Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Original State in Creation

The following comes from William LePar's book - Controlling the Creative Process in You: Androgyny. It is an extremely thought-provoking book that will definitely challenge the reader. To put it another way; It is not a "quick read", but is worthwhile for those who would like to obtain a deeper understanding of what we truly are and how all of this came into existence.

Getting a better idea of the conditions and the state we originally existed in at the time of our creation is much like attempting to put the pieces of a jigsaw puzz1e together. Throughout the more than two million words of channeled information we have received from The Council, here and there, we find little bits and pieces that give us a greater glimpse into our original state. The following quote from The Council is one such piece of the puzzle.

"If you understand truly the state of existence in that time, the Godhead is in motion, and each of you as personalities, as individual souls, with individual identities, you bathe in the reflection of what you refer to as God the Father. As you bathe in that reflection, at that time you as a soul, as an individual, with your own identity, were completely transparent. An example would be a crystal. So that which was the action of God the Father or the Godhead was reflected perfectly through you."

In this particular quote there are a number of subtleties which exist, and these subtleties indicate much more than the words themselves. It is more what the words indicate than what they actually say. Let us take a closer look at the information.

First of all, each of us has our own personality. We have our own individual identities. This says a great deal if we think about it a little bit. Although we are made in the complete likeness and image of this Infinite Source, this Divine Father, we still have room for individuality, uniqueness. We were and are able to be perfect and yet to be perfect in our own unique and individual way.

In other words, we were not created like a bunch of "Barbie dolls" produced on a production line, all identical, one indistinguishable from the other. We were completely opposite from this. Each of us was quite distinguishable from the other. Each of us could be recognized as uniquely individual.

The term "God the Father" is symbolic of loving, caring, and nurturing, the giving of life. We are bathed in the reflection of this Infinite Father. What exactly is The Council saying with these words? We are bathed. We are washed over completely, totally. Every bit of our being is covered. We are completely and totally immersed in this reflection of loving, caring, nurturing, and the giving of life. We are totally and completely suffused with this reflection. To be suffused means to be spread throughout or over as with a color or a light. Every modicum of our being is engulfed with the reflection of this God the Father.

The Council's example of the crystal is meant in terms of the optical quality and not any physical properties of the crystal. In other words, we were completely transparent and had the ability to take this reflection and pass it through our entirety and allow it to be spread out beyond us, and we were able to do this perfectly. We were still our own unique selves, we had our own identity, we were individuals. We were so much a part of this God the Father and He was so much a part of us that God the Father did not impinge upon our own unique individuality. This offered us another avenue to develop an even greater uniqueness to ourselves.

Another quote or piece to the puzzle The Council gives us begins to define our state of existence a little clearer:

"You are all such a special creation of the Divine Father that He created a whole host of beings to serve and adore you. You see, you are gods in the small."

Here The Council tells us of our uniqueness, how, in God's eyes or our Divine Father's eyes, we are very special creations. The Council states that we were gods in the small. We had the same qualities as this Divine Source but not in the same quantity. We could very easily say we were a miniaturized version of this Divine Essence. Yet we were so special to Him, so unique to Him, that He created, out of His love for us, and entire host of beings to serve us and to adore us.

In the following quote, The Council continues in this vein but adds a definite ray of hope that says all this can be again for us. This is done to give all of us some stimulation to make changes within ourselves and reestablish this direct relationship with the Divine. By effecting changes in our own selves, we can then begin to stimulate changes in those individuals and circumstances with which we come in contact.

"You and all of the entities on the face of the earth were intended to be heavenly seed bearers, heavenly planters of heavenly gardens, as perfect as perfect can be. There are no terms in man's vocabulary to describe what you are and what you could have been. There are no words to describe the magnitude of even your fallen state, so we must resort to such words.

The Council leaves us with a ray of light, as they have done since the early 1970's. The Council has never led us down a path to a door that was closed, but always down a path to a door opened.

The point to note in this particular passage is the last statement: There are no words to describe the magnitude of our being even in our fallen state. Even though we have separated ourselves from the Divine Source and are now in the process of reuniting ourselves with the Divine, we still maintain a power and ability of a magnitude that is unbelievable. Regardless of the paths we have traveled, we still have the ability to change our direction and move toward the Light, move toward the true awareness.

