Thursday, October 19, 2017

Satan - Part 1

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council explains why God allows Satan to exist.
Questioner: I was wondering why didn't God destroy Satan when he became a force for evil?
The Council: Because you must have the free will to choose whether you will return to your just place or whether you will leave your just place. IN other words if the Father did not provide the opportunity for you to do, to have a choice whether you wish to live in the Light or in the darkness, you would not have free will. You would be predestined to only His Will which would not really give you free choice, then. Does this explain it sufficiently for you?
Questioner: Yes.

The Council: This may be hard for you and the rest to understand but it was out of God's Love for you, for us, for all, that He allowed the negativity to exist, so that we would not be forced into doing only His Will. We are given a free choice, to either live or die, and we mean this, of course, on a spiritual level.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

A Comet in the Sky and Secrets of the Pyramids

In these answers to a couple of questions William LePar’s spiritual source points out that some of what we concern ourselves with belongs to the “old ways” of thinking. However, within this information there is still nuggets of very valuable advice.
Questioner: Is the comet in the eastern horizon before sunrise of any spiritual significance?
The Council: Only if you wish to give it so. There is much said about such things that appear in the heavens. Most of it is silliness. It is true large masses do affect the physical but only to the extent that you wish it to. You can overcome anything that has been given to you or placed before you. Some would say that the coming of a comet would indicate a new vibration or a new influence in the physical. We say foolishness, foolishness. If you wish it to affect you, certainly it will. It would be wiser to raise your eyes to your Father and ask for the strength to do His Will and so doing this He gives you the strength to overcome anything which may hinder your progress.
Questioner: Thank you.
The Council: You are most welcome. You see you cannot always mix the old with the new. Such beliefs belong to that of old times. In their own words they say that the universe, that man, that the heavens, that all that is, is in a new cycle, growing onwards evolving upwards, yet they attempt to drag you backwards. Listen to the contradictions. This one here has more than once pointed out many fallacies to you all.
Questioner: Would knowing the secrets of the pyramids be helpful in our spiritual growth?

The Council: If you wish to resort to the mystical or occult methods, then the knowledge of the pyramids would be necessary. If you wish to bring yourself under the New Dispensation given to you by your Infinite Father the knowledge of the pyramids are useless. If you choose the old way you bring upon yourself a much more difficult road. If you accept the dispensation given to you, then you walk a much easier road to perfection or your at-one-ment with the Infinite Father. To play with the pyramids is no harm, but to become involved in their significance, we suggest this is foolishness.

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