Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 4

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 4
This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, fourth step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.
The next step:  Never pass anything on about anyone else that will hurt him.  Remember, a tale bearer has no place in the Divine's favor.  If you know anything that would hinder or hurt the reputation of one of God's children, bury it forever.  Wipe it from your mind and from your thoughts.  Remember, if you wish the Divine Source to be good to you, you must begin to be good to His other children.  Remember, the Divine Source invites you to a spiritual banquet, He invites you personally to sit at His table, but He expects you to have table manners.  He expects to teach you those table manners that you do not have, and remember He will not let you eat unless you obey the etiquette of the table that He has prepared for you.  Whatever you pass on that may hurt someone else, whatever little remark that you may carry that will hurt someone else you must immediately put away.  Bury it away so that it goes no further.  Do not add your own self to the hurt of others.  In the Divine Source's Eyes each of us is His child and He will not accept one child hurting another.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 3

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s third step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.
The third step is: Never defend yourself.  If you insist on defending yourself, no one will come to your aid.  Your whole defense will depend on your abilities and on your strength.  This Divine Source will not help you to defend yourself if you choose that.  If you choose to defend yourself, He will let you do it.  If you turn your defense over to this Divine Source, He will defend you.  As this Divine Source once said to Moses in Exodus 23, "I will be an enemy unto thine enemies and an adversary to thine adversaries."  If you leave your defense to the Divine Source, your enemies shall be His enemies, your adversaries shall be His adversaries, and you will never need to defend yourself for He will be your shield and your armor.  Many of us will defend talents that we may have; we may defend the service that we give, we may defend the reputation that we have.  Your reputation is what people think of you.  It is hard to overcome the temptation of defending your own reputation, but we must refrain from such things.  Whenever something unpleasant is said about one or another, and they attempt to seek out the truth or the source of the story, it becomes a hopeless task.  One thing leads to another, and once the point is defended or challenged, it only opens the door for more untruthful things to be said, and so then one must run again to seek down the source.  So it becomes an unending chase.  You cannot truly defend yourself from your adversaries.  You cannot defend yourself  completely and wholly.  Leave this defense to your Divine Maker.  When those seek to challenge your reputation or your talents or some service you may have to perform for others.  Let them challenge it.  Do not waste your time in trying to prove that their challenges are wrong.  Let them say what they will, and go about your good duty your good service, your good talents.  The Divine Source will defend you far better than you could ever defend yourself.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 2

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, second step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.
The second step is: Never own anything.  This does not mean that you cannot buy a new home or a new car or new clothing or jewelry or what have you.  This is meant in the sense of possessing these things.  You may not look upon these things as "This is mine."  All the goods of the material manifestation, all the riches of the world, belong to the Divine Source and are only loaned to you for your use and your spiritual growth.  This does not mean that those who have much must sell these things off or rid themselves of them.  You have a right to have these things.  You must remember that you are to use these things in your spiritual growth that they are only on loan to you and that they truly belong to the Divine Source.  If you realize that you do not own these things, you can be more at peace with yourself because you will have no need to worry about losing them since they belong to someone else.  You must turn over all that you think you own, such as property, cars, home, furniture, turn them over to the Infinite Father.  Remember, they are only yours to use.  He is loaning them to you.
Have you ever noticed some people who are very possessive of their material things?  An example:  A woman may own a very beautiful figurine or statue.  She adores this and thinks it is very precious, and then a day comes by, and someone accidentally knocks the figurine or statue over and breaks it.  Upon this, the woman looks at the shattered pieces and feels so disheartened.  Her sadness and resentment make her unhappy.  She is the type of woman who could very easily lose five years of her life over fretting at the loss of something that never belonged to her; yet she chose to possess it; she thought that it was hers.  Now, we have just said that the lady could very well lose five years of her life over such a thing.  We did not mean this literally.  It is our way of saying that such a woman could very easily become so upset and irritated that onlookers could very well assume that this broken figurine represented five years taken from her life.  Remember, all the materials, beauty and wealth and conveniences of the world are yours to have, to use.  They are not yours to own but to have and use.  Never own anything and that way nothing can ever be taken from you.  All those things that you have, give over to your Divine Source.  Realize that they are on loan to you and you will never have to fear losing them.  With this attitude they will keep them more securely in your possession, than if you try to own them yourself.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 1

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 1 
What we are about to present, over the next several weeks are William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, Five Steps to Spirituality. This information was given as a complete set at one trance session. The entire trance session is presented in six parts. We begin with The Council’s opening statement about the five steps and proceed to the first step.
The Council:  May the Peace and the Joy of the Infinite Father be upon you, and May his Light shine down upon you and around you and within you.
What we are about to give you are 5 Steps to Spirituality.  If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.  What we will give you will be the five steps and a few basic guidelines to each step.  These guidelines can help you expand these steps even further.  If one makes a commitment to apply these five steps in their everyday life, we can guarantee that you will grow spiritually much more than you have ever dreamed.  We can guarantee that you will truly become a new and whole being.  You will be much closer to your Divine Source than you have ever dreamed possible.
The first step is the most important and is the one that takes a great deal of honesty with oneself.  One must deal with this first step as honestly as is humanly possible for all others build on this first step.
The first step is: What emotions or attitudes or thoughts are now presently separating me from my Divine Source?  Or what emotions, thoughts, or attitudes are not within the Divine Will?
When reviewing one's self, consider such things as jealousy. Are you a jealous person or are you jealous of other people?  Are you jealous of what others have?
Self-pity is another point to consider.  Do you feel as though you are not appreciated?  Do you feel that you are some undiscovered flower in an oasis in the middle of a desert that mankind has not yet been blessed to see and smell your sweet scent? This is self-pity.  Are you resentful?  Do you find yourself in a state of sputtering indignation most of the time?  Do you find that people do not appreciate you or feel that you are not appreciated, and does this bother you?  Do you feel that you should be appreciated more than what you are?
Temper.  Do you have an uncontrolled temper?  Does your temper lead you to spiteful activities or actions against others? Remember, if you do not get rid of your temper, then your temper will get rid of much of your spirituality and certainly all of your joy. These are just a few points that you may look at, but there are many others that one must consider.  What you are to do, as you look over these points, as you review yourself, you must be willing to admit to yourself that these truly are not godly activities or spiritual activities or activities that are within the Divine Will. Be honest with yourself.  Do not try to rationalize those things that you know about yourself.  Admit to yourself that these are acts of separation, that these are stumbling blocks between you and the return to your Divine Source and your rightful place within the Presence of your God.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Starting Our Day with a Prayer