Just as we were once heavenly seed bearers, we must become earthly seed bearers of that same light and truth. We still have within us the ability to plant the seeds of Divine Love in all we meet on our journey home.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Such Thing as Accidents

William LePar's sprirtual source, The Council, addresses accidents. Their basic premise is that there are no such things as accidents. This may be a very difficult concept to believe, especially when we have been personally involved in a tragic automobile accident where children have been seriously injured or killed. I believe that this information from them explains their thoughts in a concise manner.

Questioner: You have stated that there are no accidents in reference to death and injuries. Please explain this in full. Could the free will of others interfere with an individual's path and cause him to choose to leave?

The Council: In rare occasions individuals can affect the path chosen by other individuals, but this is more or less, shall we say, a rare situation. This goes beyond the normal mundane existence of you all. There are no accidents, and every accident has its reason behind it even though it may not be obvious to anyone involved in it.

Questioner: My friend has asked if it would be permissible to give the answer to this question to her son who was just involved in a fatal accident.

The Council: Yes. In this case then, maybe we might elaborate if you wish.

Questioner: Please do.

The Council: There are times when accidents occur for reasons that are not brought to the conscious mind. In some situations individuals are instrumental in the crossing over of another individual so as to bring a greater understanding and awareness to not only themselves, but the individual that may have crossed over and to all those that are in relationship to that, shall we say, situation. One of the more important factors, if one should find themselves involved in such a thing, is to attempt to get an understanding of one's responsibility in the situation. Even though an individual may be totally responsible for the accident or for a death, nothing can be gained if that individual sits in remorse constantly but should learn from such experiences the value of life and in particularly their life. One should learn respect from such things for themselves and for all others; respect for the soul or the spirit and respect for the physical body, because it is through the physical body that the soul learns and grows and each have that responsibility to care for that physical body, to keep it safe, and to keep it clean and free from anything that would hamper its proper growth, its proper thinking abilities, and its proper attitudes. If such a situation occurs where one finds himself responsible for the crossing over of another, that is a situation one must learn to live with and grow through that experience and not let it be, shall we say, a deterrent to growth. At times there are those individuals who can grow tremendously from such an experience, and they should be thankful for that opportunity. There is always the opportunity to correct and make amends for things that were not handled right or done properly, even in such situations where one may be responsible for the transition of another.

Questioner: Yes. In other words, both entities involved agreed to the situation the time it transpired?

The Council: In most cases, yes. Mainly there is a lesson to be learned by those who remain, and the experience is for good and for benefit of all involved providing the understanding has been acquired. If not, then it was for no good reason.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Activity of the brain during a psychic experience

In this short quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they give some insight into what happens within the brain of someone who is about to have a psychic experience. Perhaps those of you who have had this kind of experience yourselves can elaborate on what The Council presents here.

Questioner: In Trance #12 you state that "psychic abilities are mere mechanical actions of the body." Can you explain how this is a mere physical action? What's the triggering device, etc.?

The quote is, "The psychic ability of an individual is a mere mechanical action of the body as is being discovered presently." And we wanted to know can you explain how this is a mere physical action and what is the triggering device, etc.?

The Council: The bringing into play of the psychic ability is brought about through, shall we say, what is called a short-circuiting of the two lobes of the brain. This is a physical action. If those that have the ability to investigate such things were to attempt to search this out they would begin to see this is a happening that is consistent. Now the short-circuiting which is the mechanical function is brought about not by the physical itself but is brought about by the attitude that is instigated. So then the triggering is nothing but being a physical action that is in reference to the short-circuiting of the right and left lobe of the brain. This short-circuiting is initiated by the attitude of the entity in question or the entity that wishes to manifest the psychic abilities. If one could truly understand the process involved, if one could truly explain it in words that would be understandable, if one would truly try to think out a psychic experience, what one would discover would be a, quick flash of the desire to do something psychically. Then there would be the short-circuiting of the two lobes of the brain that would then attune and sensitize the physical for reception. And if one could be so sensitive as to follow this whole process, there would be an instantaneous thought which would trigger the short-circuiting which would become apparent through a, shall we say, snap in the head or an intense expansion feeling and then the information would begin to flow.

Questioner: But why can't everyone do this? I've wanted and tried and nothing ever happens.

