Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Council’s Opening Message – Lily Dale – Part 1

This message comes from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, and was given at his Lily Dale, New York Trance.

The Council:  May the Peace and the Joy of the Infinite Father be upon you all, and may His Light shine down upon you and around you and within you.

Who are we? What is our purpose for being here? Why have we chosen to touch in with mankind in this manner? We come from what we have called the God-Made Heavenly Realms. We reside in the Celestial Level. Our next step of advancement or growth allows us then to merge directly with the Godhead or the God-Force. We still maintain our unique identity, but in that total immergence with the Godhead our personalities are magnified tenfold times ten. We have gone through the Man- Made Heavenly Realms. We have reincarnated many times, but we have finally achieved success in our spiritual growth, thus we needed not to reincarnate again. This made us eligible then to enter into the God-Made Heavenly Realm.

The God-Made Heavenly Realm was originally intended for your use, your spiritual growth, your reawakening to your true godly state. But over the eons of time those who did not accept their positions were given the ability to create whatever they so chose to create and along with creating the material manifestation, or your world, your universe, the cosmos, you also created an artificial heavenly realm. This was out of a need or a necessity because those souls who did not choose to utilize their maximum potential were forced then to constantly reappear in the physical dimension or manifestation that they created. In other words, they had to continue to relearn the lesson or attempt to relearn the lesson. Thus, this temporary way station or waiting place or place of re-evaluation of self is referred to as the Man-Made Heavenly Realms. We have gone through that and finally achieved, as we said, the maximum spiritual potential we could achieve in a material form, thus making us eligible for what was originally intended for the creations of the Divine, the children of the Divine, and that is the God-Made Heavenly Realms.

This level of being or information, for we are in fact beings not just a source of information, has never before contacted the material manifestation. Upon the passing of this one, we will no longer speak to mankind. The purpose of this level in speaking to mankind at this time should be quite obvious to all of you. Not only are we attempting to reawaken the spiritual quality that you all have, we are also charged with trying to get you to begin to think for yourself. Rely on the Divine that lies within each one of you. Begin to appreciate the quality that the Divine has created in you. In other words, it is our purpose to attempt to get you to think and to get you to begin to love yourself. Your world is in the condition it is in because the souls or mankind has forgotten how to love himself, how to appreciate the god that he truly is. In the very beginning when those souls left the Divine Source to discover themselves through themselves, this Divine Presence or God issued forth an essence of form. That essence of form was for you. This essence of form is what you created all that exists from.


Saturday, October 2, 2021

Knowing Our Life Plan


William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, answers a question about us knowing our life plan.

Questioner:  My question is: How can we know our life plan for sure? And if we have strayed from it, do we have indications and things that show us that we are off the beaten path that we should be following?

The Council:  There is no way you can absolutely know your life plan. Part of spiritual growth is that discovery of the life plan. If you understand that the initial life plan is made so that your entire life is an experience of joy or happiness, then one can see where they went wrong by re-examining those periods of the life that are not as joyful. Everything that transpires in a lifetime is based on cause and effect. If initially the life plan as all life plans are constructed so that you learn your spiritual reality through happiness, because of the habitual nature of the material experience and the root cause which is a lack of self-love, therefore a lack of self-respect, this opens the door then to many wrong decisions, and each wrong decision then becomes a cause that must answer to an effect. If man were to begin to think before he acted, much of the sorrow that man experiences would be eliminated and the more of you that would think before you acted the greater the peace would be in the world, the greater the happiness would be in the world. When you apply the law of cause and effect, it not only deals with you as an individual, but it can have extenuating ramifications that go far beyond yourself and touch in to the lives of innocent people. How can you correct a life that is not as happy and joyful as it should be? Ask yourself: What have you done, what choices have you made that did not honor yourself as a god? What choices did you make, what acts did you perform or commit that did not honor you? In answering those questions, one, if honest with themselves, can make great strides in reversing the course of their life and correct all karma that is necessary to be corrected in this lifetime, therefore achieving the right to enter directly into the God-Made Heavenly Realms. Once this is achieved, then of course there is no need to reincarnate.