Friday, December 7, 2012

Life After Death Part 4 - NDE

Near death experiences occur for a specific reason. The Council has said that the purpose of near death experiences is to “reestablish in the awareness of man that there is a continuation of life after death, that we are truly immortal.” They say that what people experience when they have a near death experience is presented in symbolic form. This is necessary so that they have something they can relate to when they talk to others after they return from the experience. The spiritual is nearly impossible to explain to the finite mind that we utilize for our physical experiences.

In the following quote The Council explains the most common symbols in the near death experience.

"Those who have seen beyond the veil have seen quite clearly, and there is no way to prove their experience; but these things come to the forefront of man's awareness now to bring a greater awareness of an existence afterwards; also to bring to his awareness the responsibility that he must assume for his actions. All things have their purpose, and there will be more and more interest in what exists after this manifestation."

“There is a universal symbol of light, and the experience of the shaft of light or a tunnel of light or what have you is the soul's way of communicating through the physical organ of the brain what it experienced. It is the bringing back in symbols or pictures the experience that it had when it was released totally from the physical container and then regains its position in that same physical container.”

In the near death experience the soul is totally released from the physical body. The physical container will continue to function for a short period of time, not necessarily breathing or having a heartbeat, but the cellular integrity is maintained.

These symbols usually consist of a tunnel, shaft of light, the meeting of loved ones or religious figures and, in some cases, they see a city of lights.

The Council tells us how we can put the near death experience to use in a positive manner and the importance of the symbolism.

“Hold the symbolisms because they give you something to relate to, but do not place your mind or your thoughts so rigid as to -- this will be actually a city of lights, this will be actually a shaft of light.  Take them in the sense in which they bring to you or the attitude that they bring to you; such as a city of light is a heavenly place. As you think about such symbolism as a city of light, also think about a heavenly place. As you think of a shaft of light, also think of spiritual growth and enlightenment, then that way you are broadening yourself and not holding yourself rigid to words."

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