Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 3

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s third step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished.  In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.
The third step is: Never defend yourself.  If you insist on defending yourself, no one will come to your aid.  Your whole defense will depend on your abilities and on your strength.  This Divine Source will not help you to defend yourself if you choose that.  If you choose to defend yourself, He will let you do it.  If you turn your defense over to this Divine Source, He will defend you.  As this Divine Source once said to Moses in Exodus 23, "I will be an enemy unto thine enemies and an adversary to thine adversaries."  If you leave your defense to the Divine Source, your enemies shall be His enemies, your adversaries shall be His adversaries, and you will never need to defend yourself for He will be your shield and your armor.  Many of us will defend talents that we may have; we may defend the service that we give, we may defend the reputation that we have.  Your reputation is what people think of you.  It is hard to overcome the temptation of defending your own reputation, but we must refrain from such things.  Whenever something unpleasant is said about one or another, and they attempt to seek out the truth or the source of the story, it becomes a hopeless task.  One thing leads to another, and once the point is defended or challenged, it only opens the door for more untruthful things to be said, and so then one must run again to seek down the source.  So it becomes an unending chase.  You cannot truly defend yourself from your adversaries.  You cannot defend yourself  completely and wholly.  Leave this defense to your Divine Maker.  When those seek to challenge your reputation or your talents or some service you may have to perform for others.  Let them challenge it.  Do not waste your time in trying to prove that their challenges are wrong.  Let them say what they will, and go about your good duty your good service, your good talents.  The Divine Source will defend you far better than you could ever defend yourself.