Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Groups of Souls Work together over Many Lifetimes

 Groups of Souls Work together over Many Lifetimes

We are including this question and answer from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, because it tells something about the group that worked with The Council through the years that Mr. LePar channeled them. It also shows how groups that work together throughout many incarnations can have difficulties but still come together in other lifetimes to work as a unit on a project that unites them.

Questioner:  Could you tell me where I knew this group before or members of this group before?

The Council:  The most closely area that you would be able to relate to is, shall we say, in three periods of Atlantis, in the very earliest period and then in the second period which was immediately preceding the first big disturbance and then in the final days.  That was the original meeting, shall we say, in this time with this group. Basically, you have all worked together in dealing with the advancement of spirituality, each of you taking, shall we say, side trips into your own pitfalls of darkness but always returning to the original, shall we say, group.

Questioner:  What did we do wrong during these times or what did we do right?

The Council:  We would prefer to deal with what was done wrong more than what was done right. Instead of keeping together as a family each decided to break away and venture out, you see. Instead of contributing to all as a unit, each of you in your own time have allowed your own personal selfishness to override what you know is best and deal with your own flirtations, shall we say. We cannot see where there was great damage done to the group because the final outcome has been this, which is a constructive outcome. But we can also see here in the records that much of what was, shall we say, done was totally unnecessary and brought more conflict and dissension in the group than what was required, you see.

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