Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Star of Bethlehem

Questioner:  Do you wish to share with us what the Star of Bethlehem was?

The Council:  There have been many explanations by man as to what exactly was the Star of Bethlehem.  Some of the explanations attempt to discredit what the meaning of the Star represents.  In their attempts they only verify and add to the fact that such an occurrence did happen. What they choose to discredit they only substantiate, if one is wise enough to listen to what these have to say.  We are not referring to the conventional idea of the Star of Bethlehem. Do you understand this?

Questioner:  I believe so.

The Council:  Very well.  It should suffice to say that it was a guiding force for the Magi.  Man should look upon this also as a guiding light by which he may obtain the Christ Consciousness.  As the Star of Bethlehem guided the wise men to the child Jesus, the Divine Son of God, so should the light guide the wise men of today to Jesus Christ, the Only-Begotten Son of God, both Divine and Man.  It is not important exactly what the Star was, whether it was a light placed in the heavens by God or whether He collected    the constellations in such a manner so they appeared to be what they were not, exactly.  This we feel answers your question.  It is an answer that a wise man will look upon and think about.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Being Thankful

 The Council: Be thankful that most of the souls, most of the entities,

will gain their greatest perfection, their greatest spirituality,

in the small things.  Be happy that more is not asked.  This does

not mean that you do not have more to give; it simply means that

you are entitled to less demands.   

Spirituality does not necessarily mean great sacrifice.  There

have been some souls who have entered the material manifestation

in, how shall we put it, in less than desirable condition and have

succeeded in obtaining great spiritual strides by simply living an

everyday type of life, taking advantage of the small things that

come their way, and exercising the love that they should.  Be

grateful that you are not called upon to sacrifice.  There are some

who are, but this is to serve as the stimulant for each of you and

a thankfulness to each of you.  Those who have a lifestyle that

require great sacrifice; it is for a purpose, sometimes for their

own individual soul's growth, other times as an example to others to

show what the Love of God's relationship can do.  

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Saturday, October 31, 2020

We are Actually Learning Nothing New


This interaction between a questioner and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, provides some thought-provoking insight into us as spiritual beings. Beings who are far greater than the physical realm that we currently exist in.

Questioner:  In our next lifetime, would we be at this awareness level or would we have to start all over to realize that we are here to learn lessons and how we have to learn them?

The Council:  That all depends on what you choose.  What you are experiencing now will very definitely be carried with you from here on out.  The time, the moment, that you reach perfection, this information will have been carried with you up to that point.  In each lifetime, you will utilize that information as it suits you.  Actually, you are not learning anything.  You have just agreed with us to allow us to jog your memory a little bit, if we put it that way.

Questioner:  We already know these things.

The Council:  Oh, yes.  At a soul level, you know every answer to every question.  Every answer that we are going to give you, at a soul level you already know.  We have talked it over with you.  You have told us what you wanted.  We have said that it is not possible to give you that answer with everyone else that we must consider, would you be willing to accept this answer or that answer.  And all of you have agreed upon the answer, but there is not one of you that recalls it, nor will you.

As we said, this is not a psychic experience, it is a spiritual experience.  You are not here by chance; you are here because you have chosen to be here.  When we sent out our desire to help those who have not reached our level, you called upon our desires and we have answered.  It is that simple.  Nothing spectacular, nothing unusual.  It is the way creation goes on. That is the way it is on this side.  Now, when you replace your physical body or, let us say, when you shed your physical body, you will find that you will chuckle at yourself and say, "I certainly worked in that situation trying to figure out what I really am, or who I really am."

Again, at times, when you think of it, it sounds foolish, silly, contradictive to itself, but that is way you learn, that is the way it is.  You search for your higher self, yet you will never in a physical body realize it totally, only enough to help you to attempt to do better in your next effort, in your next encounter, in your next day.  Yet that constant search is necessary for real growth.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

How to Grow Spiritually

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, has always stressed prayer and meditation. The insights gained from our prayer and meditation, they stress, must be put into action.

The Council:  One must always search deep within to find the purest part of themselves, the higher self.  They must constantly pray and meditate that they find the good person inside, and then they must try to demonstrate that good person or bring it to the conscious and let it live, not only inside but outside of them.  If you as a soul being allows that inner search to be too easy, too quick, then there is much that could have been learned in a lifetime that would not have been experienced.

As souls, you are very efficient in your utilization of your experience in a material form.  Efficient, we said.  It is too bad the quality could not be a little better; let us say, the quality of those experiences could not be a little better.  Does that answer those questions?

