Monday, April 16, 2012

Ghosts and Apparitions

I think that many of you may find this of interest. William LePar's spiritual source, the Council, talked about ghosts and apparitions on rare occasions. This an example of a discussion between a member of our Research and Study Group and The Council.

Questioner:What part of an entity is it that hangs around that is classified as a ghost?

The Council: Sometimes ghosts are figments of people's imaginations.But there are, shall we say, imprints or forces, charges that can penetrate the area on a molecular structure and that charge can be held for a time, much time after. So you would have to more specific in your question to go any further than that.

Questioner:Well, this molecular structure actually has some type of consciousness, right?

The Council:It works more off the consciousness of the individual perceiving the ghost or apparition, you see.The entity or the live individual that sees some of the ghosts actually is psychically charging that traumatic experience there and manipulates it to suit the situation. Now this is only in some cases, only in some cases, you see. There are such things as you state ghosts. There are entities who can manifest physically or make their appearance physically but not all that one sees necessarily is an entity.

Questioner:What particular type of entity would be able to materialize and manifest itself like that, or is any specific ability necessary for this?

The Council:No, once you have gone beyond the physical and into the lower realms of spirituality or that which that consciousness that is after the grave or after the death experience, anyone generally or any entity generally in that area can re-manifest in the physical because actually what is being manifested is not a form or a material form, but it is a combination of an energized area in space and your own mental abilities being effected at the same time.In other words, shall we say, in the middle of this room is a hot spot of energy, and this energy is a conscious being, you see, a creation of God, and that energy, that hotspot, that creation wishes to converse with you in such a manner so as you see it and what that energy or that being will do with that field of energy there is excite you on a psychic level and this will cause you then to see that energy form and it will mirror what the entity themselves want you to see.

Questioner:Could this be affected also by living human beings?

The Council:In what respect?

Questioner:In a manner to project to someone else and to get the same results, get somebody else to see their projection?

The Council:That depends now on what the purpose is.Now there, shall we say there is the possibility of you being able to project a mirror image of yourself in another place for someone else to see, do you understand.This then would be termed bi-location.You see?


The Council:But you cannot call upon the dead, really.

Questioner:No, I didn't mean that.

The Council:And therefore you cannot project, shall we say, the same way as the dead or the deceased or those in another level or another state of consciousness can project to you.You see, the higher can always come down to the lower, but the lower cannot just pick and choose to go to the higher.

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