The Council: Some have chosen not to really use these natural abilities of the soul. And just because you physically feel that you want to do this, does not necessarily mean that deep within your soul you want to.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Premonitions - How they occur

In this quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they give us an analogy that demonstrates how a premonition comes to us. At the end of this discussion they give us some of the keys to the physical activity of time that allows these psychic events to occur.

The Council: We see the possibility, a strong possibility, that there would be a need of an explanation on possibly how the psychic experience occurs, especially those pertaining to the precognitive nature, and we may give this in an analogy, so that it may be better understood.

Suppose an individual were to walk to the top of a high hill and take a look at the surroundings around, and one were to see a small bay at the bottom of this hill and from this bay extended a, shall we say, a small river inland, and there is a small boat that is in the bay and decides to go upstream up the small river. Now the river makes a large curve around the foot of this high hill; and an individual standing on the top looks down. He sees the small boat enter the stream or the small river, and as it progresses onward ahead, it slowly but surely begins to move around the bend in the river. Now this bend may be of a radius, say, a mile or so and in length may be at least a third of a circle. Now the individual on top of the hill can see the full travel or full path of the small boat, entering the mouth of the river at the bay, and as the boat progresses onward and onward it can see its eventual end or the point in which the boat is moving towards. There is a small village here at the far end of the river, quite some distance from the mouth or from the bay.

The people on the dock of this small village cannot see the boat coming, but the gentleman or the individual on top can see the full travel of the boat from its position on the bay to its entrance at the mouth of the river and on through its entire journey. One may look upon a psychic experience as something in the same manner that that one which is having a precognitive psychic experience, shall we say, projects himself or herself above space and time and is able to view a scene long before others are capable of seeing it. Just as the man on top of the hill can see the travel of the boat long before the individuals at the small village who are standing on the dock waiting for its arrival. Now if this individual at the moment that the small boat enters into the mouth of the river, if this individual were to telephone down to the village and say that possibly in a half hour or in an hour the boat will arrive, this could be likened in some way to a precognitive psychic experience.

Now mind you this is an analogy, but it is fairly close. The difference is that the experience is an extension or an expansion of the consciousness, in which the consciousness can bypass time as is understood. It strikes a chord across the arc and reaches the point before the consciousness does, before the world does, before time does, before the material existence does. So in effect the consciousness is able to expand beyond the realm of time as you know it. Taking into consideration in some other information that we have given, time is related to convexed surfaces or, shall we say, arcs, and convexed curves. Possibly with this explanation one would begin to have a somewhat greater understanding or at least a far better understanding as taking into consideration the capabilities of the conscious mind and the perception of the physical consciousness.

In our next presentation The Council talks about the activity of the brain that triggers psychic activity.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Healing Power of Animals Part 2

In the second part of The Council's discussion on pets they give some insight into the psychic abilities of animals and a severe warning to those who abuse animals. I have a friend who told me a story about her illness that demonstrates clearly how sensitive animals can be.

My friend, Pam and her husband, Bill found a young dog at the side of the road one rainy, cold day. They could not leave it so they brought it home with the intention of finding a suitable person to take him. As you can imagine the little fellow grew on them and soon became the third member of the family. The dog, Sammy, became much closer to Bill than to Pam. While Bill was at work Sammy was outside chasing squirrels and rabbits or just lying in whatever spot he found most pleasing.

After a year or two, Pam developed a severe problem in her lower back. It became so painful that she had to sleep on the floor. While awaiting surgery she found that even during the day it was necessary to lie on the floor to receive any comfort. Immediately Sammy lay down beside her. If she turned on her side, Sammy cuddled up next to her, putting his warm body against the area that hurt. Sammy would not leave her at any time. He would not go to his food and water bowl. He would not even go outside to do his business. Bill had to pick him up and carry him outside. As soon as he did his business, he immediately ran back to Pam's side. Bill had to bring the food and water bowls over to where Pam was lying.

After the surgery, Sammy lay beside Pam's bed day and night. When she went out on the porch to get some afternoon sun, Sammy stayed right at her feet. If ANYONE approached her besides her husband he immediately moved between them and her and made a sound that definitely said, "Don't come any closer. She's under my protection."

In a few weeks Pam was healing quite well and back to her normal activities. As this occurred Sammy went back to his normal activities, chasing squirrels and rabbits, paying no attention to Pam at all, just as he had done in the past. He seemed to realize that his special giving of love, his task was completed.