Questioner:  Yes, thank you.

The Council:  It does seem almost contradictory to say that one searches and then one will not find, but when you really stop to think that the purpose for living a life or coming into the material form is to experience things at a first-hand level, and the first-hand level is the material level, then you begin to realize that we search inside only to find other ways of experiencing things that will teach us even more.  So, when we search inside, the answer should propel us onward to seek or be better, to make better out of each situation.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

 The Council:  One of the primary tasks of a soul coming into the material form is to learn to create as much perfection in each experience as that soul can.  That is, everything from saying, "Good Morning," to someone in the morning to actually having a meaningful or an important experience or exchange with an individual.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Those must be experienced.  We search inside, deep inside, to find a way to make each of those experiences as perfect as they can be.  It does not mean that that will ever be achieved, but right now what is required is the desire TO achieve.  Has that made it any clearer?

Questioner:  Yes, thank you.

The Council:  Once an entity, once an individual, gives up searching at a conscious level, it is very bad times, let us put it that way.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Not Being Able to Resolve a Lifelong Problem

In this discussion with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they deal with personal issues that a person has been struggling with his entire life but cannot seem to resolve.

Questioner:  If we struggle with, say, a specific problem all of our life on a conscious level, and we are never able to resolve that problem on a conscious level or any other level, I guess, can we assume then that this was preordained and that we are not able to change it?

The Council:  Quite possibly, quite possibly, if you have dealt with it the best that you possibly could.  If it could not be changed, then it was a needed experience.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Now, again, these are general outlines.  Each individual is applied to those outlines to different degrees, according to the situation.  If you take an emotional problem, if you take a physical problem, regardless, and an individual struggles with that problem all their entire life and it is never resolved, why, one might ask.  Why?  Possibly the struggling with it, the dealing with it in the best way that they consciously knew how was what was needed, not the actual solving of the problem or the overcoming of the physical problem or the emotional problem but the actual struggling and dealing with it.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes, and then other people who come into contact with the same problem also have a lesson to learn and that is why they are there?

The Council:  Yes.  All lives are interconnected.  There is no such thing as separation.  You do not know someone for nothing; there is a purpose.  It may be as simple as to, it may be nothing more than just saying, "Good morning," or a very near acquaintance passing the time of day with idle chit-chat, but it serves its purpose, it was not for naught.

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Mental Illness – Physical Illness, an Opportunity to Serve?

In this quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, we are given advice on viewing illness.

Questioner:  Can The Council address the source of mental illness? Is it a spiritual crisis?

The Council:  All sicknesses, whether they be of the physical nature or the mental nature, are part of the life plan. It is in many cases to create a situation wherein others around that individual have the opportunities to show their love and their compassion. At times, certain mental illnesses prevent an individual from making mistakes that they have made many times in previous lifetimes. But we must learn to look at all sickness, whether they be physical or of the mental nature, in these terms: These individuals are blessed and have come in to give each of you the opportunity to serve, to express your love, your godliness. One should not look at such situations, that of physical or mental sicknesses, as a karmic condition for that individual. This isn't a loving attitude. Look at it in a very productive and positive way for yourself. This is your opportunity to show whether or not you are a loving god or a selfish person who rejects the opportunity to be giving. As with the physical problems, because everything must have a means of operation or rules in order to create a common ground, mental illnesses originally begin in a malfunction of the body's workings. At the seat of all emotional problems or mental illness is the chemistry, the blood chemistry, and how it affects all of the parts or organs of the body. That is the natural law or rule in which such conditions come about.

Remember, any illness, regardless of what it is, is your opportunity to serve another individual, and in so doing you serve yourself, and this is good because in serving yourself in that manner you are showing yourself how godly you really can be. Taking care of those who are ill certainly isn't an easy job, but remember this, if there is anything of value, if there is anything real, it requires a great deal of work. Those things that you accomplish in this lifetime of a spiritual nature will not necessarily come easily all the time, but once you have acquired those you will never lose them. They become part of your spiritual wealth, a wealth that will never be taken away.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

A Child’s Learning Begins Early

Here we learn from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, how we can bring the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth to our children.

Questioner: I want to know how it would be best to teach children to respect themselves. It is a materialistic world, and they are very self-centered.

