Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Attitude is What Makes a Spiritual Person

This quote comes from William LePar's lecture titled: Love and Being Loved from the recent publication, Return to Eden, The Universal Being Lectures of William LePar.

LePar: I truly believe this is the most important bit of information The Council has ever given us because it is the key to everything. It is the key to why we are here. It goes like this:

The Council: "We said that spirituality is an attitude. Yes, it is. It is that simple. It is an attitude of love, of giving, of compassion, of commitment, of thinking about the next person before you think about yourself."

LePar: Think about that. I’ve been talking to you about love. Love is giving. Love is being willing to commit yourself to an individual so that you give to them totally. Thinking about them before you think about yourself. Did we ever stop to think that in doing that we’re actually achieving spirituality? If spirituality is an attitude of giving and loving and commitment then all of life is nothing more than an attitude and what is an attitude? It’s the way we choose to look at any given situation. The way we choose to look. Love is an attitude and with that attitude I guarantee you 100% that you are going to grow spiritually.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Harmonic Convergence and the End of the Mayan Calendar.

This is much longer than my usual posting but I felt that you would find the entire piece interesting in light of last year's ending of the Mayan calendar. Mr. LePar's spiritual source, The Council answers a question about an event that was considered by many people to be as significant as the Mayan ending last year. Those of you familiar with astrology will recognize what is being discussed but I believe we can all learn from what The Council says about situations of this nature. On the surface it appears that not much happened but perhaps that is not entirely true! Notice in particular the analogy of making bread. It is very difficult for the finite mind of man to grasp the infinite. Using analogies is the method that The Council uses to teach us.

Questioner: What is the significance of the event that happens on August 23, 1987? There is going to be a rare alignment of planets in the sign of Leo which takes us into Virgo. At that time the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will all be in those two signs, so what can we expect? What does this mean? Is this the start of the Aquarian Age? Is it the ending of old cultures and beliefs?

The Council: Well, we do not wish to get into astrology, but we can answer the question sufficiently, if you are willing to listen closely to what we say. No one should doubt the influence of the heavenly bodies. It is, how shall we put it, almost proven, at least proven by those who are more advanced thinkers in the scientific field. Those who are still in the medieval age, of course, will never see beyond their nose, but setting that aside for now. Whenever you have unusual alignments, you have increased influences in all of creation. Now, for us to say that something dramatic will transpire on a particular date would be foolish on our part, because what will transpire most of the world will not sense or see or feel because before anything manifests in the physical plane, it must have been created and formed in a higher plane. The additional influences or unnatural or unusual influences by particular alignments add a stimulus to the level of formation or that level where all thought, whether they be prayerful thought or just meditative thought, mesh with the forces of creation and each individual's output, mentally and prayerfully. There in that level it is similar to the making of dough or bread dough. All the ingredients are placed in a large container. They are mixed, kneaded together, allowed to rise, kneaded again, allowed to rise, kneaded again, and ready for the heat of the furnace or the oven, which is the proving of the efforts and the ingredients. What lies in store for mankind is solely created by their concepts, and their physical concepts or standards are a direct reflection of their true status as a spiritual creation. At one time we said you could judge what level you are, now this is at a soul level, by your character. In that particular time slot that you referred to (August 23, 1987) additional influences will be added to the level of formation. It is not a situation where at one minute the influences or the energies are turned off and a few minutes later or a few days later they are switched on again. It is not an on and off situation. What you have is a gradual buildup of this energy and then a gradual waning of that energy, yet that energy has acted as the yeast in the bread dough.

What will transpire will be determined directly by what has come before and what will come after. In other words, what is created and ready to ... descend to the physical manifestation can be modified and changed according to the moment by moment change of the entire influences of creation. The biggest input to those influences are all of you as soul entities, or soul beings. So, if man has created a dark future, it will come, but it can be modified on a moment by moment situation or state of existence according to how man changes his outlook for the future. That, of course, is done by the way he changes his lifestyle. Why do certain calendars end? We could say that those who have created the calendars or who have been responsible for the calendars had to have some time to stop, some place in creation the future projections had to stop. What better place than at some unusual situation? That is what we could say. Possibly, something to think about is it is a doorway. Possibly, the wisdom of years gone by or centuries gone by or times gone by have been utilized to project man's outlook into the future only up to a certain point, and hopefully by doing so man has raised his conscious level, his spiritual insight, his spiritual outlook, so that by the time one reaches that doorway he has created for himself a whole new world or a whole new heaven or a whole new state of existence. For some people, a life of great prosperity will start, and we are speaking "prosperity" in the sense spiritual prosperity and emotional prosperity. For others, nothing will change; everything will stay the same. And yet for others, it will be the beginning of a downhill slide. Although all of the future is created by the combination or the combined efforts of all who are existing in the physical manifestation, you as individuals create your own future and your own state of existence within the framework of that great state of existence. We have attempted to instigate in each of you a positive outlook for yourself and for mankind, yet at the same time we have laced that attitude with a bleak picture that may exist for your futures. This was done so that it would act as a stimulus to be more constructive, more determined, to make the day that you all deserve, and that is a day of blue skies and bright sun. Some have been very successful. Some, we would say, could be classified as marginal. Others have only been superficial in their efforts and their rewards will be superficial. The old wise men were truly wise. They tried to push man into the future with a glimmer of hope and then bring him to a doorway that must be crossed through, leaving the other side to his imagination and thusly to his powers of creation.

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