Friday, May 27, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 1

This will be the first in a series of ten postings on the subject of prayer from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council. There is a great deal more information available but for now we will present these ten. They will cover many aspects of the subject but most importantly they will point out methods to make prayer more powerful and more effective. They will answer questions such as the actual components of prayer and why prayers appear to go unanswered. Hopefully everyone will find something of value in these postings. In this one The Council gives some tips on how to increase the effectiveness of a prayer.

Questioner:  Sometimes prayers seem to become routine.  Do these prayers still do some good?

The Council:  Yes, but they are not quite as effective as if they were changed.

Questioner:  If you wanted to pray for the same thing, how do you change it?

The Council:  Reword the prayer.  Change the time of day in which it is said. If it is, shall we say, an informal prayer or personal prayer, then combine possibly some formal prayers with the situation and eliminate the informal portion, only the request or the intention of the prayer.

Questioner:  Do we have an exact definition of formal or informal prayer?

The Council:  A formal prayer is something that has been constructed and acknowledged on a wide basis as a prayer.  That is a formal prayer. Informal prayer is when you yourself talk to your creator in your own words.

Questioner:  One is not necessarily more effective than the other.  It depends on how you do it?

The Council:  It is the intention of the individual, the state of mind of the individual, what lies in the heart.  That is what does it.  Words are only words. Words release the energies that are within the heart.

Questioner:  Are prayers more effective if they are verbalized?

The Council:  Again, that is a yes or no answer.  Yes, if you need that and no, if you do not need that.  It is the individual.  If it gives you more confidence in your prayer to verbalize them, then fine verbalize them.  If you are just as confident and believe as strongly in your prayer when it is in silence, then you do not need to verbalize it.  Although in most situations, if not in all, at one time or another or let us say with individuals, at times it does wonders to verbalize it, and at times it can do miracles when it is screamed out.  You see, this is part of the emotion system that we spoke of.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.  Would the same idea then apply to other things that we think of as normal praying like keeping your eyes closed, things like that?  It is a yes or no answer on that, too?

The Council:  Keeping your eyes closed is probably best for most individuals. It keeps your mind on what you are doing.  With your eyes open you are apt to be distracted by the visual stimulus, unless of course you are sitting in front of a blank wall, then it would really not make much difference.  In prayer one must concentrate on what is going on, either willfully or deliberately or by the state of the emotion that one is in.  In some situations the emotions can run at such a fever pitch that nothing could distract the individual from their prayer.  Consequently, they could be in the middle of a three ring circus and it would not bother them.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Meditation and Cancer - Can Meditation Help?

CBS Healthwatch recently carried an article about the benefits of Meditation. It was also mentioned on their morning show that brain scans have shown a definite increase in brain activity during meditation. They have indicated that meditation may be valuable for blocking pain, recovering memory loss and may have many other benefits for us. The Council, William LePar’s spiritual source, has been a strong advocate of meditation for more than 40 years. I think that you will be surprised at the power that meditation offers to us. Below is just one example of their thoughts on the subject.     

The Council: Actually, meditation is the best overall discipline for spiritual growth, because there you not only learn to discipline the body but you learn to discipline the thoughts and once you gain greater control over your thoughts then you gain greater control over your exterior being allowing the higher self then to work more actively and more directly through its temple or its tool.

Everyone should meditate at least once a day. There should be no exceptions. That is ideal. Now, if you do not, that does not mean that you are going to fail in life. It simply means that in most cases you will probably not have the ease that you could have, and when one meditates, one does not necessarily always have
to meditate on spiritual concepts. Simply meditation for meditation's sake can be helpful in that it is a practiced discipline. It is a control of one's self. If nothing else, it releases the tension that all of you live under, and in that sense alone is beneficial to the physical body. So you cannot lose with meditation. There is
absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose.

If we were to make a suggestion on meditation, we would suggest that a novice learn to meditate for no less than twenty minutes to thirty minutes in the beginning. Once they become proficient or efficient at relaxing the body and entering meditation and when they have gained enough control over the exterior portion of meditation, that is the relaxation of the body and focusing the mind then, that period of time can be reduced. So, as you become more efficient or proficient in meditation, if it is for just a general sense, let us put it this way, if there is no particular goal, it is quite possible to meditate a few minutes in the morning, a few minutes midday or during your day, and a few minutes in the evening. That gives the body three periods of relaxation a day and during those periods of relaxation, the body can ward off minor possible physical problems.