The Council:  Teaching a child to respect themselves has to begin at the moment of birth. In actuality, it can or should be begun prior to birth. While the mother is in pregnancy or carrying the child, she and the father should talk to the child. The child is quite capable of hearing and, to many who may be surprised, quite capable of understanding, understanding not necessarily from the intellectual level but from the spiritual level. By talking to the unborn child in terms of its worth and its value, as a being, can help immensely. After the child is born, then it becomes the responsibility of the parents to constantly attempt to instill the self-respect that is necessary for a productive and happy life. The quest for spirituality begins the moment the individual is conceived. From that point on, that soul, that entity, that spirit, is on a journey of discovering self, discovering the god within. As the child enters the school years, it should have some understanding of its own self-worth, its value. This can be helped immensely by teaching the child discipline, discipline of self, understanding that one, at times, must be in control in any given situation. If the child is not taught self-control, eventually the child will give over that control of self to someone else. In that situation then that individual will become the pawn of a bigger player.

Your world is what it is today because far too many have refused to take control of their own lives. They have been sent on a maddening quest for materialistic identification, for materialistic wealth or self-value at the cost of the control of their own life, their own destiny. When you are born, you are born with a fate, the situation, the conditions you are born in. From that point on, as you reach maturity, as you learn to take control of your own life, as you learn to discipline yourself, you then begin to create your destiny, what you make from the original situation you were born into. It is only through self-discipline that one gains control over his own destiny. If not, the individual is condemned to follow the leader wherever the leader may take him.

A child in school should be taught to think and make decisions and assume the responsibility of those decisions. If the parents have not taught the children where the values in life are, a teacher can hardly be expected to do that. Although a teacher may have some influence by pointing out what is really valuable in life and that is the relationships that we have with each other, the caring we have for each other, the love we have for each other, the ability to take responsibilities in stride, the ability to make commitments and keep them until the commitments are fulfilled.

Monday, August 3, 2020

The Fives Steps to Spirituality - Part 6

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, summary of the Five Steps to Spirituality that we have presented over the last several months.

 These five steps to spirituality will not always be easy to fulfill.  At times they will be very hard.  At other times, they will be a simple matter to accomplish.  These five steps will definitely cut against the old human nature that you may have had, but in the process they will begin to introduce a whole new nature to you.  They will begin to open your eyes to a more spiritual you into a more spiritual way of life.  These five steps, if applied, will not deprive you of anything but will teach you to more fully control yourself so that you have guidance over your own, so that you have a more full control of yourself, and in accomplishing this you accomplish a stronger human nature and a stronger spiritual nature.  A stronger human nature in the sense that you become more sensitive to those things around you, more aware of those things around you, those things that will help not only you to grow spiritually but will help others to grow also.  These are five steps that one must apply to themselves, to their lives, not on a half-hearted basis but one must make a commitment to keep these five points every day of their life.  When you first begin it may be hard at times to fulfill these commitments, but as time goes on one becomes stronger and stronger, and eventually they become such a part of you that it takes no effort whatsoever.  At that point then you can look back at what you are.  At that point then you can look back at what you WERE and see what you are.  You will then see that you are a new person a whole new being.  It is possible to correct all of your karmic debt in one lifetime, in this lifetime, so that you need never to reincarnate again, and these five steps, if one commits themselves to them, will most assuredly overcome all karma and any need for reincarnation, but you must be honest with yourself; you must be honest with yourself.  You will not be able to rationalize these things because in so doing you will end up only fooling yourself and no one else.

Five steps to spirituality.  Five steps that any man, woman, or child can apply to their lives, eliminating all karmic debt, eliminating ALL karmic debt, and making available to themselves a new being, more fully and more spiritually developed, one that will leave the material manifestation behind forever, one who most assuredly will be in the realms that the Infinite Father made, in His Schoolhouse of Learning they most assuredly will be very close to their at-one-ment with the Divine Source.  We present these five steps of spirituality to all of you with our blessings, in hopes that each of you will apply them in your lives and in so doing you and we will be united much sooner.  We thank you.