The Council's thoughts on pets and healing:

Questioner: When an individual is sick and they have a pet and their pet stays close to them throughout the whole sickness, is this a sign that maybe the pet is being used by someone to help with the healing?

The Council: It could be, but you must remember that a pet does have feelings; it does have emotions; it may not be able to think as, how shall we put it, it may not be able to think as logically or as analytically as the human mind can, but it does know, it can think, it is not just purely an instinctual reaction; animals are quite psychic, and they know when there is a sickness, and they also know that their life form or their soul or their spiritual state is for the betterment of mankind, so those animals who stay near their masters during times of sickness is a sign of their willingness to give of their energies for their master's benefit. So instead of eating the animal the animal is willingly loaning or giving its life forces to its master; wherein an animal such as a cow or what have you, man must eat that animal for his sustenance, for his means of nourishing his body. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, I do. When domesticated animals that we are responsible for are uncared for or abused, like some individuals have dog fights and so forth, and these animals die and go back to the central stockpile, does the abuse that they suffered here have an effect that diminishes the quality of the stockpile?

The Council: No, but it does diminish the quality of those individuals who participate in such ghastly forms of entertainment. Care should be exercised for in their next lifetime, if they have that opportunity, they may find themselves impaled on a bed of spikes as just punishment for the abuse of a spiritual source that should be uplifting and fulfilling for man.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Healing Power of Animals Part 1

In the next two postings William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, discusses animals and healing. They also point out that a person's attitudes towards animals can give insight into the quality of that person's soul.

The Council: If you have a friend or a relative who is ailing and lonely and you give him a gift of an animal and it brings him joy and something to look forward to, you are in a sense giving them a healing. This also can be carried to an actual physical healing.

There is much to be said for those who love pets or animals. There have been many situations where the desire to fulfill the responsibility that one has to a pet has brought that individual the healing necessary to give that individual the additional time to fulfill that responsibility and also beyond that time necessary.
There are instances where there can be, shall we say, a soothing effect by animals themselves that would assist in a healing in a physical sense or what have you, but an animal itself can not actually heal per se. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Just so none of you are, shall we say, hoodwinked into thinking that there are healing cats or dogs that walk around. Continue.

Questioner: Then you might be saying that animals themselves help us in our spiritual progression?

The Council: Absolutely.

Questioner: Is it at all reciprocal? Do they have a spiritual progression and do we help them?

The Council: No. They come from a central stockpile of spiritual existence that is for man's development and growth. In other words it is a central stockpile of spiritual energy that continually remanifests in the material for the service of mankind, but mankind must assume the responsibility for that animal or for that amount of spiritual energy as it manifests into an animal in the material form. Man has a responsibility to the well-being of any domesticated animal.

There are times when the love that you give to an animal can make it, shall we say, permanent. It can give a dimension to that form or that amount of spiritual energy that would be somewhat equivalent to a soul. In other words, instead of that energy returning then to the central stockpile of spiritual energy it is held out so that it has an individual state of existence for your use at a future time or for your comfort at a future time, but in no way should animals be abused. The way an individual treats an animal can sometimes be a very good sign of the state of their soul, and also compare the way some individuals treat an animal as opposed to them treating another individual and this can also be a good determining factor in the state of their soul or this can be a factor that you use in determining the state of their soul.

In the second part of The Council's discussion on pets they will give some insight into the psychic abilities of animals and a severe warning to those who abuse animals.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Living Essence of All

This is one of my favorite quotes from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. I believe that it expresses, as well as I can understand it, the expanse of God's creation how each of us fit into it and the total love that He has for each of His creations. It is short but I think almost poetic. Also, for me, it touches the soul.

The Council:

God is the living essence of all that is created spiritual and material, and as this essence you simply feed off of it, you are suspended in this ocean of love, in this universe of love, you are similar to a beautiful goldfish in a bowl, but a bowl that is so tremendous that it encompasses all that is ever and ever will be created, and each of you are capable of having your own universe to work in. You cannot live or exist in any place without touching the life-giving love of the Infinite Father.

