Friday, November 8, 2019

What is above is below

What is above is below

Everything that is in existence is formed from something higher. Whatever good that exists in heaven or in the spiritual realms exists in the physical. When we are in the spiritual, it is our nature, it is our attitude, so we work with all the good. There is no question about anything that would be ungood. When we translate that into the physical form, into the earth form then it requires us to tap into our higher nature, our God Nature to make a conscious decision that we are going to live a good life or a spiritual life.  Whatever good you see people doing here originated in a spiritual frame first. Once we take on a physical form we are not totally disconnected from the spiritual. The fact that God created us and breathed into us life and gave us a free will choice means that no matter how good or how nasty of a person I am there is still that spark of God in me, because He gave me life, He created me. That is the spiritual element from which we are connected to the good. So when we do something good, it comes from the very fact that the force that created us was all good.

It is as if you were to say, “Those two are my mother and father,” and someone would say, "You look like your father but you act like your mom. What a wonderful combination." That is the same with us in a spiritual sense. We have the same spiritual DNA as God has. We have all of His attributes and all His qualities. Now, when we are in a physical form, all of that is deep inside of us. We have to want to extract the good that is deep inside of us and make it part of our life, so that we think, act and live that way. There again, in a sense, what is above is below.

The spiritual body that we had while in heaven has been translated into the body down here. How we would use it in the heavenly realms is how we should use it down here. Let's hope we are. If we are in a good place on the spiritual side of our being then we are using our physical bodies in the same manner that we would there. There is no guarantee because you have the free will choice. You can decide, “I am going to act like my creative father or I am going to act like a selfish little kid.” Free will choice makes us equal to God, but it also tempts us into jeopardizing that relationship with our God.

The different levels of heaven and hell relate to the different levels of our spiritual progression. Religions have reduced our states of existence on the other side from one extreme to the other. They have eliminated all of the gray areas yet there are places in the Old Testament where it talks about different levels of heaven. Once you die you immediately realize, if you are trained to think that way, you immediately think, "Am I going to go to heaven or am I going to go to hell?” When you get over there and nothing materializes, like you expected, then you begin to awaken. You begin to realize that there are heavens and there are hells. The good is as good as you could hope for and the bad is as bad as you could expect.

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Accepting Our Rightful Place

In this quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they inform us that as time goes on choosing the correct path to spiritual growth will become clearer.
The Council:  As the spiritual cycle continues, the ultimate in acceptance will become more clear and more simple.  The problem with man is that he attempts to hide from his rightful place and from his God, his Father, through a smokescreen of complicated theories and religious practices and self-indulgent concepts.  But the faster he runs, and the further he runs, the more he runs into the ultimate to what he cannot escape.
You were created to assist the Divine Father to share and to be a part of what lies beyond what you have created.  It is a destiny that is almost inescapable, but since you were created in the likeness of this Divine Father, you will ultimately have the choice of rejoining Him or separating yourself from that Divine Source.  One joy, one hope, that each of you may cling to is that in order to separate yourself from that Divine Source you will have to work harder at that than you will have to work at rejoining Him, re-uniting yourself more completely with Him.  All things will eventually return to its place of origin.  All things will ultimately return to that Divine Source.  Run as you may; most likely you will end up running back to your rightful place.  Why take the long way around?  Open yourself up to that Creator and shorten your path. 

Sunday, October 6, 2019


Since Halloween will soon be upon us, perhaps something about ghosts would be appropriate.

Questioner:  What part of an entity is it that hangs around that is classified as a ghost?

The Council:  Sometimes ghosts are figments of people's imaginations.  But there are, shall we say, imprints or forces, charges that can penetrate the area on a molecular structure and that charge can be held for a time, much time after.  So you would have to more specific your question to go any further than that.

Questioner:  Well, this molecular structure actually has some type of consciousness, right?

The Council:  It works more off the consciousness of the individual perceiving the ghost or apparition, you see.  The entity or the live individual that sees some of the ghosts actually is psychically charging that traumatic experience there and manipulates it to suit the situation. Now this is only in some cases, only in some cases, you see. There are such things as you state ghosts. There are entities who can manifest physically or make their appearance physically but not all that one sees necessarily is an entity.

Questioner:  What particular type of entity would be able to materialize and manifest itself like that, or is any specific ability necessary for this?

The Council:  No, once you have gone beyond the physical and into the lower realms of spirituality or that which that consciousness that is after the grave or after the death experience, anyone generally or any entity generally in that area can remanifest in the physical because actually what is being manifested is not a form or a material form, but it is a combination of an energized area in space and your own mental abilities being affected at the same time.  In other words, shall we say, in the middle of this room is a hot spot of energy, and this energy is a conscious being, you see, a creation of God, and that energy, that hotspot, that creation wishes to converse with you in such a manner so as you see it and what that energy or that being will do with that field of energy there is excite you on a psychic level and this will cause you then to see that energy form and it will mirror what the entity themselves want you to see.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Atlantis - Part 2 - Dinosaurs and Polar Change

