Friday, May 24, 2019

Speaking to a Child in the Womb - Part Two

The Council:  So, from the moment of conception, one must take note of what one does, both the mother and the father.  The father then should begin to share in the activities of home life far more than what he did before, unless he is, of course, an exceptional husband; so that this interreaction and relationship between the mother and the father and their  conversation will be heard and sensed by the child, thus making that child more inclined to accept the joys of a family situation, a healthy family situation, where there is an exchange of love, respect, and cooperation. A child should also be read to while it is in the womb.  It can be instructed in many areas.  Many items can be used, such as music.  Of course, we would be extremely careful in what type of music the child would be allowed to hear, preferably good classical music, none of this noise that you presently call music, this obscenity to the senses that you call music.  Reading from books that would be inspirational, books of learning such as an arithmetic primer or reading primer.  All these things are beneficial in the future.  Describing a beautiful picture to the unborn child that you may see in a magazine such as a beautiful lake, trees, or as you are walking, in the woods, describing the scene that you see to the child.  Touching the child while it is still in the womb, that is touching the tummy or belly or stomach of the mother to be, this child senses all this and hears all this. The inner joy in the body of the mother is directly transmitted to the baby as is nervous tension, stress and strain, fear, anger, all these the baby feels immediately and will respond to them.  The father should constantly want his presence be made known to his child by touching the stomach, by touching the child, by talking to the child, telling the child how much he loves him or her, how much he is anxiously awaiting his day of birth, as should the mother.

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