Friday, June 12, 2015

Helping those in Need Part 2

Questioner: In some of the distant countries it would appear that poverty is so general that even that would not be possible.

The Council: True, as things are now. But can you imagine if those countries who are not so blessed were to take care of their own and then rally together and take care of those who need much more help? Do you understand?

Questioner: Okay.

The Council: There is an awareness and there is a condition that exists by man's nature, by man's nature, mind you: A plumber is truly the one whose house needs plumbing work done. A carpenter, his home truly needs carpentry work done. An electrician, his home truly needs electrical work done. Do you understand what we are saying?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: If you understand the reason why such an aspect exists, if you can see why this condition of human nature exists, then you will see the answer to all there is. It is the key to a heaven on earth, yet it is not so impossible or so hard to see or to fathom. A moment's contemplation, a moment's thought, surely should give one the answer as to why it is the plumber's house who needs the plumbing work done. Yet, in most cases, it rarely gets done. If you understand why such a condition exists, why it is the nature of man to allow such a condition to exist, and then once you have that understanding correct the situation, you have perfection or the accomplishment of heaven on earth within your grasp. Does that answer the question sufficiently?

Questioner: Thank you.

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