Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life After Death Part 3 - Making the Adjustment

Many years ago William LePar had a near death experience (NDE). It took him several years before he could talk about it and even more time before he began to explain some of the more involved experiences. He said that it was necessary for him to think and attempt to fully understand the experience before he could try explain it to others. Some aspects of it were almost beyond physical understanding and explanation. I hope that you find these thoughts interesting.

Mr. LePar: "A death experience is a very beautiful experience but it’s not a fantasy. Not everything is roses on the other side. When you cross over you are going to have a period of time where you are indoctrinated into your state of existence. That’s the best way to describe it, because we are so tied to this physical that once we leave it, it’s like, 'gee we are in a whole new world.' We don’t even realize that’s where we originated from. That’s how heavy the earthly experience is, the physical experience is, so when you initially cross over it’s like, 'my God it’s a whole new thing.' We are surprised that we run into members of our family that are deceased. Well, what did you expect? Sure, my mother is not really my mother on the spiritual side as she is just another soul that I negotiated a contract with. She agreed to be my mother in my physical life, but in that negotiation and in that relationship, you do develop real true feelings and interests in the souls that you have worked with. So when you cross over initially you are going to have that same feeling of a mother or a father that you had when they were alive, when you were together alive, but that’s short lived. You are awakened to the fact that yes, that soul cares about you because of your interaction but that soul really isn’t your mother or your father."

 Audience: Does that soul care for you more because you had that relationship than another soul that you didn’t have a relationship with?

 Mr. LePar: "It’s not a question of if they care more for you than someone else. It’s a different form of caring. Once you get on the other side you understand there’s only one kind of love period. Love is love, but there are a number of ways or situations in which we express that love. It’s all equal. It’s just different ways or different situations. When you are talking about parents, that love that you feel for them and they feel for you, is just the same love that they feel for someone else that they had nothing to do with as far as a relationship. Some things are very hard to explain because we are not capable of thinking or understanding the way it is on the other side. It’s like when people say 'What about time?' There’s no such thing as time. You have experiences and they have nothing to do with time. My near death experience lasted 15 minutes. I have said this many times, it was like living 3 months on the other side, living 24 hours a day, never sleeping. How could you not sleep? There was no sleep. I can’t say to you that I talked to so and so for 20 minutes, because there is no 20 minutes. There’s no time. It was an experience but in trying to translate all the things that I experienced, all I can do is say it was like I was over there 3 months and never had time to sleep. I was going 24 hours a day. It’s hard to comprehend because the material state is so ingrained in us that we can’t comprehend anything other than this.

Now this is my feeling, my personal interpretation. The traveling through the tunnel is a symbolic form of moving from the heavy to the light. When I say light I am not talking about light as far as brightness. I am talking as far as state of existence. I think it’s something that is a symbolic resurrection, if you want to call it that, to help us leave behind and raise the consciousness to 'hey, we are in a new place here, a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of experiencing.'”

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Life After Death - Part 2 - The Process of Dying

 The Council defines the death process:
 Death is instantaneous and what death actually is is simply a refocusing of your consciousness.  That is all.  Once the consciousness has been refocused then it does not need the material manifestation, and there is no real sense of change other than being able to view what is going on in the surrounding area.”
The Council is saying that at the moment of death, there is absolutely no pain in the separation of the soul from the physical body. It is a refocusing from a physical existence to a totally spiritual awareness. At the moment of death the physical body is totally useless to us. Instead of seeing the world as a participant as we did when we were physically alive, we now begin to view life as if viewing a play or a television show.
The Council
"You see, the entire death process is again the refocusing of your attention, and you are well aware of your changing; whether you are willing to accept it or not is another thing, but you are aware that the time for the change of your focus is near.  In other words, you are aware that death is coming.  So regardless of what is done to the body, and in some cases the physical container is given drugs that may cause the outer awareness a certain amount of, shall we say, hallucination, but the inner awareness, never.”

This process of change that we call death is in actuality not a death. Our soul is immortal. We simply focus, or refocus, our attention from the physical world to a spiritual world or to a spiritual reality.

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