Thursday, March 26, 2020

Illness and Our Desire to Help

In these extremely difficult times it is wonderful to learn of so many people who are willing to offer whatever they can to help those in need. It is times like these where our true nature shows. The following are a few words from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, about the value that our efforts can bring to our own spiritual growth.

The Council:  Remember, any illness, regardless of what it is, is your opportunity to serve another individual, and in so doing you serve yourself, and this is good because in serving yourself in that manner you are showing yourself how godly you really can be. Taking care of those who are ill certainly isn't an easy job, but remember this, if there is anything of value, if there is anything real, it requires a great deal of work. Those things that you accomplish in this lifetime of a spiritual nature will not necessarily come easily all the time, but once you have acquired those you will never lose them. They become part of your spiritual wealth, a wealth that will never be taken away.

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Each of us is here for a purpose.

Each of us is here for a purpose.

This is one of my favorite quotes from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council. It causes me to think more about my life and hopefully do a better job with my words and actions, especially when I am under stress. These days we are all under stress. The Council says that we are all here for a reason and that is to grow spiritually. These days offer us a very unusual situation in which to grow but this too will pass.

The Council:  You must remember that all of your lives, every moment of your life, every second of your life, is for a purpose.  Every point of contact that you have with other individuals, whether they be your chargelings or children or your mates or your relatives or friends or what have you, every point of contact with those individuals is for a purpose.  Now, it does not mean that every point of contact, every word exchanged, has an immense effect on your life or a very important effect on your life.  No, this is not the situation, but each exchange, each meeting, each relationship, builds towards something; it is there for a purpose, and that is to correct whatever karmic situation may exist, either with yourselves or with the other individual.

You come together to serve each other, to help each other ahead.  Also, you come together to help each other in a positive way to enjoy the good karma that you have created together in other times or even in that particular lifetime, so you do not have contact with others just because you have nothing else to do. Your conversations this day, this evening in this room with each other, just did not happen.  You are too busy to waste time on something for nothing.  Although in your conscious mind, many of you dally your time away or at least you think you do.  Are you really?  Are you really dallying your time away?  Are you here because you have nothing better to do?  Or are you here because you must be here?  Did you do what you did this morning because you had nothing better to do?  Or was your morning's activities because they had to be?  Well, we will give you the direct answer to that, and, that is, your day was because it had to be. Now, does that mean that we are saying you have been boxed in by some force beyond you into doing things?  Have you been predetermined into this or into that?  No, no, no, no, no. Everything that happens, happens with your consent, at one level or another.  No one has predetermined you to anything; in fact, you have not even predetermined yourself to anything.  You may have made some spiritual contracts with individuals to complete something or to experience something in a lifetime, but you do not even have to keep those, so you are not predetermined or predestined in any way, shape, or form.  No predestination. Not even God, the Almighty Creator, has predestined anything for you.  He has bounced you on His knee and has said, "Dear child, what is it you want to do?" and then has let you go your way and do it.  Oh, it is true, He will tap you on the shoulder and either say, "No, no," or "Yes, yes," but ultimately it is your choice to say, "All right, I will listen," or "Sorry old man, I know better." And how many times have all of you done that very thing? And, in fact, we will say to you, how many times, when we were in your situation, we did that very thing?  We can tell you right from the very bottoms of our heart, if we had a physical heart, that we had done it many times.  If we had been wiser, it would not have taken us so long to get to the point that we are now, but that is the process of learning. 

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Monday, March 2, 2020

Good Health - Stress – Meditation and Our Immune System

With the entire world struggling with the Coronavirus, I thought that this information from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council would be of value. We realize that this is not a cure-all for today's problems but it is still of worth considering for our overall well-being.

The Council: If you have a positive mental attitude, then the physical body, the tool that you use, is in a more desirable condition to function properly.  The state of mind that you have, an example, depression, a dislike for much of what you find yourself in, such as employment, family, or friends, if there is a less than positive feeling there or less than a positive attitude, it slows the physical body down, the functioning of the physical body, all the chemical interactions, the electrical impulses created by the combination of the chemicals of the body, and eventually if this is allowed to continue over a prolonged period, it begins to affect the chemical combinations and their need to relate to each other and interact with each other, thus the immune system goes down.  Once the immune system goes down, then you have fertile ground for sickness.

Now, with a more positive attitude, a more loving attitude, a more joyful attitude, the ability to laugh at yourself first and then laugh at others or others' situations, and when we say "laugh at others" not in a demeaning way but in a sharing way, this bolsters the entire system.  It fortifies the physical body.  It adds a natural stimulant to the physical body, thereby putting it into what we could loosely call a higher gear or a more efficient state, thereby giving you the ability to ward off sicknesses of one kind or another.

The stress is what throws the system off.  Stress is actually the killer of the physical body.  It is the infector of the physical body. Once stress overtakes the physical body, then it throws the immune system off.  It throws the entire system off, but it weakens, absolutely weakens the immune system, which opens the door then for all manner of sicknesses. 

One of the best preventive maintenances for the physical body is daily meditation.  If one were to incorporate that into their daily routine, they would have much less sicknesses.  So, if you consider a health maintenance program, by all means, it would have to have meditation incorporated into it.  Very few of your medicines actually cure.  In most cases, they simply eliminate or cover up the symptoms, thereby relieving the additional stress and allowing the natural healings of the body itself to do the rest.  Now, that is in most cases.  So, if this is the basis of modern day medication, why not take a daily dosage of meditation and be one step ahead? 

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