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 5

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, fifth step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.
The next step in spiritual growth, this process, is:  Never accept any glories.  Remember, do what you must do.  Fulfill your responsibilities and your obligations in life.  Never wait around for that pat on the back.  Move on to your next challenge or your next step.  Many people who become involved in spirituality or in spiritual activities that are promoting spirituality make a problem for themselves.  It is bad enough that some of these people seek a reputation in the world, but it is even worse for these people when they seek a reputation among those people that they are involved with who may be attempting to bring a greater spirituality to others.  These spiritual movements are works dedicated to the Divine Source, and ultimately, these works are to bring glory to this Infinite Father.  Those who help are not permitted to take any part of those glories.  It is like this:  anyone who may serve or work for a commission, for what little bit of glory he can get out of it is a merchant, and he ought to be cast out of the temple. This can be applied to those money exchangers that are spoken of in the temple when the Christ them chased out.  They were not serving the people as a means of serving God; they were serving the people so that they could get their percentage out of it.
Remember, we must not be as the Pharisees were.  We must not stand before others beating our breasts and putting ashes on our forehead so that all may see how holy we are.  Do what you can do for others.  Do what you can for the Divine Source in the service to Him, but do not expect glories and praises.  All glories and praise belong to this Divine Source.  Those things that you can use in service for others and for the Divine are gifts that you have to help YOU grow, not to help you gain glories.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 4

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 4
This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, fourth step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.
The next step:  Never pass anything on about anyone else that will hurt him.  Remember, a tale bearer has no place in the Divine's favor.  If you know anything that would hinder or hurt the reputation of one of God's children, bury it forever.  Wipe it from your mind and from your thoughts.  Remember, if you wish the Divine Source to be good to you, you must begin to be good to His other children.  Remember, the Divine Source invites you to a spiritual banquet, He invites you personally to sit at His table, but He expects you to have table manners.  He expects to teach you those table manners that you do not have, and remember He will not let you eat unless you obey the etiquette of the table that He has prepared for you.  Whatever you pass on that may hurt someone else, whatever little remark that you may carry that will hurt someone else you must immediately put away.  Bury it away so that it goes no further.  Do not add your own self to the hurt of others.  In the Divine Source's Eyes each of us is His child and He will not accept one child hurting another.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 3

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s third step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.
The third step is: Never defend yourself.  If you insist on defending yourself, no one will come to your aid.  Your whole defense will depend on your abilities and on your strength.  This Divine Source will not help you to defend yourself if you choose that.  If you choose to defend yourself, He will let you do it.  If you turn your defense over to this Divine Source, He will defend you.  As this Divine Source once said to Moses in Exodus 23, "I will be an enemy unto thine enemies and an adversary to thine adversaries."  If you leave your defense to the Divine Source, your enemies shall be His enemies, your adversaries shall be His adversaries, and you will never need to defend yourself for He will be your shield and your armor.  Many of us will defend talents that we may have; we may defend the service that we give, we may defend the reputation that we have.  Your reputation is what people think of you.  It is hard to overcome the temptation of defending your own reputation, but we must refrain from such things.  Whenever something unpleasant is said about one or another, and they attempt to seek out the truth or the source of the story, it becomes a hopeless task.  One thing leads to another, and once the point is defended or challenged, it only opens the door for more untruthful things to be said, and so then one must run again to seek down the source.  So it becomes an unending chase.  You cannot truly defend yourself from your adversaries.  You cannot defend yourself  completely and wholly.  Leave this defense to your Divine Maker.  When those seek to challenge your reputation or your talents or some service you may have to perform for others.  Let them challenge it.  Do not waste your time in trying to prove that their challenges are wrong.  Let them say what they will, and go about your good duty your good service, your good talents.  The Divine Source will defend you far better than you could ever defend yourself.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 2

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, second step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.
The second step is: Never own anything.  This does not mean that you cannot buy a new home or a new car or new clothing or jewelry or what have you.  This is meant in the sense of possessing these things.  You may not look upon these things as "This is mine."  All the goods of the material manifestation, all the riches of the world, belong to the Divine Source and are only loaned to you for your use and your spiritual growth.  This does not mean that those who have much must sell these things off or rid themselves of them.  You have a right to have these things.  You must remember that you are to use these things in your spiritual growth that they are only on loan to you and that they truly belong to the Divine Source.  If you realize that you do not own these things, you can be more at peace with yourself because you will have no need to worry about losing them since they belong to someone else.  You must turn over all that you think you own, such as property, cars, home, furniture, turn them over to the Infinite Father.  Remember, they are only yours to use.  He is loaning them to you.
Have you ever noticed some people who are very possessive of their material things?  An example:  A woman may own a very beautiful figurine or statue.  She adores this and thinks it is very precious, and then a day comes by, and someone accidentally knocks the figurine or statue over and breaks it.  Upon this, the woman looks at the shattered pieces and feels so disheartened.  Her sadness and resentment make her unhappy.  She is the type of woman who could very easily lose five years of her life over fretting at the loss of something that never belonged to her; yet she chose to possess it; she thought that it was hers.  Now, we have just said that the lady could very well lose five years of her life over such a thing.  We did not mean this literally.  It is our way of saying that such a woman could very easily become so upset and irritated that onlookers could very well assume that this broken figurine represented five years taken from her life.  Remember, all the materials, beauty and wealth and conveniences of the world are yours to have, to use.  They are not yours to own but to have and use.  Never own anything and that way nothing can ever be taken from you.  All those things that you have, give over to your Divine Source.  Realize that they are on loan to you and you will never have to fear losing them.  With this attitude they will keep them more securely in your possession, than if you try to own them yourself.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 1

