Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

I thought that I would end the old year with information from The Council that is an answer to one of this planet’s great mysteries – The Bermuda Triangle. Before you read on I will say now that this is a complicated subject. If you follow the link provided at the bottom of this posting you will find the rest of the information even more difficult to grasp. What we are dealing with in the Bermuda Triangle is the true nature of our reality and how it functions so that we souls can utilize this earth plane for our spiritual growth. Please do not feel as though you are not very smart if do not fully understand all of this at a conscious level. The Council says that it is impossible to fully understand this from our three dimensional perspective. Our vocabulary is simply not dynamic enough to explain the infinite to the finite mind.
Questioner:   Bill had asked questions sometime ago, and other people had the same question about the Bermuda Triangle, the area supposedly bounded  by Bermuda, Miami , and the Bahamas where there have been a number of mysterious disappearances that have been reported.  The question is if there are actual disappearances, could you please explain what is taking place in this area of the earth?
The Council:   It is quite simple.  What are you constructed of basically, or in its purest sense?
Questioner:   Energy.
The Council:   Very well.  It is a form of electrical energy that we have referred to as the spiritual electricity.  As it is manifesting in the material form, it becomes somewhat more gross, and it works then in the material form on a bio-electrical set-up.  Do you understand?
Questioner:   Vaguely, yes.
The Council:   The currents in the body that are transmitted from the brain to other portions of the physical anatomy are done so through minute electrical currents.
Questioner:   Yes.
The Council:   All right.  This electricity is instigated by the chemical reaction in the body; the chemical reaction or composition is instigated by the soul or the entity.  Now, the soul, the entity, functions through the organ that is referred to as the brain.  As the soul stimulates that organ through the chemical reactions and interreactions, then it manipulates the physical form.  The soul also maintains the physical form, the soul; its spiritual essence then maintains that physical form, the spiritual essence being a spiritual electricity.  Now what transpires in your Bermuda Triangle is that the electricities, the natural electricities, or the magnetic forces of the earth and the universe, shall we say, come into collision at certain times.  Those who are in the area of collision are simply "changed," to put it politely.  The chemical compounds that make up the physical form are reverted back to a less solidified form of that compound.  The "Bermuda Triangle" and the activity is an indication of the possible calamity that could transpire at the polar change or shift.  You are dealing now with the forces of nature in their finest or purest sense in relation to the material manifestation; so that as the polar changes do occur time and reality will also undergo changes so that certain effects will appear to have happened instantaneously, wherein they will not  have happened instantaneously but will have frozen in time.  The Bermuda Triangle is a minor effect of this frozen in time.  When the force fields are such, those individuals in those force fields  are, shall we say, changed -- "frozen in time."
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Message

The Council:  Let us take just a few short moments to ask each of you to experience the significance of this holiday, the rebirth of Christ and the celebration of His Birth.  Take into your conscious mind and into your heart the love that was involved in bringing this kind of experience into the world.  Try to realize the tremendous effort that went before and look at what has come out of it.  Take this love that the Baby represents.  Take it into your hearts and allow that same love, that same giving, to be expressed through each of you, to yourselves first of all, and then to those that you love, those close to you.  The Christ Child was a gift from the Divine because it signified the official entrance of the godly Consciousness in the creative realm, in the earth plane, in all of creation.  You call it the Christ Consciousness, but it is God in Action.  That is what the Christ Consciousness signifies, that is what it means, that is what it is.  It is God in Giving, it is God in an outward manifestation of love.  We ask each of you to accept this concept in your hearts and give to those around you, give love, give understanding, give compassion, give sympathy, but most of all give yourself to those around you.  May each of you and your families enjoy a very prosperous coming year.  May you enjoy a very Blessed and Holy Christmas.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Auras-Learning how to read them

This is the third and final part on auras. I was asked to give additional information on auras as far as becoming an aura reader. Please be sure to take note of the last statement by The Council. It truly is food for thought for all of us who advise others. Early next year I will post some information about the Bermuda Triangle. I think that you will find it enlightening. When The Council speaks on scientific topics they give us additional information on the physical makeup of our world but also point out how our personal spirituality effects this universe that is our temporary schoolhouse for learning.

Questioner:  On reading auras, if a person wants to learn how to see auras, Mr. LePar had mentioned and a standard thing is to have somebody sit in front of a screen, and with a soft focus look at the person. Are there any other ways that you could suggest?

The Council:  Another simple way is the squinting of eyes.  But see none of these will work unless the person is really in the right frame of mind or has a great desire or a true desire to actually see an aura, but these are all little things that individuals can try and find successful. They feel that these activities have brought the success, and that is not the case.  The success only came through a generally accepted activity.  The success or the actual achievement of seeing auras is one's real desire to see it.  Knowing that it exists, knowing that it can be seen, and just looking.  The intellect really prevents you from realizing a lot of things.  The aura isn't there only when you are able to envision it or see it, it is constantly there.  It is the individual that is looking that determines whether they will see it or not.  But just because a person does not see an aura does not mean that it is not existing at that particular time.

