Saturday, April 17, 2021

Predestination versus Free Will

The Council has stated many times that we plan our entire lives in detail before we are born. In this exchange, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us insight into our life planning and the part that free will plays as we progress through that life.

Questioner:  If all things are preordained, if all of our lives are laid out in lessons to be learned before we come back or even as we come back, then all the struggle that we have in this life to change something that we already are or that we do not want, doesn't mean anything?

 The Council:  Oh, but it does.

 Questioner:  What does it mean?

 The Council:  You have laid out a life plan.  You have predestined yourself to an experience, but it is not a permanent predestination.  It is only an agreed-upon situation that can change according to what you at a soul level determines as each experience comes your way or as each day passes.  Do you understand what we are saying?

Questioner:  Our soul, once we are here and faced with these situations, our souls can make these changes?

The Council:  Oh yes, yes.  You, as a soul, you, the real you, the highest part of you, is in constant control.  It will determine moment by moment whether it will keep its spiritual contract that it has made with others that are part of your life, it determines moment by moment whether it will keep its agreement.  If not, then truly you would be predestined; even though it would be your own choice, you would be predestined and nothing is predestined.

Questioner:  How would you be in contact with your soul?  How would you know?

The Council:  Well, at a conscious level, you will not.  It is not for you to know at a conscious level.  You are to work from all that is built up in you through your conscious level.

Questioner:  How do you become aware of that then?

The Council:  Well, there is only so much, as we said before, that you can become aware of.  After a certain point it overwhelms you and you become incapacitated, would probably be the closest word one could use, you could not function. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Being Equal to God in Quality

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us some insight to our relationship with our God.

Questioner:  Is it good to say then that when we consider ourselves as part of God's being or plan that we are the reflection, reflection is a good term to use for that part of God that is in us?

The Council:  Well, yes, but that only tells part of the story.  You should be a reflection of God in the world.  You should be a reflection of God inside of you.  You are a part of God, and you are like Him. The difference between you and The God is that your potential, your potential is for quality but not quantity.  Do you understand that?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Unfortunately, people, souls, individuals, entities, have made the choice not to be like God.  They have chosen to be the way they think it will be better.  They have chosen not to move in the ways of the Great Creator or the Infinite Father but to move in their own ways, which is less than He, consequently, it is not whole, consequently, it does not work.  Does that make sense to you?

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