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 1 
What we are about to present, over the next several weeks are William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, Five Steps to Spirituality. This information was given as a complete set at one trance session. The entire trance session is presented in six parts. We begin with The Council’s opening statement about the five steps and proceed to the first step.
The Council:  May the Peace and the Joy of the Infinite Father be upon you, and May his Light shine down upon you and around you and within you.
What we are about to give you are 5 Steps to Spirituality.  If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.  What we will give you will be the five steps and a few basic guidelines to each step.  These guidelines can help you expand these steps even further.  If one makes a commitment to apply these five steps in their everyday life, we can guarantee that you will grow spiritually much more than you have ever dreamed.  We can guarantee that you will truly become a new and whole being.  You will be much closer to your Divine Source than you have ever dreamed possible.
The first step is the most important and is the one that takes a great deal of honesty with oneself.  One must deal with this first step as honestly as is humanly possible for all others build on this first step.
The first step is: What emotions or attitudes or thoughts are now presently separating me from my Divine Source?  Or what emotions, thoughts, or attitudes are not within the Divine Will?
When reviewing one's self, consider such things as jealousy. Are you a jealous person or are you jealous of other people?  Are you jealous of what others have?
Self-pity is another point to consider.  Do you feel as though you are not appreciated?  Do you feel that you are some undiscovered flower in an oasis in the middle of a desert that mankind has not yet been blessed to see and smell your sweet scent? This is self-pity.  Are you resentful?  Do you find yourself in a state of sputtering indignation most of the time?  Do you find that people do not appreciate you or feel that you are not appreciated, and does this bother you?  Do you feel that you should be appreciated more than what you are?
Temper.  Do you have an uncontrolled temper?  Does your temper lead you to spiteful activities or actions against others? Remember, if you do not get rid of your temper, then your temper will get rid of much of your spirituality and certainly all of your joy. These are just a few points that you may look at, but there are many others that one must consider.  What you are to do, as you look over these points, as you review yourself, you must be willing to admit to yourself that these truly are not godly activities or spiritual activities or activities that are within the Divine Will. Be honest with yourself.  Do not try to rationalize those things that you know about yourself.  Admit to yourself that these are acts of separation, that these are stumbling blocks between you and the return to your Divine Source and your rightful place within the Presence of your God.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Starting Our Day with a Prayer

The following is from one of Mr. LePar's lectures presented many years ago. We have a book of these and I thought that this segment would be of interest.

This is the part where I think you can help me, you can help the world, and you can help yourself.
I want to tell you a very simple way of starting the activity of the God Consciousness in you. The first thing you do when you get up in the morning before you put your little toes out on that cold floor is just lie there a split second longer and start your day with a little prayer. I’d like to share a little prayer with you that you are welcome to use. It goes this way: "Infinite Father, source of all love and light. Accept my endeavors and accomplishments this day as a sincere effort and desire to accept my own true godly state which you have ordained for me. Let my efforts and my accomplishments be songs of praise and glory and look upon me as your loving child." Now that’s a two sentence prayer. You don’t have to verbalize. You just have to think of a prayer and you don’t even need anything that fancy. All you have to say is: "Accept me as I am and guide me through this day".
What does this particular prayer say? First of all, you recognize that there is an Essence above you. You acknowledge the fact that you are part of that Essence. You acknowledge the fact that you have an ordained place in that Essence. You acknowledge the fact that you may not be perfect and you may not be able to do the godly things that you are capable of doing but because you realize the great love of this Creator you are placing your faith that He will accept what you can do with what you have to work with. You do not keep your accomplishments just for yourself, but you look upon these accomplishments as songs and praises to your Divine Source. What are you doing? Are you saying there’s an old man up there and by His good graces, by doing good, that’s going to be the song and praise? No, what you are saying is all the good you do you are sending out to others through this Divine Source, so you are uniting yourself with yourself. You are uniting yourself with your spiritual brothers and sisters and you are uniting yourself with the Divine Creator. It’s the first thing you want to do in the morning.
As soon as you finish your morning prayer, and it only takes a minute or less, try to set in your mind to accomplish one little good thing that day. That’s all. Just one simple little good thing, a smile or a hello to someone is an example but I am sure that you can discover many other little things to accomplish.

