Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Council Explains a Little about Themselves – Part 2

 William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, follows the previous quote with a little more detail about what it is like to exist in the higher levels of the spiritual realms.

The Council:  Once you achieve the Angelic Level of the God-Made Heavenly Realms, you are no longer associated with anything that resembles the material manifestation because you then are known by those who are with you not by who you were as a human being but what you areas a spirit being. We who are here now speaking to you, we have no names because we are beyond the need for recognition. We accept what we are, and we are our virtues and our character. So amongst ourselves we are known by our good, by our love, and each of us are as unique and individual as each of you are. The material manifestation has not been privy to some of the information that we have given, not in your historic time. It will take time for many to begin to understand the real state of existence once you have lost all need for a material life form. It is the most beautiful experience that you could ever conceive with the finite mind. Times that by trillions upon trillions and you will only begin to scratch the surface of how beautiful life or existence can be when you accept your godship. When you truly begin to love yourself, a whole new form of expression is open to you.

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Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Council Explains a Little about Themselves – Part 1

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, tells us more about themselves and their purpose.

Questioner:  Has any portion of The Council experienced human being-ness as an Australian aboriginal in the outback nation?

The Council:  To answer this question calls for a further explanation of ourselves. We refer to ourselves as a council because that is our duty, to advise the material manifestation or those individuals who are interested in what we have to say. During the period of a Trance, although there are 12 entities present on this council or participating in this council, this does not say that the 12 who were here at the first spoken word will remain for the entire Trance. The change can be tremendous during the period of one Trance. In other words, although you hear one voice, one answer, it is the combined knowledge of all who sit, regardless of how long, at this effort. Since we all are part of the Celestial Level our knowledge is not isolated unto our own selves, but because of our state of existence, we are able to commune all knowledge into one answer. So during the course of one Trance or Communication, you may have a thousand pass through this council. Figures here, numbers here, times here, are far different than as you perceive them. We do not truly have time. We do not truly have numbers as you understand numbers. We have attributes and virtues. As to whether we have experienced a particular life in a particular place, some of us have in those particular places, others haven't. Man will find it very hard to understand how we exist and the whole purpose of this council experience. You see, as we attempt to show our love for you and to help you realize your own godly state, it is the last act of love in our schoolhouse, so to put it, wherein this giving of ourselves and lowering our vibrations into the material, that act is a tremendous act of compassion and concern. In so doing we then step from the Celestial Level or the portico of the House of the Divine, we step from that position directly into the full Presence of the Divine. So, to ask us if we have experienced life at a particular time or a particular place, we who are in this Level have experienced lifetimes that you will never ever know as historical events or places.