Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ice Age of the Heart - Part 1

To begin this two-part series we have the following opening statement by William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, talking about the state of the world in general. I think that most of us are loving and caring people who would quickly reach out to others in need. However, all of us know people who would not. The Council is pointing out how they and we can grow even greater in our loving relationships.

The Council: We will start with an opening statement.

Mankind, at this present time, exists in an ice age of the heart. We will repeat that. An ice age of the heart. In your world today, there are the users and the used. The common denominator with this lifestyle is loneliness, again, the common denominator is loneliness. Man has not learned that his only source of happiness is in his ability to love. There is no loneliness when one chooses to love, and if you have been blessed with a love or a great love, where loneliness does not exist within you, you are experiencing the best and most perfect of loves. Be ever grateful, be ever grateful. Be sure that you are giving as much as you are receiving. Be sure that if your loneliness has been taken away by the one you love, make sure that that individual also is absent of loneliness. This necessitates then you loving more than what you are presently giving. How sad man will exist in this ice age of the heart. The terrain will become more hazardous, more dangerous, and darkness will become even darker. This will continue to those who refuse to love, their hearts will be frozen to the point where it cannot be thawed out. They will choose everlasting state of the ice age of the heart. Those who venture forth from this dark, bleak time and begin to give of themselves will rise above that into spring meadows and warm sunshine. They will resurrect themselves above the coldness of man's world. They will be reborn into the springtime of eternity.

Questioner: Why would a person choose not to love?

The Council: That befuddles us. We should be asking man or mankind why he chooses not to love. The reasons are as numbered as there are individuals. There is no real answer to that question other than selfishness which then creates loneliness which then creates desolation of the soul. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes. Now it is a conscious choice, right?

The Council: Well, whenever one does something unloving, it is a conscious choice at one level or another or at many levels. Some people are nasty, being so, fully conscious. Others are nasty because there are underpinnings that surface in the conscious mind that make them react unkindly or unlovingly towards a given situation. And that occurs because they have not put in those things that raise the spirit. Do you understand?

Questioner: You said that we didn't put in the things that helped the spirit. Are you saying like garbage in, garbage out?

The Council: Very accurate. Very accurate. You can only be, you can only reach, you can only see what you have put in to yourself. Do you understand that?

Questioner: Yeah, but even then we are still quite capable of blocking that, even all the good that comes in?

The Council: Put enough of it in, and you will succeed. If you think that you can put so much in and you still do things that should not be done, then you have not put enough goodness in. You have not pushed yourself enough. You have not eaten of the banquet set before you. You have chosen to eat artificial food that looks as good as the banquet, but gives no sustenance to the soul.

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Helping those in Need Part 4

We are repeating the closing portion of the previous posting so that we can complete the discussion of Helping those in Need.

Questioner: Yes. Fix your own plumbing.

The Council: The question is: Why doesn't the plumber do that?

Questioner: Because it is easier to ignore your own plumbing and glorify yourself by fixing other people's plumbing.

Questioner: He is out after the almighty dollar, that's why.

The Council: Think about what YOU people have said. You see, you truly do have the answers. Possibly, once in awhile, some of you may need your knowledge jarred a little. We told you in the beginning, there is no secret. This Divine Creator loves you so deeply and so personally that nothing is hidden from you. Consequently, we cannot tell you a secret, since they do not exist. The best that we can do is try to get you to think, to remember, and to re-evaluate yourselves. Very well. Does that answer the question sufficiently?

Questioner: Yes, it does, for me.

Questioner: Do I understand it right then in the understanding that through your own thoughts and acts of love that you come to realize in your Subconscious that you are a child of God? Is that the way to understanding that?

The Council: Yes. Yes. A very simple answer to the problem, isn't it? Start performing acts of love; start accepting people as they are; and make that a lifestyle; make it a lifestyle. Oh, it is true, there are times that you will have to force yourself to be loving, to be accepting, to do things that are considered charitable or loving. That is not what is important. What is important is that you make it a practice, and as you practice it more and more, you begin to develop that consciousness within the Subconscious, and the more that consciousness is developed, the easier the higher you can reach across that crevasse and touch the conscious you, and once that point, that contact, is made you have come to the end of your journey and your rewards are laid before you.