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Love and Commitment are the Essence of Creation.

The Council: If you are fortunate to have someone who loves you, do all that you can do to protect that love, to return it regardless of the cost to you, for in your day true love is at a premium price, for so little of it exists. Do nothing to jeopardize that love just to satisfy your own self-seeking pleasures and ego, for you never know it may be your only opportunity for true happiness. When you love someone, you fulfill their needs, you make strong their weak points as they will make strong your weak points, and you relish in their strength as they should relish in yours. Many times those that we love, due to the course of their life, whether it be their fault or the way life is dealt to them or presented to them, some of those individuals carry deep scars. Take into consideration these scars, these old wounds, attempt to put the balm of love or the salve of love over that scar tissue so that it heals and becomes anew. Those that you love, make them feel secure in your love. It might be necessary to repeat over and over your love for the individual. Do so. It's of no cost to you, yet such thoughtfulness, such caring, such compassion, and such understanding can bring great rewards for so little effort, because in so doing you help that person to feel safe. What is love? Love is everything that you can imagine that is good. It is the desire to make whole another individual by filling in all the cracks and crevices, all the holes, all the broken edges that life may have chipped away.

Fill your mate with love, help that person to bloom and your reward will be one of the finest thrones ever imaginable by the mind of man in the heavens above. Speak of garlands -- Complete one individual with your love, make one individual feel secure and happy and you wear the greatest crown possible. Love and commitment are the essence of creation. The Divine Presence when He brought all this, as you understand, into being, the motivating wish behind your creation was a Love that would be full and complete, a commitment to provide every opportunity possible for you as one of His children, as one of His creations, to be totally secure and full and complete, enveloped in the purest of all loves. You, as you are now, cannot create or give in the same quantity as this Divine Essence can but you can come very, very close in quality, and this can be achieved very simply by thinking about the person you profess to love, thinking about them before you think about yourself and your mundane, puny, little life. For what you give, what you do to help make an individual whole will be returned to you either now or hopefully in your experiences beyond the physical.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Illness and Our Desire to Help

In these extremely difficult times it is wonderful to learn of so many people who are willing to offer whatever they can to help those in need. It is times like these where our true nature shows. The following are a few words from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, about the value that our efforts can bring to our own spiritual growth.

The Council:  Remember, any illness, regardless of what it is, is your opportunity to serve another individual, and in so doing you serve yourself, and this is good because in serving yourself in that manner you are showing yourself how godly you really can be. Taking care of those who are ill certainly isn't an easy job, but remember this, if there is anything of value, if there is anything real, it requires a great deal of work. Those things that you accomplish in this lifetime of a spiritual nature will not necessarily come easily all the time, but once you have acquired those you will never lose them. They become part of your spiritual wealth, a wealth that will never be taken away.

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Each of us is here for a purpose.

Each of us is here for a purpose.

This is one of my favorite quotes from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council. It causes me to think more about my life and hopefully do a better job with my words and actions, especially when I am under stress. These days we are all under stress. The Council says that we are all here for a reason and that is to grow spiritually. These days offer us a very unusual situation in which to grow but this too will pass.

The Council:  You must remember that all of your lives, every moment of your life, every second of your life, is for a purpose.  Every point of contact that you have with other individuals, whether they be your chargelings or children or your mates or your relatives or friends or what have you, every point of contact with those individuals is for a purpose.  Now, it does not mean that every point of contact, every word exchanged, has an immense effect on your life or a very important effect on your life.  No, this is not the situation, but each exchange, each meeting, each relationship, builds towards something; it is there for a purpose, and that is to correct whatever karmic situation may exist, either with yourselves or with the other individual.