The following is from one of Mr. LePar's lectures presented many years ago. We have a book of these and I thought that this segment would be of interest.

This is the part where I think you can help me, you can help the world, and you can help yourself.
I want to tell you a very simple way of starting the activity of the God Consciousness in you. The first thing you do when you get up in the morning before you put your little toes out on that cold floor is just lie there a split second longer and start your day with a little prayer. I’d like to share a little prayer with you that you are welcome to use. It goes this way: "Infinite Father, source of all love and light. Accept my endeavors and accomplishments this day as a sincere effort and desire to accept my own true godly state which you have ordained for me. Let my efforts and my accomplishments be songs of praise and glory and look upon me as your loving child." Now that’s a two sentence prayer. You don’t have to verbalize. You just have to think of a prayer and you don’t even need anything that fancy. All you have to say is: "Accept me as I am and guide me through this day".
What does this particular prayer say? First of all, you recognize that there is an Essence above you. You acknowledge the fact that you are part of that Essence. You acknowledge the fact that you have an ordained place in that Essence. You acknowledge the fact that you may not be perfect and you may not be able to do the godly things that you are capable of doing but because you realize the great love of this Creator you are placing your faith that He will accept what you can do with what you have to work with. You do not keep your accomplishments just for yourself, but you look upon these accomplishments as songs and praises to your Divine Source. What are you doing? Are you saying there’s an old man up there and by His good graces, by doing good, that’s going to be the song and praise? No, what you are saying is all the good you do you are sending out to others through this Divine Source, so you are uniting yourself with yourself. You are uniting yourself with your spiritual brothers and sisters and you are uniting yourself with the Divine Creator. It’s the first thing you want to do in the morning.
As soon as you finish your morning prayer, and it only takes a minute or less, try to set in your mind to accomplish one little good thing that day. That’s all. Just one simple little good thing, a smile or a hello to someone is an example but I am sure that you can discover many other little things to accomplish.

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Love and Commitment are the Essence of Creation.

The Council: If you are fortunate to have someone who loves you, do all that you can do to protect that love, to return it regardless of the cost to you, for in your day true love is at a premium price, for so little of it exists. Do nothing to jeopardize that love just to satisfy your own self-seeking pleasures and ego, for you never know it may be your only opportunity for true happiness. When you love someone, you fulfill their needs, you make strong their weak points as they will make strong your weak points, and you relish in their strength as they should relish in yours. Many times those that we love, due to the course of their life, whether it be their fault or the way life is dealt to them or presented to them, some of those individuals carry deep scars. Take into consideration these scars, these old wounds, attempt to put the balm of love or the salve of love over that scar tissue so that it heals and becomes anew. Those that you love, make them feel secure in your love. It might be necessary to repeat over and over your love for the individual. Do so. It's of no cost to you, yet such thoughtfulness, such caring, such compassion, and such understanding can bring great rewards for so little effort, because in so doing you help that person to feel safe. What is love? Love is everything that you can imagine that is good. It is the desire to make whole another individual by filling in all the cracks and crevices, all the holes, all the broken edges that life may have chipped away.

Fill your mate with love, help that person to bloom and your reward will be one of the finest thrones ever imaginable by the mind of man in the heavens above. Speak of garlands -- Complete one individual with your love, make one individual feel secure and happy and you wear the greatest crown possible. Love and commitment are the essence of creation. The Divine Presence when He brought all this, as you understand, into being, the motivating wish behind your creation was a Love that would be full and complete, a commitment to provide every opportunity possible for you as one of His children, as one of His creations, to be totally secure and full and complete, enveloped in the purest of all loves. You, as you are now, cannot create or give in the same quantity as this Divine Essence can but you can come very, very close in quality, and this can be achieved very simply by thinking about the person you profess to love, thinking about them before you think about yourself and your mundane, puny, little life. For what you give, what you do to help make an individual whole will be returned to you either now or hopefully in your experiences beyond the physical.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Illness and Our Desire to Help

In these extremely difficult times it is wonderful to learn of so many people who are willing to offer whatever they can to help those in need. It is times like these where our true nature shows. The following are a few words from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, about the value that our efforts can bring to our own spiritual growth.

The Council:  Remember, any illness, regardless of what it is, is your opportunity to serve another individual, and in so doing you serve yourself, and this is good because in serving yourself in that manner you are showing yourself how godly you really can be. Taking care of those who are ill certainly isn't an easy job, but remember this, if there is anything of value, if there is anything real, it requires a great deal of work. Those things that you accomplish in this lifetime of a spiritual nature will not necessarily come easily all the time, but once you have acquired those you will never lose them. They become part of your spiritual wealth, a wealth that will never be taken away.

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