Questioner: When you made the statement, "the poor and starving are means to the common man's success," are you talking about spiritual success?

The Council: Yes. We hardly would advocate the sorrows and pain of others for financial success of anyone.

Questioner: No, I thought perhaps that you might be referring to that because of man's drive for power is what causes the poor and starving masses. I just wanted to clarify that that is what you were talking about.

The Council: The problem is there are two quests in life, two quests in life: the quest of love and the quest of power. You cannot quest for both. They are the opposite ends of the pole, and one destroys the other. Ultimately, one will win and that is absolute. We feel that it would only be wise to go with the winning side. There are poor in the world, there will be poor in the world, but this is the avenue for the common man to grow spiritually, not at the expense of the poor, but at his own expense. It is an expense that he should joyfully accept. And we are not necessarily talking about financial expense either.

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Helping those in Need Part 3

Questioner: First of all, I want to ask if you could tell us why, you say this general condition exists where on the whole mankind has no godly love for himself, why? How did this come about?

The Council: How did it come about? Why does man constantly choose to look into the shadow that he casts from the Light? Why does he choose to look in that direction? Why does he not choose to turn around and look in the direction of the Light? Do you understand what we are saying?

Questioner: I understand the symbolism. As to why, I am not sure.

The Council: It is the nature of man, again, it is the nature of man. The nature of man chooses to see what he can create on his own, instead of choosing to create according to the Will of the Ultimate Creator, the Divine Creator. Instead of joining in with the orchestra, he chooses to play a solo. Unfortunately, he cannot read the musical score. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes. And this leads to an inner dislike for yourself at a higher level?

The Council: Certainly, when you cannot accomplish what you choose to accomplish, then you begin to undermine your own confidence. If there were a simple answer to the situation, we would be more than happy to give it to you, but you are talking about an evolvement of a condition from the beginning of time, from your beginning, and it is not quite so simple even if you could draw a line and point to a particular direction. Each of you are unique individuals and you have walked your own path, so to speak. You have your own unique reason for disliking yourself, and one cannot say it is just one reason why you dislike yourself. It is an accumulation of lifetime after lifetime after lifetime of experiences, we will be kind in using that term, experiences. Do you see?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Now, if, if you can ever bring yourself up to the point, now, not just consciously, you cannot just positive think your way into correction, it takes that as the initial effort but it also takes a real belief deep down inside. Positive thinking is an attitude of affirmation, but you must allow that to go deep inside; you must allow that to go deep inside. So, one can say, "Yes, I am a child of God; I am a god; I do love because I love myself; I respect myself; I am good." You can say that consciously and you must say that consciously, but you must also drive that deep enough within the Subconscious Mind so that the Subconscious area is totally acceptant of that fact. And the Subconscious is not stupid. It may be neutral to some extent, but it is also very wise. It is a tester; it is a challenger. It is your battlefield of Armageddon. So what you must do at a soul level, you know that you are good, you know that you are made in the likeness of God, you may know that at a conscious level because you have heard it, what you then must do is drive that into the Subconscious level. So one of the ways that man evolves spiritually is to bring a certain conscious awareness to his mind and then work to bring that same awareness effectively into the Subconscious so that all activities of the Subconscious then is colored by that fact or governed by that fact, but in order to do this you must be able then to do loving things, not only physically but mentally. You must be able to think in terms of love, and when we use the term "love" we are talking about an unconditional love, a brotherly love, a love that is not restricted with judgment. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Now, some people may assume, "Well, if the real problem or the real hurdle is the Subconscious Mind, simple application of hypnosis should be able to make the job easier." Well, superficially, certainly, certainly, for a time, but even after that the real corrector or the real effector will be what you actually do with your own conscious mind and activities. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes. Fix your own plumbing.

The Council: The question is: Why doesn't the plumber do that?