Saturday, June 18, 2016

Inspiration and Guidance

Mr. LePar’s source The Council says, “Words constitute nothing. Action is proof. It makes it so.” There are philosophies that state that the purpose of life is simply - to experience life. That is it. No right or wrong, good or bad, just experiences. I can say without a doubt that The Council would disagree with this concept. Below is their basic philosophy about the value that each of us have in making our world a better place.

The Council: “Each of you can make a decisive change in yourself and in the world, in your consciousness and in the consciousness of mankind. The world can only experience light if each of you will allow that godly spark in you to shine forth, to brighten yourself and those next to you, and this godly light acts as a contagion as one individual sees your light shine, this stimulates them to allow their light to shine, and eventually all mankind can become abright with the divine that lies within each and every one of you. Regardless of how bad your world may become, regardless of how negative it may become, you are not doomed to that. None of you are. You can make changes in yourself that will definitely, absolutely influence others around you, and they in turn will be able to influence more, and that light, that godly attitude towards life, towards yourself can grow and grow and grow until the entire world is a spiritual place, a heaven on earth, a new world, a new life. You do not need some highly evolved soul. You do not need us. All you need is to know that you can make a change in yourself and thereby begin to change the world. As we said earlier, it is not the wisdom that you have, it is not the knowledge that you have, it is not what you have that will make you spiritual, but it is what you are willing to do with what you do have that will make you spiritual, that will make you godlike, that will make you fulfill yourself, to resume your rightful place in the creation of creation, to again return to your godly state so that you can once again experience that Divine energy, that Divine activity, so that this great Creator, this Father, this Infinite Light, can take you in His Arms and hold you to His Bosom as a precious jewel, a wondrous gem, something of such great and such value that He could not be complete without it. This is your rightful place, this is what you are destined to, sooner or later, one way or another. You may fight your godliness all the way to receiving your crown, but it will be a battle in vain, for you are destined to be with that Divine Presence.”

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

How Karma Works

In this selection William LePar's spiritual source, The Council tells us how karma works.

Questioner: So, people really get themselves in a bad way in this life, that is not the way it has to be, like people who deservedly, if I can say that, get ... [a] traumatic disease, that does not have anything to do with the fact that they were real stinkers in a past life, it has to do with the fact that they did not change their way of activity which caused the problems in the past life and is still causing problems in this life?

The Council:  Well, you are oversimplifying it.  There is a direct connection or a link there.  They have not learned to act in love.  They have not learned the respect for oneself that is necessary.  How can you make proper choices, godly choices, if you do not like yourself, if you do not love yourself, if you do not respect yourself?  The only thing that governs you in a case like that is your ego, the immediate what is going to feel good to me now, what is going to please my desires now, and so you act on that.  Does that make sense?

Questioner:  Yes, one other question.  Between the lives, when you are not in the physical and you are laying out the life plan for the next life, are you thinking clearly in a godly self-loving fashion at that point?

The Council:  Well, when the final point of actually planning out the lifetime, you have worked through all this hodge-podge of misthinking and misunderstanding and you have centered back on the proper understanding and that is that evolvement comes through the act of self-love and respect and that same love and respect for others.  So, your life is planned out that way.  That does not eliminate the ego problem you have.  You still have that choice that must be made.  Will you take the avenue that is right or will you take the avenue that pleases you the most?

Questioner:  Where is that ego when you clear everything away and you are making your life plan, you don't have a problem with your ego at that point?

The Council:  No, because the ego is turned into self-esteem.  It is a positive aspect.  You need ego to carry you through life.  There are two types of ego.  There is a destructive ego which is a self-serving ego, and there is the proper ego that fortifies the self-esteem.

Questioner:  That gets out of balance when you get back into the physical world?

The Council:  Yes.

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