As a beautiful piece of needlepoint or tapestry is developed, it is first constructed from a backing, the stitches are placed very precisely in certain places in this backing, and as time progresses then a beautiful picture is formed and the backing is completely covered. You are the beautiful stitches; the backing that holds those stitches together is the Divine: that is the basis of the tapestry, the stitches are of no value without the backing, but the backing has a value for anyone else who wishes to apply their stitches to it. The foundation is always the necessity.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Quartz Crystals – Part 6 – Tree Hugging - Energy Transference

Questioner: I guess some Indians used to believe or still do that they could hug a tree and get energy that way.

The Council: Well, certainly, everything has a field of energy, and all living things are quite capable of transferring healthy, productive energy to each other. If a stone can do it, certainly anything living can. Now, what interpretation you put on that tree or that flower as to the spirit and the energy that makes it truer to what is as opposed to something commercial. Do you understand?

Questioner: I think so.

The Council: If you think that tree has a unique spirit, such as you do, or there is a life that is unique such as yours in that tree, then you have been reading too many fairy tales. But if you realize that there is a life in that tree that is part of all of creation, and that life, that spirit, that force, can add to your own living spirit and force, if you think that you wish to transfer energy by hugging a tree, by all means do it. But simply leaning up against the tree or coming within the field of that tree, the energy field of that tree, would do as much. Now, if you want to take that even a step further by hugging the tree, and we hesitate really going into this in too much detail, you are making a more direct contact and transference, and since that tree is alive, yet not alive in the same way you are, there is a change or an exchange of life forces that is far more unique and far more positive and beneficial than one might suspect. Since all vegetation is living, when you show a good feeling to a tree or to a flower, you are revitalizing its life, just as it is revitalizing you.

Now, to take it to an exaggerated example, (do you understand?), this is an exaggerated example, so be cautious with what we are about to say, instead of fertilizing a tree with proper nutrients, by hugging it you may be able to do the same thing, since there is a positive transfer of life forces and energy. Since the tree is alive, your good will and your love for that tree might be enough nutrient for that tree's life. Now, we used a very absurd example and it is not to be taken literally, but to show you the interrelationship, we used such an example. By all means, fertilize your plants.

All: (Laughter)

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quartz Crystals – Part 5 – Comparing energy fields of crystals and living things.

Questioner: I don't know if I can make this clear or not. Technically, how does this energy or vibration from rocks work? That makes one different from the other?

The Council: It is a part of creation! Why is it that you have a field, an energy field? Because you are made up of the elements, and every element is really, when torn down to its basic essential, is a form of electricity. So is the stone. And depending on what elements constitute that stone depends on the field or energy field that emanates from it. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, so far. Accepting the fact of the quartz crystal as the best combination, as far as stones go, is there anything else in creation like oak wood as opposed to pine? I am just trying to get a grasp on how this all works.

The Council: Well, when you talk about wood, you are talking about a life force, and a life force or something that is actually living and growing in the same sense that the physical body does or at some commonality there, that is a different situation altogether. You see, stones or gems, they come into being in an entirely different way. It is energy and pressure and force and power that creates them. It is erosion and transferences of elements that create them. Where something such as wood is created, well, for a simple remark, from a homogenized or homogeneous process or base line. Do you understand?

Questioner: Not the last part.

The Council: With the stones or what have you, you have a more unique form of creation or it is more, the elements there are more unique or isolated. Where you as a living being contain a far greater collection of elements, the same as anything that is living, whether it be a tree or an animal or a flower or what have you. There is a greater composition there, a greater need for a baseline of a homogeneous state or condition for development or growth.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Quartz Crystals - Part 4 - Cleaning your stones?

Questioner: Cleaning your crystals. Do they need to be cleansed?

The Council: Well, if you drop it in a mud puddle, rinse it off with water.

All: (Laughter)

The Council: Now, we made that statement not for the humor, although we hoped that there would be some humor appreciated.

There is no such thing as cleaning any sort of gemstone or stone. By nature they are clean; they are neutral; they are pure. It is what an individual attempts to do with it that may in some people's mind cause it to be negative or dirty, but the real cleaning should come with the person who attempted to use such things in such a manner. Those items, gemstones, what have you, are not negative; they are not positive. They have a specific purpose, and if you use them as they are supposed to be used, you will gain from it. If you try to corrupt it, you will corrupt yourself. Do you understand what we are saying?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: Save your energies as far as trying to clean or cancel out a stone. You cannot do it because it is the stone itself. Very well.

Questioner: I was also going to ask about the cleaning, but some of the books I have read say that you should have one crystal for this and one crystal for that. Isn't it possible just to have one crystal to be used for all purposes?

