Thursday, February 24, 2011

Characteristics of Our Inner God

I simply felt that this was worth reading even though it may be obvious to all of us. I find that The Council has a way of stating the obvious in an uncommon manner that adds special meaning to what is said.

Questioner:   What characteristics do we know or can we see in ourselves that would be characteristic of our inner god?

The Council:   Every time that you give freely of yourself; every time you stoop over to help a little child; every time you think of an older person who is lonely and you try to fill that loneliness either with a kind word or a smile or a telephone call; every time that you say good morning to an individual; every time you tell your parents that you love them; every time you tell your children that you love them; every time you do something kind for someone; every time you say to someone "God bless you." 

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God bless you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Who Created the Creator?

After one of my recent Blog postings about God’s creating us, someone wanted to know, Who created the Creator? OK guys, you want an answer? To be honest, I doubt that our finite minds could understand completely if it were explained to us. The Council has said many times that our vocabulary is very limited and our three dimensional understanding of life does not make it any easier but, let us look at it this way: Since God's existence has no end why should it have a beginning? So, the simple answer is, God always was. And as Einstein pointed out, the closer your speed is to the speed of light, time ceases to exist, therefore there is no time in the spiritual realms. Everything is NOW. The Council refers to it as the ever-present now. The past is now and the future is now. For God everything is now. Actually, if properly explained it is even more complicated than that but I would need to explain more about the different levels of the mind and the functioning of the soul through those levels of consciousness into the physical world that appears to be solid and real. Simply put, God does not exist in time and space, therefore, He is not bound by such rules as we are.

Questioner:  Would you please explain why or how God or the Infinite was always here?

The Council:  Here again, there is really no explanation for it.  Not because there is not, but because you just cannot explain something like that in words.  You have a tendency with words to box in or lower the whole situation.  God is a Being whose whole existence is a Consciousness.  Now mind you, regardless of what words we use, we are doing our Creator a grave injustice in trying to explain or describe His Glories.  At times with such questions we would just sooner not try to explain since there is nothing near adequate.  This is a Conscious Existence of an All-Powerful Force which is, in a way you cannot understand, a Being, a live, live Being, but again not "alive" in the sense that you know it, for in comparison you are less than dead.  Even in your spiritual state you would be less than dead, so it is a Consciousness that has always permeated.

Questioner:  There was no beginning, just always was.  Is that what you are saying?

The Council:  That is what we are saying.  It is impossible for the human mind to comprehend something like that.  It is almost impossible for us to comprehend something like that.  Yet, even though we have a greater degree of understanding, we cannot even put it in words because there are no human words available.  The closest one could come is that there is a Conscious Being, a Conscious Existence, that is in total complete.  Now this probably does not make any sense to you, but that would be the closest explanation.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Makes Each of Us Spiritual

Someone told me recently, “We are spiritual no matter what we do.” Yes, we are spirit beings regardless of what we do but I contend that what we do determines whether we are spiritual or not. Mr. LePar’s source The Council says, “Words constitute nothing.  Action is proof.  It makes it so.” There are philosophies that state that the purpose of life is simply - to experience life. That is it. No right or wrong, good or bad, just experiences. I can say without a doubt that The Council would disagree with this concept. Below is their basic philosophy about the value that each of us have in making our world a better place.

The Council:  “Each of you can make a decisive change in yourself and in the world, in your consciousness and in the consciousness of mankind. The world can only experience light if each of you will allow that godly spark in you to shine forth, to brighten yourself and those next to you, and this godly light acts as a contagion as one individual sees your light shine, this stimulates them to allow their light to shine, and eventually all mankind can become abright with the divine that lies within each and every one of you. Regardless of how bad your world may become, regardless of how negative it may become, you are not doomed to that. None of you are. You can make changes in yourself that will definitely, absolutely influence others around you, and they in turn will be able to influence more, and that light, that godly attitude towards life, towards yourself can grow and grow and grow until the entire world is a spiritual place, a heaven on earth, a new world, a new life. You do not need some highly evolved soul. You do not need us. All you need is to know that you can make a change in yourself and thereby begin to change the world. As we said earlier, it is not the wisdom that you have, it is not the knowledge that you have, it is not what you have that will make you spiritual, but it is what you are willing to do with what you do have that will make you spiritual, that will make you godlike, that will make you fulfill yourself, to resume your rightful place in the creation of creation, to again return to your godly state so that you can once again experience that Divine energy, that Divine activity, so that this great Creator, this Father, this Infinite Light, can take you in His Arms and hold you to His Bosom as a precious jewel, a wondrous gem, something of such great and such value that He could not be complete without it. This is your rightful place, this is what you are destined to, sooner or later, one way or another. You may fight your godliness all the way to receiving your crown, but it will be a battle in vain, for you are destined to be with that Divine Presence.”

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Process of Death and Dying

One of my friends recently lost his father so I thought that I would post a small portion of our information on death and the soul’s progression to the world beyond. This topic was researched for more than two years with over 500 pages of dialogue between the researchers and Mr. LePar’s source, The Council. Over time I hope to present a complete picture of birth, death, reincarnation and the structure of the heavenly realms.

Most people believe that birth is the beginning of life and death the end of it. But many of us understand that true life is a non-physical existence. From the moment that we are born we start our journey towards death and the return to our real existence. So, what is involved in the death process? What is actually occurring at the moment of death?

The Council says:
“Death is instantaneous and what death actually is is simply a refocusing of your consciousness.  That is all.  Once the consciousness has been refocused then it does not need the material manifestation, and there is no real sense of change other than being able to view what is going on in the surrounding area.”
At the moment of death, there is absolutely no pain in the separation of the soul from the physical body. It is a refocusing from the physical to the spiritual. At the moment of death the physical body is totally useless to us. Instead of seeing the world as a participant as we did when we were physically alive, we now begin to view life as if viewing a play or a television show.

Let’s compare the moment of death to tax time. For those of us who make out our own taxes, we know that when we are working on those forms we are intently concentrating because we don’t want to make a mistake.  We are concentrating very hard when suddenly someone interrupts our concentration. We realize that we are back in the real world; we are no longer lost in figures on the paper. That is similar to the way that the soul works with the material manifestation. At the moment of death, we are still very concentrated on physical life; our attention is focused on the material world.

With this intense concentration of our physical life, do we ever know when we are going to die? The Council gives this insight.

“You see, the entire death process is again the refocusing of your attention, and you are well aware of your changing; whether you are willing to accept it or not is another thing, but you are aware that the time for the change of your focus is near.  In other words, you are aware that death is coming.  So regardless of what is done to the body, and in some cases the physical container is given drugs that may cause the outer awareness a certain amount of, shall we say, hallucination, but the inner awareness, never. You see, the mind or the consciousness does not go to sleep, does not diminish; and these medications, these machines, do not change the awareness or cause any illusion in the death process.”

The Council is saying that at one level of our awareness or another, we do have a degree of understanding of the impending death regardless of what medical procedures or drugs are administered. Our mind or consciousness is always active.

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