Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Forgiving and Forgetting

Questioner: Is that part of life, people being tested all the time to see if they can forgive and forget?

The Council: Well, it is a part of the life that your world has made, yes. That is not the way it was supposed to be. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: It is sad but that is the life the world, the way it is made now, and it was made that way through the actions of man, not through the desire of the Divine Presence. His desire was to have a life full of happiness, joy, sing and dance and laugh your way to spirituality, back to Him. That was His desire. But you have a free will and He cannot interfere with that. So He must sit back and wait for you to change your ways, to understand what life is really supposed to be.

There are things that we cannot forget and we cannot forgive. Those are crosses that we must learn to live with, but whenever crosses like that are brought to us, they are not always injustices. All individuals have a past. That is the thing accusers must be knowledgeable about or must understand.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Satan – Part 3

There are many souls who are seeking and growing spiritually but in our world today we know that there is still much more that could be done. In the final of this three-part series William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, points that out in this quote from the Research and Study Group session titled Spirituality is an Attitude.
The Council: So, one thing that you can all look forward to: Once you leave the material manifestation, you will not have to worry about Satan tempting you.
Questioner: The spiritual level that these negative forces work from, is that the world of formation that you talked about once?
The Council: No, we have not talked about a negative realm yet; in fact, we have deliberately avoided it, hoping that if you can understand the beauty that lies before you, why should you even be concerned that such a thing exists for you will have no part of it then? One of our tasks is to make each of you realize on a conscious level so this will facilitate your own personal soul or you as a true spiritual entity, to make you aware on a conscious level of your rightful place, of the potential that is there, the greatness that is you, if you will but try, and we mean, just try. Many souls in the material manifestation now or in the physical plane say they try, but it is pure rationalization. If one tenth of those who say they have tried would have tried, then the spiritual explosion that would have transpired would have been so powerful that it would have carried millions of other souls on to development or perfection. So you see, how much trying has there really been? How many little things have you actually done for someone else? And these are the steps to spirituality; it is the little things. There are only so many leaders; it is the soldiers that make up the body; and it is the body that is needed. What good is a head if there is no body to carry it?

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Satan - Part 2

In this quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council gives us insight into the power of Satan.
Questioner: Could you please give me an understanding of Satan and his forces?
The Council: Satan is the total collection of all the negativity that has ever existed, coming to a central focal point so that when it is necessary this negativity can actually manifest and develop into a form, whether it be the traditional pitchfork and red-suit or whether it be in an actual physical form. Do not take Satan lightly. In NO way should you be that foolish. Satan is as real as you are, whether you look upon yourself as physical or spiritual. As to his angels they are the individual entities who allow themselves the selfishness that create the darkness within. Whether one thinks of Satan or his angels, be wise to know that it is real. At this very moment if one of you were to allow themselves to be used as a channel for negativity, you could if that negativity were to desire, you could be responsible for an actual manifestation of a demon or what have you right within this room now. Just because the light is in here does not mean that the darkness cannot be lurking by too. So when the Bible speaks of Satan, heed those words. For there is a Satan; there is a Lucifer; there is a Devil. But be wise to know too that it is the total negativity of all that there is. This should not take away from its actual danger but should add to it.

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