Atlantis - Part 2
Dinosaurs and Polar Change
This quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, has a lot to say. It answers the question of what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and also makes a prediction for the future. It states that the Atlanteans had what we call today lasers. There is more here that is inferred such as the electromagnetic construction of our beings which refers to the construction of our universe and also points indirectly to the incidents that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.
Questioner:  Did the Atlanteans have trouble with dinosaurs?
The Council:  Well, that was one of their toys.  Oh, they got rid of them.
Questioner:  With their crystal?
The Council:  Part, yes, but the greatest, shall we say, ending to the dinosaurs were the polar changes.  The changing of the poles, although you may feel it comes gradually, it does not.  There is a building up, of course, but once the poles change it is a traumatic shock.  It is an experience that upsets the entire magnetic field of the earth and since you are part of that it can also affect the electromagnetic construction of your being so that, shall we say, time could freeze temporarily and some very unusual things can transpire.  Man has not experienced a polar change and God forbid when he does.  If you think your bombs can cause havoc, man has not begun to dream yet.
Questioner:  When you say man has not experienced a polar change, are you referring to present man or present history?
The Council:  Naturally, naturally.  Your little quivering of your axis now is only the build-up because you will not only have instantaneous freezing and raining of ice, you will have instantaneous burning and raining of fire.
Questioner:  Is this the fire that is spoken of in Revelation?
The Council:  That is something for you to think about, isn't it?
Questioner:  Yes, it is.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Atlantis - Part 1 - Crystals and Polar Change

The information in this section came in the middle of a discussion of the Bermuda Triangle by William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. For further discussion of the Bermuda Triangle, see SOL's File – Mysteries of the Universe.
Questioner:  There is a school of thought that that has something to do with the Lost Continent of Atlantis, dealing with pyramids and a crystal.  Is there any truth to that?
The Council:  The crystals are activated more than would normally be since below the surface of the once continent of Atlantis lie those things that have a tendency to cause the disruption in the force field, such as the gravitational force field, the magnetic force field, what have you.  One of the instigating factors in the collapse of Atlantis was this that was forming then under the surface of that continent; this is all in preparation for the great change of the axis.
Questioner:  When you said, "for the great change of the axis," now would that indicate any change in the axis of rotation or only the shift of the magnetic poles.
The Council:  The magnetic poles.
Questioner:  You mean in preparation for the upcoming change or one that has occurred in the past?
The Council:  The big change is coming.
Questioner:  Let me ask you if there are other places on the surface of the earth that have similar properties to them?
The Council:  Yes.  Twelve, and they lie in a pattern.
Questioner:  I have heard it said that the Sargasso Sea is similar.  Is that one of them?
The Council:  The Sargasso Sea is part of the elliptical area that is referred to as the Bermuda Triangle.  You will find that all these areas are elliptical in shape.  "Bermuda Triangle" has a much more commercial sound to it than the "Bermuda Elliptical Area."  There is a natural grid of forces on the globe.  There are twelve.  They run at the upper part of the sphere and at the lower part of the sphere; so that you can form, shall we say, geometric patterns by connecting them the proper way.  This is a very natural condition and cannot really be referred to as phenomena, although man would probably choose to refer to it as a phenomena.  These segments or elliptical patterns are or were at one time the magnetic poles of the earth.  In the great change time will be definitely suspended and those who are present will be quite aware that time has been suspended.  The influences of the heavenly bodies and the workings of those elements under the crust cause the reaction in these elliptical areas.  Now, it could possibly be said that these are doorways to other dimensions, but this would be somewhat inaccurate.  They are not truly doorways to anything but a refinement, if you wish to use those words, in one's experience or awareness; not necessarily indicating a positive situation, only indicating by the word refinement that there is a change from the gross material to possibly the gross of another dimension that could be influenced by other beings.  You see, this all borders on reality and time; everything is related and is connected with all things.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Some Insight into The Council

This information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, gives us a little insight into how they know all that is. They also warn us not to pray to them as they consider themselves only emissaries of the Divine. Certainly they are of a Divine nature but our prayer should always be directed to our Creator.
Questioner:  Can you help us at times when we are not here, if we call on you?
The Council:  At no time should any of you call on us.  Absolutely never call on us.  First, we could not answer you.  If you are to call on anyone for help, by all means call on your Maker.  Call on His Love, not us.  We can when it is in the Divine Plan speak to you, shall we say, from a spiritual level, and then your spirit will feed the information down to your physical.  If you were to call for help from us, it would be wiser if you were to say or request from us that we pray for you.  Then by all means we would pray.  The most that we can hear from any of you is a request for a prayer. 
This should offer an opportunity to give some explanation as to how we know all that there is to know.  Those of a higher spiritual development can always extend themselves down to those of a lower spiritual development.  Those of a lower spiritual development can never raise their spirituality or their vibrations up to the higher.  It is only by the higher reaching to the lower that the lower can climb, can be raised up.  In being able to render information to you that helps in your spiritual development, every breath that you take, every thought that you think, every motion that you make is left in eternity.  There is a mark.  There is a stamp.  There is an expression.  And, shall we say, it is like opening a book and watching the story unfold.  With less than a wink of an eye we can cover everything that you have ever experienced in all your incarnations, because the information then becomes a part of our very awareness, our own knowledge.  Just as when the time comes that you rise up to our development, you will experience the same thing.  This awareness is not reserved for just a few.  This awareness is the rightful ability of each and every creation of God, if one chooses to achieve it.  Although at times we may say, "we see here," or at times we may even refer to looking at the book, there is in reality no book.  There is nothing for us to see, but it is a knowing.  It is an existence of complete creativity, complete awareness, complete joy, complete love, almost complete godliness which we hope to achieve soon.  It is an existence that very, very few in the physical have any awareness of.  But it is every much a living existence as the existence you have.  It is much more full of life than any of you can ever dream of.