If the people of your society would learn to relax totally, you would eliminate most of the cancer because one of the main triggering devices for cancer is stress and tension. Give yourself a pill three times a day and let that pill be a few minutes of complete relaxation through meditation and you will reduce your potential for cancer by possibly 75%. Then those of you who must drink this awful stuff that you call soda pop and those of you who must smoke and you can turn yourselves into living chimneys and fizzling bottles of sweet water all you care to and you will not have to worry about ailments of cancer, let us put it that way. Now, do not leave here thinking or missing the point we are trying to make. We used an exaggerated example to show you the potentials of meditation. We have not suggested that you should meditate five minutes three times a day and then indulge yourselves in all kinds of things that pleases your whims. So, be forewarned, we have not said indulge yourself and meditation will be the cure-all. What we have said that meditating three times a day could reduce potential dangers by approximately 75% for each of you depending again on your lifestyle, the karmic situation that you are dealing with. If you were to combine meditation with the proper diet, again we are not talking about faddish diets, we are talking about good, wholesome diets, you would definitely be a much healthier individual, and as a much healthier individual, you become a much healthier community.

My final comments. Please remember what The Council said in the above paragraph. Meditation COULD reduce the dangers depending on many factors. However, even with that caveat, meditation does offer us many potential benefits with a little effort on our part.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Message

Since Mother’s Day is at hand I thought that a bit of information from The Council about mothers and the feminine aspect would be appropriate.

The Council:  The masculine is the godly thought; the feminine is the godly producer of that thought, the godly manifestor of that thought.

Questioner:  That would also then tie in with what you said in the past that the mother is the highest example of spirituality that we have?

The Council:  Yes.  Because that is the one that does the producing, that is the maker, that is the developer, that is the child-bearer, that is the fertile ground, in which the seed is planted. Without mothers who love properly you would now all be living in a very black hole.  It is only the feminine aspect that is keeping spirituality alive now.  The relatively few male aspects that are spiritual are absolutely insignificant to the feminine aspects who are spiritual.

Many blessings to all mothers on her special day.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where is Osama Bin Laden?

Many people may find this posting to be a bit controversial but I believe that it is something that all of us can learn from since it applies to all of us to varying degrees.

What is written in the blog posting is not given exclusively for Osama Bin Laden. If he is responsible then yes he will experience what is written there. If he is not truly responsible then he will not. The point is that all of us will answer for what we have done in this lifetime, both good and bad. There is no exception and no rationalization once we cross over. Every human being is ultimately responsible for his actions. Human beings have a great capacity for rationalization - I am not responsible because of this or because of that. In the spiritual realms we cannot rationalize.

Most of the world would say that Osama Bin Laden is in the hell that he richly deserves. The Council, William LePar’s psychic source, talked about life after death for 3 years with our Research and Study Group. They went into great detail about what the soul experiences when it crosses over to the true existence. I can, with absolute assurance, tell you that Osama is not experiencing the paradise that his doctrine propagates among his believers. Actually, the truth is far worse than any hell that we could imagine. Simply put, he will experience, in real terms, in graphic detail, the harm that he caused to any person during his lifetime. That means that he will feel the fear, the horror, and the terror that he brought to each individual who suffered because of his actions. He will feel these emotions SECOND BY SECOND just as the sufferer did. I cannot stress enough how completely real this will be for him, the intensity of each experience will actually be greater than what the soul who died felt. Therefore, if he caused the deaths of 3000 people during 9/11 he will live each person’s death and all the experiences from the moment that he interfered with their earthly lives. But that is not all, not by a long shot. He must then experience all of the pain and suffering of each relative, each friend, and each person who suffered because of the deaths that he brought about because of the decisions he made. He must go through this process separately for each person that he harmed and then follow all of the extenuating consequences from the original deed that he perpetrated against his fellow man. This could literally be almost unending. If you want to talk about hell, then this is a glimpse.
If you read what The Council said about time in the spiritual realms, you will realize that Osama has all the time necessary to feel that pain and agony. The earthly life is a school house for us to learn and realize that God’s love applies to all souls on the face of the earth. When we trespass against that law, we will most assuredly answer for it, if not in this earthly lifetime then in the spiritual. The Council says that all good deeds are rewarded 100 fold when we reach our spiritual destination. I will allow you to figure out how our not so good deeds are rewarded. Whether Osama Bin Laden wishes to accept it or not, those that he murdered were all his brothers and sisters. That is the lesson that he MUST learn and accept. Until he does, he will continue to review every harmful action that he was responsible for during his lifetime. He will experience a truly living hell. A hell of his own creation, created by himself, through his actions while living in a world where we all are God’s children.

Of course, it should be obvious, that what applies to Osama Bin Laden applies to all of us. We must take responsibility for our actions and attempt to be the most caring people that we can be.

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