Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Rock Music and the Chakra System

 Rock Music and the Chakra System

In this piece of information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they tell us how rock music can adversely affect the Chakras.

Questioner:  Thank you.  Since you were talking about rock music and its adverse effects on the listeners, would you say that it changes the molecular structure of the body cells perhaps?

The Council:  Well, let us say it will get the body cells moving.  The actual change, no.  First, you must look at music or sound and light all in the same vein.  That is simply another form of energy.  Now, the construction of the music itself, in other words, the actual composition, the note-by-note construction, and the instruments used create a force field or an energy.  Now this energy is directly connected or related to the base chakras, the lower chakras.  Since coming into a Western belief system these chakras are in proper alignment, proper attunement, working properly, this form of music then upsets the lower chakras.  In doing so then that balance is thrown off, and they, shall we say, overpower the heart chakra which is now the working chakra for the Western belief system.  Is that explanation enough?

Q:  Yes, do you mean to say that specific music then can be used to bring these chakras back into alignment?

C:  No and yes.  The music, the rock music, or the acid music, whatever term you wish to call it, can disrupt very easily the chakras.  Now the easiest way to bring those chakras back into balance is not to afford yourself the opportunity to listen to that sort of music.  Those chakras then can be brought back into proper flow or proper activity simply through prayer and meditation.  A simple meditation to get all the chakras in proper order or proper balance is to meditate so that you visualize your body as one complete unit.  If you are into visualizing energy fields, then you would see the body encompassed in one total energy field.  Do not visualize the body separated by isolated or individual energy fields. What you are doing when you do that then is taking all the chakras out of synchronization, you see, out of unison, and what you have now under the Western belief system is a complete unison.  You have already accomplished all the things necessary to bring the chakras in proper alignment; you all have undergone kundalini or whatever you wish to call it.  So that now you have achieved that, now you must bring all that into useful practice, useful practice.  The experience of the kundalini and its highest, shall we say, accomplishments are already yours, but that only is the opening of the door, because once all the chakras are in tune with one another or in balance and functioning as they should be, then what happens is the crown chakra is then opened to receive divine guidance.  Now what happens here is that guidance goes directly to the heart chakra.  Since the Western belief system is based on a godly expression of love then the first acting chakra then is the heart chakra. You have an open channel from the crown chakra directly to the heart chakra. From there then all guidance is directed upwards in an attitude of love or unity, you see, expressing your godliness.  We have basically given that information already, just a short while ago.  Now, what this wretched music does is overpowers your being or your system by throwing the lower chakras out of synchronization or stimulating them so they are overpowering all the rest; so that any love then that is expressed is generally a very selfish love, it is either directed to, "The world exists around me," or the sexual aspects, you see. So it is an extremely selfish situation which brings a disunity then to you and to your immediate surroundings.