Questioner:  Also, in interpreting auras.  You had stated that a person really has to interpret what they see in their own way.  Any other comments or advice on trying to interpret what you see?

The Council:  Well, there are some general things that could be taken for granted.  We could use that.  But ultimately the freer you are from restraints in understanding what you are seeing, the quicker you will achieve the ability to see.  You can designate certain meanings to colors and what have you, and you can actually fall into that awareness or make that a part of your own awareness and then it becomes accurate, but sometimes it is easier just to go with how you feel about a particular color or this or that or whatever.

Questioner:  Before we get off the subject of sufficient structure, am I right in assuming that one's auric field would be different if the chemical structure were different?

The Council:  Yes, there would be a difference in the aura.  The aura is a visual, let us put it this way, it is a body's way or another soul's way of visualizing the spiritual energies that are being emanated from the more condensed segment of that soul.  So the aura would show some quality there or some difference.  Here is a little secret or, shall we say, a little mystery in viewing auras:  a truly good person when they view an aura sees very little that is not positive in an aura, but one who is not so spiritual viewing the same aura will see more of a reflection of their own than they will of the qualities of the person they are looking at.  Now, there is a little food for thought.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Auras – Kirilian Photography – Capturing the Soul's Rainbow

Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. It is named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife Valentina. They worked with high voltage photography in the late 1930s. Kirlian's work was first made known to the general public in this country with the publication in the early 1970s of "Psychic discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" by Shelia Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. Because of their pioneering work in the field of high voltage electro-photography it today is called Kirlian Photography.
Nicola Tesla used his famous Tesla coil to record the corona around various objects in the 1880s. The camera that we use has an automobile ignition coil because it produces better results than the Tesla coil. Our camera is a box made of plastic that does not allow light to penetrate. There is a hole on one side with a sleeve of cloth attached. The sleeve also allows no light to enter. The hand and arm are placed in the sleeve and then into the box. The fingers are placed on the film which is on top of a contact plate on the inside bottom of the box. 20,000 volts of electricity charges the plate under the film for about 6 seconds. This causes an image of the corona surrounding fingers to be captured on the film. Everyone’s picture is different. The thickness of the corona around the fingers varies greatly, that along with breaks or lack of breaks in the corona gives the aura reader general information. If the fingers are very lightly touching the plate, the gaps will show, so that you get the reverse image of the finger prints. One of the more interesting pictures that we took was of a crystal.  The individual who owned the crystal felt a strong affinity for it and always wore it around his neck. The crystal was placed on the plate and then he put his fingers on top of the crystal but not in contact with the plate. This produced a beautiful picture of the crystal and its corona.

The following is what The Council has to say about Kirlian photography and the Phantom Leaf Effect. This unusual situation occurs when a portion of the leaf has been cut away and then a photograph taken. On rare occasions the photograph of the leaf shows the entire leaf including the missing portion. Although the missing portion is somewhat lighter or less defined it is clearly visible. This phenomenon only occurs on rare occasions but it does happen. The Council uses the term “cohesive factor” when explaining what the camera is showing us when we see this Phantom Leaf Effect.

Questioner:  The first question is: Regarding Kirlian Photography, is there any relationship that we can definitely state between auras and Kirlian Photography?

The Council:  Well, there is a definite relationship and it should be obvious just from observing it.  The point that probably isn't as well understood or taken into consideration is in the actual photographing of the aura.  You cannot really see the aura, even with a photograph so you see the effects of the aura, and in Kirlian Photography you are seeing the effect of the aura.  This is based on a number of activities going on at the same time.  First of all, because of the chemical composition of the physical body, which is based on the electromagnetic activities of the body which is based on the spiritual condition of the body, you have the elimination of some forms of gas and, how shall we put it, more solidified streams of electrical current. The flares or the corona or what have you that you see on the actual photograph is a combination of the gases created and eliminated through specific channels governed by the electrical flowouts of the body.  So the induction of electricity causes the existing flowouts of electricity to take on an illuminated appearance.  Also, the gas seepage is ignited in a manner, if we can use that term, so that it glows, similar to neon gas, when it is excited it glows. This is a direct representation of the physical body and the spiritual condition as well as the emotional body.  You might say that the physical body is encased in a cohesive factor that is an absolute replica of the physical body.
Questioner:  Those are all the questions I had.

The Council:  Are you sure that is all the questions you have?

Questioner:  Those are all the questions I have listed.

The Council:  We would think since you questioned in such detail the aura, you probably missed one of the most phenomenal aspects of Kirlian Photography.

Questioner:  Probably.

The Council:  What of the phantom leaf effect?  That should be one of the first questions, if you are interested in Kirlian Photography, that would be asked.

Questioner:  What of the phantom leaf effect?