The Council: Yes. It would not be a very commercial field if you could have one crystal that served all purposes. Now, each stone can and does offer specific properties. But as we said, if there was just one stone or precious stone that you would pick or should pick, it would be the quartz crystal. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes. Thank you. I appreciate it.

The Council: You must remember, man will always try to commercialize on anything and everything. And it is the wise man who sees through that fallacy very quickly, and, of course, "wise man" means wise women, too. So, do not be fooled by all that you read and hear. Use a little common sense. Look at it this way: A stone is a stone. No matter what you do to it, it is still a stone. No matter what its properties are, it is still a stone. And if the property offers good health or a supplement to good health, then it is going to do that. And if you have one that offers good health or properties or amplifies good health and you have another one that amplifies good health and a good mind, aren't they really connected, when you stop to think about it? So, if you want to be very particular, then pick the stone that offers good mind and good health; then you are covering both ends. But if you pick the stone that offers good health, in order to have good health, you have to have a good mind. So, it is six of one and half a dozen of the other. That is why we had suggested that the quartz crystal is probably the most universal of all the crystals as far as helping. It helps physically; it helps spiritually; and it helps emotionally. And if you have help on three areas, what more do you need? If you have help just spiritually, it will take care of the other two areas. If it helps spiritually and emotionally, then you certainly know the physical end will improve. If it were just to help from the physical end, before the physical end can improve the emotional end has to improve, and before the emotional end improves, the spiritual has to improve. So you see, they are all connected.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Quartz Crystals – Part 3 - How to select your personal stone, care and maintenance

The Council tells us how to select our own personal quartz crystal. They also tell us about the energy fields of the stone and the difference between clear stones and ones with imperfections. Lastly, they talk about double terminated quartz crystals.

Questioner: Is there a specific way to pick out a crystal that is going to work for you?

The Council: Yes. Simply touch it and see what your feelings are. That is the best way. If you feel, when you touch a stone, that it has something that it is offering you, then that affirms it, that makes it so. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: It can be or it is possible that, say you were to take a dozen different quartz crystals. You may touch all twelve of them and feel nothing, yet all twelve of them have a field or an energy field that they are emanating, and just because you cannot feel it does not mean it does not exist. The size is probably the biggest factor. It only stands to reason that the larger the stone and the clearer the stone, the more potent it will be. Now, when it comes to smaller stones, do not worry about the clarity of the stone, but worry more about what you feel from them. The clarity is influential only to the degree that it would focus its energy in a narrower range or in a more direct line. Those crystals that are cloudy or have feathers in them or what some refer to as impurities will have the same influence as a clear stone of equal weight or size. The difference is, those with the impurities or the flaws or the feathers in, their energy field is not directed. It emanates in a more general pattern. For an individual's purpose, general use, it makes no difference. If you were to attempt to use a quartz crystal for a specific purpose, whatever that may be, it may be more advisable then to get one that is clear. Has that answered the question?

Questioner: It answers that one and brings up another one.

The Council: Very well.

Questioner: Is it more important to have a double terminated crystal for the energy to flow both in and out?

The Council: No, no. The energy is there period. By the very nature of the crystal, it is there. The energy that is enhanced, how can we put it so it would be understandable, energy flows into and through the crystal. It does not have an entrance point and an exit point, although, as we said, a clear crystal will have a more narrow field of energy. One may look at it in this term, a clear crystal will have an oval field where one that is not as clear will have a circular field of energy. Do you see the difference?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: But there is no entrance or exit of any energy. It flows through the entire crystal. That concept does not agree with what some people feel, but that is their problem.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quartz Crystals - Meditation and Healing - Part 2

Quartz Crystals – Part 2 - Here William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, discusses quartz crystals and meditation. They also tell us the best stone for healing.

Questioner: Is there any positive usage in quartz crystals as a meditative tool?

The Council: Again, this is more of a placebo effect, although in a situation like that there is the element for a more fertile or positive ground to be established in that a quartz crystal is actually a form of an amplifier. It generates its own field of energy, and if that field of energy is brought in contact with the physical body and the thought processes are part of that physical body, for some individuals it may increase the potency of the meditation or it may increase the effects of the meditation. This depends a lot or mainly, shall we say, on the individual's feelings and true beliefs about such things as quartz crystals. But to relegate their properties only to a specific or short or limited field does them an injustice. If you realize that everything has a vibratory field or rate and that field can be utilized in certain situations, if you are willing to accept that, then you realize that a quartz crystal has its own field. Realizing that the quartz crystal is a somewhat more unique element or stone or what have you than some of the others, it can act as an amplifier.