You come together to serve each other, to help each other ahead.  Also, you come together to help each other in a positive way to enjoy the good karma that you have created together in other times or even in that particular lifetime, so you do not have contact with others just because you have nothing else to do. Your conversations this day, this evening in this room with each other, just did not happen.  You are too busy to waste time on something for nothing.  Although in your conscious mind, many of you dally your time away or at least you think you do.  Are you really?  Are you really dallying your time away?  Are you here because you have nothing better to do?  Or are you here because you must be here?  Did you do what you did this morning because you had nothing better to do?  Or was your morning's activities because they had to be?  Well, we will give you the direct answer to that, and, that is, your day was because it had to be. Now, does that mean that we are saying you have been boxed in by some force beyond you into doing things?  Have you been predetermined into this or into that?  No, no, no, no, no. Everything that happens, happens with your consent, at one level or another.  No one has predetermined you to anything; in fact, you have not even predetermined yourself to anything.  You may have made some spiritual contracts with individuals to complete something or to experience something in a lifetime, but you do not even have to keep those, so you are not predetermined or predestined in any way, shape, or form.  No predestination. Not even God, the Almighty Creator, has predestined anything for you.  He has bounced you on His knee and has said, "Dear child, what is it you want to do?" and then has let you go your way and do it.  Oh, it is true, He will tap you on the shoulder and either say, "No, no," or "Yes, yes," but ultimately it is your choice to say, "All right, I will listen," or "Sorry old man, I know better." And how many times have all of you done that very thing? And, in fact, we will say to you, how many times, when we were in your situation, we did that very thing?  We can tell you right from the very bottoms of our heart, if we had a physical heart, that we had done it many times.  If we had been wiser, it would not have taken us so long to get to the point that we are now, but that is the process of learning. 

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Monday, March 2, 2020

Good Health - Stress – Meditation and Our Immune System

With the entire world struggling with the Coronavirus, I thought that this information from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council would be of value. We realize that this is not a cure-all for today's problems but it is still of worth considering for our overall well-being.

The Council: If you have a positive mental attitude, then the physical body, the tool that you use, is in a more desirable condition to function properly.  The state of mind that you have, an example, depression, a dislike for much of what you find yourself in, such as employment, family, or friends, if there is a less than positive feeling there or less than a positive attitude, it slows the physical body down, the functioning of the physical body, all the chemical interactions, the electrical impulses created by the combination of the chemicals of the body, and eventually if this is allowed to continue over a prolonged period, it begins to affect the chemical combinations and their need to relate to each other and interact with each other, thus the immune system goes down.  Once the immune system goes down, then you have fertile ground for sickness.

Now, with a more positive attitude, a more loving attitude, a more joyful attitude, the ability to laugh at yourself first and then laugh at others or others' situations, and when we say "laugh at others" not in a demeaning way but in a sharing way, this bolsters the entire system.  It fortifies the physical body.  It adds a natural stimulant to the physical body, thereby putting it into what we could loosely call a higher gear or a more efficient state, thereby giving you the ability to ward off sicknesses of one kind or another.

The stress is what throws the system off.  Stress is actually the killer of the physical body.  It is the infector of the physical body. Once stress overtakes the physical body, then it throws the immune system off.  It throws the entire system off, but it weakens, absolutely weakens the immune system, which opens the door then for all manner of sicknesses. 

One of the best preventive maintenances for the physical body is daily meditation.  If one were to incorporate that into their daily routine, they would have much less sicknesses.  So, if you consider a health maintenance program, by all means, it would have to have meditation incorporated into it.  Very few of your medicines actually cure.  In most cases, they simply eliminate or cover up the symptoms, thereby relieving the additional stress and allowing the natural healings of the body itself to do the rest.  Now, that is in most cases.  So, if this is the basis of modern day medication, why not take a daily dosage of meditation and be one step ahead? 

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Monday, February 24, 2020

The Composition of the Soul

Questioner: I just want to know if the soul, each person's soul, is composed of more than one part?
The Council: First, shall we say, that the soul would be better understood as the report card of the entity's work with creation of the physical and the maneuvering and balancing of the physical. Now with that in mind possibly you could reword the question or has that answered it for you?
Questioner: No. I was just wondering if there were different aspects or parts to the soul or it must be composed of a lot of different things just like the body is composed of a lot of different things.
The Council: Very well. Then you refer to the soul then as the total spiritual aspect.
Questioner: Yes.
The Council: Yes, most assuredly, there are many facets to the soul then, when looking, when considering the spiritual aspects of the entity as the soul. Shall we say, the word or the term soul then in that particular instance would be the unit description of a unit name.
Questioner: Are these always enclosed, these different units in the same body, the same time? Are they ever separated, is what I mean?
The Council: There is no separation. You see, the actual working of the spirit or the entity or you within the physical is a very involved and very intricate and very delicate, shall we say, existence. The spirit or the entity works through a number of degrees to the physical and in each degree then or if you wish to use a very inaccurate term a number of different bodies then each body as it moves away from the originating spirit to the physical then becomes more dense than the one before, but yet each must work very intricately with the one before and the one that follows afterwards. Now these bodies at times are referred to as astral bodies and etheric bodies and what have you, which in reality do not truly exist. These terms have been brought about by those who do not fully understand what they are talking about and by those who deliberately create confusion in a better understanding of the spirituality or the spiritual make-up of you as an individual. Nevertheless, there is a very intricate working between the body before and the body afterwards. It would be better and more close to reality or to the truth if one would understand these not to be bodies but to be different levels of awareness or different states of consciousness. This would be much, much more accurate.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Some Insight into The Council

