Monday, November 25, 2019

Harm of not Eating Meat

During this research group trance William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, was questioned about the value eating meat.
Questioner:  You mentioned about cellular harm or harm to the body by not having meat, could you be specific about what kind of harm it does cause?
The Council:  It weakens the cell structure, would be the simplest way of putting it.  In weakening the cell structure, in many cases, again now, each physical body will react differently depending on many other things, but in weakening the cell structure sufficiently one could cause a general decline in the physical body which becomes very obvious to most people.  If you look at vegetarians, those who classify themselves as vegetarians and if they are true vegetarians, after a period of time they begin to have an odd color about their skin.  It never seems to be really healthy or never seems to have a glow to it.  It is always kind of pasty-looking.  A more dramatic term would be, it has a death color to it.  That is something that comes on the physical body quickly, in a short period of time.  That would be an obvious deterioration of the health of the cell in the body.  The strength of the cell, its ability to withstand the unclean foods is another problem that can crop up in a situation or in a physical body.  General lack or inability for the cell to protect itself from outside invasion.  The inability of the cell to heal if there is damage done to the physical body such as a cut to the skin, to make things simple.  The healing is not proper in such a physical body.  And the longer that one truly is a vegetarian, the more damage is done to the physical body, and the more permanent that damage then becomes. Now, to enlighten all of you:  Very, very few people are true vegetarians.  There are many who profess to have been vegetarians for many years but heed not such false claims.  If one were a true, complete vegetarian for more than a few years, they would not be able to do much in life.

Friday, November 8, 2019

What is above is below

What is above is below

Everything that is in existence is formed from something higher. Whatever good that exists in heaven or in the spiritual realms exists in the physical. When we are in the spiritual, it is our nature, it is our attitude, so we work with all the good. There is no question about anything that would be ungood. When we translate that into the physical form, into the earth form then it requires us to tap into our higher nature, our God Nature to make a conscious decision that we are going to live a good life or a spiritual life.  Whatever good you see people doing here originated in a spiritual frame first. Once we take on a physical form we are not totally disconnected from the spiritual. The fact that God created us and breathed into us life and gave us a free will choice means that no matter how good or how nasty of a person I am there is still that spark of God in me, because He gave me life, He created me. That is the spiritual element from which we are connected to the good. So when we do something good, it comes from the very fact that the force that created us was all good.

It is as if you were to say, “Those two are my mother and father,” and someone would say, "You look like your father but you act like your mom. What a wonderful combination." That is the same with us in a spiritual sense. We have the same spiritual DNA as God has. We have all of His attributes and all His qualities. Now, when we are in a physical form, all of that is deep inside of us. We have to want to extract the good that is deep inside of us and make it part of our life, so that we think, act and live that way. There again, in a sense, what is above is below.

The spiritual body that we had while in heaven has been translated into the body down here. How we would use it in the heavenly realms is how we should use it down here. Let's hope we are. If we are in a good place on the spiritual side of our being then we are using our physical bodies in the same manner that we would there. There is no guarantee because you have the free will choice. You can decide, “I am going to act like my creative father or I am going to act like a selfish little kid.” Free will choice makes us equal to God, but it also tempts us into jeopardizing that relationship with our God.

The different levels of heaven and hell relate to the different levels of our spiritual progression. Religions have reduced our states of existence on the other side from one extreme to the other. They have eliminated all of the gray areas yet there are places in the Old Testament where it talks about different levels of heaven. Once you die you immediately realize, if you are trained to think that way, you immediately think, "Am I going to go to heaven or am I going to go to hell?” When you get over there and nothing materializes, like you expected, then you begin to awaken. You begin to realize that there are heavens and there are hells. The good is as good as you could hope for and the bad is as bad as you could expect.

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Friday, November 1, 2019