The Council:  The phantom leaf effect is a show that, or let's say, is demonstrating that the physical body is only a mirror of what actually is the living essence or the living container.  The physical body kind of fills in the actual living body.  If you remember we used the term cohesive factor.  Because of the nature of construction of the human body, all atoms are held together not by chance but by a cohesive factor.  This cohesive factor is somewhat stronger than the delicate electrical energies that compose the actual atom.  They are the, or let's say, it is the cohesive factor that holds everything in proper relationship, thus proper position in the body.  These are in the places they are and in the condition they are because of the spiritual aspects of the soul using it. Thus, when you find on rare occasions the phantom leaf effect, what you are seeing is the proof that this cohesive factor is there, thus dispelling the idiotic concepts that some have that if you lose a leg in this lifetime, in the next lifetime you are going to have problems with that leg.  Or if you give your eyes up in this lifetime, you are going to have weakened eyes in the next lifetime. All you have done is eliminate the material vestige of that body, which is the least thing or the least of the important elements constructing or made in the construction of your existence in the physical.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Auras - What they are and what a good aura reader sees.

Here is some of the information from William LePar's source The Council on Auras. This was requested by one of my friends but I thought all would be interested. There is a lot more but this includes some of the basics. There definitely is mis-information out there about auras but our research has proven this to be accurate.

 The Council:  Many of you are aware of what is referred to as the aura, but  even in the most advanced concepts of the aura, again, you are only  beginning to scratch the surface, for the aura is your presence, is  your being, and it is composed of the character that you are: those  positive traits and those negative traits that you hold dear, your  spoken intentions and those intentions that are not spoken, those  things that you hold deep within inside of you; and as these  intentions change either from the negative to the positive or from the  positive to the negative so changes your aura or your presence or  your being or your character.  The only way to true perfection, whether it is achieved in the material manifestation or whether it is achieved in those levels beyond, is through your ability to love  without selfishness, your ability to communicate that love in  whatever way you have the opportunity to, and so those with the  greater love have a greater aura, a much more sensitive aura, now when we say "greater" we do not mean it necessarily in size but  greater in its intensity and its strength and its ability to extend   even further the concept and the action of love.  One may ask is there dimensions to the aura?  No, not in reality, not once you have left the physical there is no dimension to the aura, there is no limit to the aura, consequently, there is no dimension or limit to you, in reality.  You are unending, without limitation, yet you maintain a perimeter.  The purpose of this is to keep from infringing upon the spiritual rights or rights of others.  In those communities that are more advanced in the aspect of love, then your perimeter is much greater, there are less restrictions to your sharing.  It is the intermingling of this delicate energy that we have referred to as the spiritual electricity which is the essence of you and which can be related to what is referred to as the Breath of God, so that this spiritual electricity as it is made more godly through your efforts it becomes what is referred to as your aura and that is influenced and enhanced by the degree of love that you demonstrate. 

Questioner - Some who have professed to be qualified aura readers say that a good aura reader should be able to see an aura extending six feet away from the physical body.

The Council:  Well, again, a good aura reader will see the aura in terms that they would understand and could deal with.  The aura, in actuality now, if we can skirt the very outer limits of the material manifestation, in actuality has no color.  It is an energy field which is just that, but as that energy field is more and more permeated by the material manifestation, then it will take on certain characteristics that are related to the material manifestation.  Those characteristics are individually interpreted by the aura reader themselves.  There are some adequate or good auric readers that see small auras or tight auras around positive people.  This comes in contradiction to what we have said, but for that auric reader it is accurate providing, of course, the auric reader is accurate.  So such things are basically left to the individual who is seeing such things.  If one could be trained to see the auric field as it actually exists, not from the personal interpretation, but from a true spiritual sense, then they would see what we have stated.  They would not see color, but they would see an emanation of activities from the outer perimeters of the physical body.  This would have no color but would be seen as an activity of which we could not explain since we are talking about seeing with the inner eyes.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday message #1 from The Council

This will be the first of several holiday messages from The Council pertaining to Christmas. During the more than 40 years that William LePar channeled The Council they made it a point to give a special message to the Research and Study Group each year at the trance nearest to the holiday. This is the one from 1986.

The Council:
In a short period of time all of you will celebrate the season of Christmas, the season when the world recognizes a Consciousness entered the material world that was far greater than it had known before in its recorded history.  We ask each of you that when that season stimulates the attitude of love and sharing in you, that you do not allow that attitude to fade away in some cold breeze of time, but that you continue that attitude with you for the rest of the year.

If your world is to improve, it can only improve with each one of you, and it will only improve to the degree that each of you wish to improve.  Each of you are a vital, productive part of tomorrow.  Each of you control a very important aspect of tomorrow's future, of your world's future.  Be sure that that point in the future, that condition in the future that you have control over, ends up being a positive situation.  Allow the real, loving you to be expressed through that physical container that you use to grow with.  Do not let the world keep you in your little hiding place.  Reach out with an open hand.  When one gives, one gives with an open hand, therefore it is in the right position to also receive.  A person with a clenched fist gives nothing and receives nothing.  An outward stretched hand has much to give and much to receive.

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