any energy. It flows through the entire crystal. That concept does not agree with what some people feel, but that is their problem.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quartz Crystals - Meditation and Healing - Part 2

Quartz Crystals – Part 2 - Here William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, discusses quartz crystals and meditation. They also tell us the best stone for healing.

Questioner: Is there any positive usage in quartz crystals as a meditative tool?

The Council: Again, this is more of a placebo effect, although in a situation like that there is the element for a more fertile or positive ground to be established in that a quartz crystal is actually a form of an amplifier. It generates its own field of energy, and if that field of energy is brought in contact with the physical body and the thought processes are part of that physical body, for some individuals it may increase the potency of the meditation or it may increase the effects of the meditation. This depends a lot or mainly, shall we say, on the individual's feelings and true beliefs about such things as quartz crystals. But to relegate their properties only to a specific or short or limited field does them an injustice. If you realize that everything has a vibratory field or rate and that field can be utilized in certain situations, if you are willing to accept that, then you realize that a quartz crystal has its own field. Realizing that the quartz crystal is a somewhat more unique element or stone or what have you than some of the others, it can act as an amplifier.

If your thoughts lie on the physical repair of the body in meditation, then this by putting it in proximity of the body or on the body or what have you can help to intensify the meditation or make the meditation more powerful or potent. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes. That brings up another question. Are quartz crystals more helpful in healing than some of the other stones?

The Council: The quartz crystal is probably all around the more productive of the stones. It is a specific generator or let us say, it specifically generates a field of energy, where we cannot say that with that intensity when it comes to other gems or stones. If you were to have a choice of only one stone, we would suggest that the overall stone would be a quartz crystal. If you had your choice of two stones, then we would suggest the quartz crystal and the lapis.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Value of Quartz Crystals - Part 1

This is the first of a six part series on gemstones and in particular a detailed discussion of the value of quartz crystals. In this first part, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us some general information about quartz crystals and how they can help us. They also point out a stone that can help with tension.

The Council: All gemstones or stones have a value to the human body; they emanate certain magnetic fields or electronic fields or electromagnetic fields that are beneficial to a physical body.

Questioner: I don't want you, Council, to repeat yourself. I am wondering if you have not spoken of quartz crystals before if you could give us a few thoughts, a few sentences at this time. Would that be appropriate?

The Council: We will limit what we have to say about them. We would prefer not to, how shall we put it, if we are conservative in what we say, then there is less opportunity for fanaticism to crop up. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Quartz crystals, now quartz crystals, the clear type, the true quartz crystal, which is similar to the appearance of a diamond, not nearly as clear, but it does have a glass appearance to it; these will emanate a vibration that can help to, as a general healing aid, in this way or in this manner, it emanates an energy that is attuned to the body so that by using such a gemstone, it can add a little more vitality or energy to the body. When one is particularly tired, possession of such a stone, rubbed in the hands or held in the hands or rubbed across the forehead, can add a degree of energy or vitality. With an individual who has been ailing and is somewhat weakened, the stone can also add energy as far as that goes so that the body has a little more vitality to it than it would in its normal state. In some individuals, if they are of right mind, it can also influence higher thought or more, shall we say, etheric thought or thought that has less to do with the material desires of man's nature.

With an individual who would be hyperactive, we would not recommend the constant carrying of such a stone. For that type of individual such a stone should only be used if the physical body is ailing. Is that sufficient?

Questioner: That is very helpful, thank you.

Questioner: Just to clarify, you said "hyperactive." Do you mean that word literally and that does not take in hypertensive?

The Council: Hyperactive children in particular are what we were referring to. That tendency goes into adulthood. An individual who may be under a great deal of strain or stress, we would not suggest the use of that stone.

Questioner: May I ask if there would be another stone that would be beneficial for the high-strung individual who would be under stress?

The Council: For a person under a great deal of stress or tension, what is normally referred to as a moonstone or a white quartz. It often resembles, when polished, a translucent egg shell color or in some cases it can be a much whiter or pearl color. The common moonstone that children find in general quarries would be this particular type of stone we are referring to. In its unpolished state, it is a dull chalky white. In its polished state, it can have what appears to be fractures in it that would give a certain degree of translucent or opalescent color to it. Maintaining that on the body will bring some soothing effects to an individual. Playing with it or rubbing it in the hands, toying with it, will also increase that effect. Rubbed across the forehead and in the back of the head at the base of the skull at the top of the neck, the stone rubbed across that area, from left to right or right to left as opposed to up and down, will also add some soothing effects.

In regards to what we refer to as the common moonstone or cloudy quartz or white quartz, they go by a number of different names, it should, when used as a tension reliever or a calmer of stress, it should be in its polished state, as opposed to its natural state.

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