Wednesday, December 21, 2022

A Holiday Message from The Council

 1277   The Council: We do wish to extend our love to all of you in

1278   hopes that each of you will have a very Blessed and Holy Christmas

1279   and too that you all have a peace of mind from this point on in

1280   your life. We hope that you have a peace of mind and a peace of

1281   the soul and the heart. We ask that you accept the Blessings that

1282   we receive from above, those that we wish to share with you, we ask

1283   that you accept them. We ask that you remember the coming season

1284   and we ask that each of you try in some small way to bring yourself

1285   closer to your God through His Son Jesus Christ. We ask that maybe

1286   just once you can spend an extra minute in silence to allow Him to

1287   speak to you. Allow the Lord to touch your awareness. He waits

1288   patiently. Just as He waited to be born into the world, He waits

1289   to be born into each and every one of you. Our prayers go up for

1290   you, that you open your heart to Him, for it is only through Him

1291   that we will be together with you. Blessings to all of you and the

1292   Blessed Holiday you all deserve. 

Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Christmas Message from The Council

 The Council:  As to the time of year that is approaching, the time of Advent. All men should take this time to prepare for the Coming of the Divine Saviour.  All men should prepare to accept the Promise of their Father in Heaven. At the time of Advent it is generally the custom of some religions to have what is called an Advent Wreath, and with the proper attitude toward such things this can be of a spiritual uplifting and a preparation for each and every entity at a soul level to better appreciate the Love of the Divine Father.  In most cases the accepted Advent Wreath is a wreath made out of wheat straw, with the candles of white, red, and purple.  Since man is limited in his ability to understand the Divine, the Divine often speaks to him in symbolism, and man's understanding of these symbolisms only gives him some minute awareness of the Divinity that lies beyond.  Since not all men are blessed with Beatific Vision, those that are not must rely on thoughts and symbolisms.  The wheat straw that is used to make up the ring or the wreath symbolizes the fruits of the earth, the circle symbolizing the eternity.  Those fruits that man develops or earns or that are his rewards are for an eternity, not everlasting, but an eternity.

The purple candle that is often used represents the royalty that comes into the world at this time of the year, and the light, of course, atop the purple column is significant of the Light of Jesus Christ.  The purple column being His Royalty, His Reign, His Kingdom. The red candle represents the Passion and Blood that was shed. Blood and Passion, the control of the physical.  The control to such a degree that a soul can either accept the best in life if it is given to him, or he can accept the worst in life if it is given to him.  The Divine Father has given him the strength to overcome all the injustices that may be inflicted upon him. The Divine Father has given him the inner strength to see beyond those physical injustices or those physical pains to come to a greater realizing that those may be as a lesson to others and not to the entity themselves, and so the Divine Jesus Christ did suffer as an example to the extent which man himself should have faith in the Lord God.  Of course, the red again is topped by the flame that symbolizes the Light of Christ.  Many people have great fear of the symbolism of the blood and the sacrifice, and this is a weakness within them, and this is a weakness that they must learn to overcome.  When one is willing to endure their situation whether it be pleasant or unpleasant, when they are willing to make the best of that situation, they are showing the faith that they have in the Love of their Divine Father.  For they accept such things that they cannot correct, because they know that the Divine Father has a use for such an example.  In most cases it is to show the inner strength that man should have in his Divine Creator, the inner faith that man should have in his Divine Creator, the inner love and knowing that man should have in his Divine Creator in that this Divine Creator would not inflict pain or sorrow on any of His creations needlessly or even that He would do such a thing; and in this then some entities do choose to undergo hardships as an example of their love and faith in the Divine Father.  So the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ should never bring fear into the hearts of man, nor should it only indicate sacrifice and sorrow.  What it should indicate is the divine trust man should have in his Creating Father, and the divine love that he has, and the divine faith. The white candle represents the totality of Jesus Christ; the column, the foundation and the Light, purest of the pure. When man chooses to honor the season or to prepare himself spiritually and mentally for the Coming of the Messiah, oftentimes he does this by exhibiting an Advent Wreath and with this understanding of some of the symbolisms of the Advent Wreath, we hope that those who choose to prepare themselves in this manner will have a greater awareness and a touching in with the Divine.