Thursday, October 25, 2018

Treatment of Animals - Part Two - Controlling Wild Game Population

Questioner:  The first question that we have is on the treatment of animals. The question is:  In some of our wild game areas, it is claimed that deer and some other animals, if left alone, will multiply to the point that starvation will occur.  Hunting seasons are justified on this basis.  Ranchers claim that certain predatory animals must be killed to protect their sheep, cattle, etc.  Would you comment regarding the morality of these situations?
The Council:  If the rules or laws are set so that it is necessary to protect livestock that is generally considered foodstock, then a degree of control would be acceptable only to the extent that certain predatory animals would cause damage to foodstock. Do you understand?
Questioner:  Yes.
The Council:  For man to control the population of what is referred to as wild animals or wild game, if this control is exercised properly and with a humane approach and the stock or the control is not wasted, in other words, simply to dispose of animal life and leave it rot or waste would not be acceptable.  Man has a choice, to let nature control the population of certain animals or for him to step in and humanely control it.  But in so doing man cannot wantonly kill but must make use of those that are controlled or taken out as a controlling element. 
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Monday, October 15, 2018

Treatment of Animals - Part One - The use of animals for experimentation

This is the first of a series on the animal kingdom and our interaction with animals. This series covers a wide range of topics as given by William LePar's spiritual source, The Council.
Questioner:  One other question in regards to using animals that are used quite frequently for product research.  I have heard of one example where rabbits were used for hair spray, where hair spray was sprayed into the eyes of rabbits to see if it would be harmful to the eyes if it was accidentally sprayed into the eyes of people.
The Council:  A simple guideline:  Hair spray, is that essential to the physical body?
Questioner:  I don't think so.
The Council:  Then such research would be inappropriate.  Those inhumane actions against animals for the adornment of the body, for the beauty, the physical beauty of the body are totally unacceptable. If necessary to experiment on animals for medical purposes for the well-being of a physical body, then this would be acceptable, but  experimentation and harm and pain inflicted on an animal simply for the self-adornment is totally unacceptable, and the extraction, karmic debt, will be quite appropriate for such vanity.
The Divine Essence has given each of you, whether male or female, a beauty that does not need to be enhanced by vanity.  The problem with your world today is that it no longer sees the natural beauty, so it must enhance, as it thinks, this portion or that portion of the body or an individual's natural beauty.  This actually trespasses against the physical body and the natural beauty, so those of you who feel it is necessary to use such products will find that you become part of that karmic situation.  Not only that, if not in a direct way in an indirect way, although such karma in many cases is answered for under the term immediate karma or instant karma, in the sense that all these products for man's vanity does have a serious side effect eventually on the physical body.  So those of you who must use such things for your vanity will find that the side effect in the future or that you may gradually begin to become incorporated into your physical body will not be worth the moments of vanity that have been enjoyed.

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