Some Insight into The Council
This information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, gives us a little insight into how they know all that is. 
The Council:  This should offer an opportunity to give some explanation as to how we know all that there is to know.  Those of a higher spiritual development can always extend themselves down to those of a lower spiritual development.  Those of a lower spiritual development can never raise their spirituality or their vibrations up to the higher.  It is only by the higher reaching to the lower that the lower can climb, can be raised up.  In being able to render information to you that helps in your spiritual development, every breath that you take, every thought that you think, every motion that you make is left in eternity.  There is a mark.  There is a stamp.  There is an expression.  And, shall we say, it is like opening a book and watching the story unfold.  With less than a wink of an eye we can cover everything that you have ever experienced in all your incarnations, because the information then becomes a part of our very awareness, our own knowledge.  Just as when the time comes that you rise up to our development, you will experience the same thing.  This awareness is not reserved for just a few.  This awareness is the rightful ability of each and every creation of God, if one chooses to achieve it.  Although at times we may say, "we see here," or at times we may even refer to looking at the book, there is in reality no book.  There is nothing for us to see, but it is a knowing.  It is an existence of complete creativity, complete awareness, complete joy, complete love, almost complete godliness which we hope to achieve soon.  It is an existence that very, very few in the physical have any awareness of.  But it is every much a living existence as the existence you have.  It is much more full of life than any of you can ever dream of.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Imperfect Love

An example of imperfect love was discussed with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council.

Questioner: Let us say I am sitting at home and I am watching the baseball game and my wife decides she wants to go get her hair cut. And I say, "Oh, I really don't want to do that," but I decide because of wanting to try to make an effort to be more spiritual I do what she wants but I am still not 100% happy with the situation. Is that a step forward or is that just sort of rationalizing around it and solving the problem without really improving?

The Council: Do you recall what we have said about perfect and imperfect love? 

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Very few individuals are capable of perfect love, so the rest must settle for imperfect love, if nothing else. An act such as that, an attitude such as that, carried out with kindness, not having a negative attitude towards the individual because they interrupted your preferred activity, may be considered an imperfect act of love, but nonetheless it IS an act of love. Many times when an individual steps forwards and is responsible for an imperfect act of love, before it is all over with, the attitude has changed and the individual has transformed that into a perfect act of love. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, I believe it does. And if you have had years and years of not making the effort and you start to make more effort, then that will have a snowball effect and hopefully eliminate all of those negative responses or the karma for those negative responses?

The Council: Haven't we said many times that all karma can be corrected in this lifetime that each of you are experiencing? We will repeat it again. All karma can be corrected, answered for, justified (and when we say "justified" we are saying the correction, the word "justification" we are using it in the sense of the correction for karma), in one lifetime. True karma, whether it is the positive karma or the good karma, or the enslavement-type karma cannot always be corrected one act for another. In fact, if a soul chooses that form of self-restoration, then he only chooses a much harder path, a much more complicated path. Very few will set their aims with that type of situation. So living life with the proper attitude will bring all the opportunities to you in this lifetime to correct all the karma, regardless of how heavy it may be from previous lifetimes or even in many cases the present lifetime. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, it does. Thank you.

The Council: Each lifetime, the sole purpose is to make amends to yourself. And when we say that what we mean is correcting the harm and the disrespect and the indignities that you have perpetrated on yourself through the acts of self-centeredness and selfishness. You are living this life for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to clean up your house, but in order to do that it is necessary to help others clean up their house while you are working on yours. If you try to clean up your house simply by taking care of yourself, you have lost the game before you started because correcting karma you must interact with an individual or in some cases a number of individuals. Take for instance those of you who have commitments to other individuals. Why does that exist? Is it because one of you might be indebted to the other one karmically, so that with this commitment and the fulfillment of that commitment you are correcting your karma? Therefore, if you want to correct the karma and not add more to what you already carry, it is necessary to be completely faithful to that commitment.

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