If your thoughts lie on the physical repair of the body in meditation, then this by putting it in proximity of the body or on the body or what have you can help to intensify the meditation or make the meditation more powerful or potent. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes. That brings up another question. Are quartz crystals more helpful in healing than some of the other stones?

The Council: The quartz crystal is probably all around the more productive of the stones. It is a specific generator or let us say, it specifically generates a field of energy, where we cannot say that with that intensity when it comes to other gems or stones. If you were to have a choice of only one stone, we would suggest that the overall stone would be a quartz crystal. If you had your choice of two stones, then we would suggest the quartz crystal and the lapis.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Value of Quartz Crystals - Part 1

This is the first of a six part series on gemstones and in particular a detailed discussion of the value of quartz crystals. In this first part, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us some general information about quartz crystals and how they can help us. They also point out a stone that can help with tension.

The Council: All gemstones or stones have a value to the human body; they emanate certain magnetic fields or electronic fields or electromagnetic fields that are beneficial to a physical body.

Questioner: I don't want you, Council, to repeat yourself. I am wondering if you have not spoken of quartz crystals before if you could give us a few thoughts, a few sentences at this time. Would that be appropriate?

The Council: We will limit what we have to say about them. We would prefer not to, how shall we put it, if we are conservative in what we say, then there is less opportunity for fanaticism to crop up. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Quartz crystals, now quartz crystals, the clear type, the true quartz crystal, which is similar to the appearance of a diamond, not nearly as clear, but it does have a glass appearance to it; these will emanate a vibration that can help to, as a general healing aid, in this way or in this manner, it emanates an energy that is attuned to the body so that by using such a gemstone, it can add a little more vitality or energy to the body. When one is particularly tired, possession of such a stone, rubbed in the hands or held in the hands or rubbed across the forehead, can add a degree of energy or vitality. With an individual who has been ailing and is somewhat weakened, the stone can also add energy as far as that goes so that the body has a little more vitality to it than it would in its normal state. In some individuals, if they are of right mind, it can also influence higher thought or more, shall we say, etheric thought or thought that has less to do with the material desires of man's nature.

With an individual who would be hyperactive, we would not recommend the constant carrying of such a stone. For that type of individual such a stone should only be used if the physical body is ailing. Is that sufficient?

Questioner: That is very helpful, thank you.

Questioner: Just to clarify, you said "hyperactive." Do you mean that word literally and that does not take in hypertensive?

The Council: Hyperactive children in particular are what we were referring to. That tendency goes into adulthood. An individual who may be under a great deal of strain or stress, we would not suggest the use of that stone.

Questioner: May I ask if there would be another stone that would be beneficial for the high-strung individual who would be under stress?

The Council: For a person under a great deal of stress or tension, what is normally referred to as a moonstone or a white quartz. It often resembles, when polished, a translucent egg shell color or in some cases it can be a much whiter or pearl color. The common moonstone that children find in general quarries would be this particular type of stone we are referring to. In its unpolished state, it is a dull chalky white. In its polished state, it can have what appears to be fractures in it that would give a certain degree of translucent or opalescent color to it. Maintaining that on the body will bring some soothing effects to an individual. Playing with it or rubbing it in the hands, toying with it, will also increase that effect. Rubbed across the forehead and in the back of the head at the base of the skull at the top of the neck, the stone rubbed across that area, from left to right or right to left as opposed to up and down, will also add some soothing effects.

In regards to what we refer to as the common moonstone or cloudy quartz or white quartz, they go by a number of different names, it should, when used as a tension reliever or a calmer of stress, it should be in its polished state, as opposed to its natural state.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Prayer - A Final Comment

In this, the last of the ten part series on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council sums up the series.

The Council: We hope this day we have provided you with some information that will give you a broader view of your own personal abilities and the activity of prayer. We hope with this insight that you will think on it and use it to release more power than you have ever dreamed possible. Each of you are capable of miraculous healings, whether they are physical healings, spiritual healings, emotional healings, prayer for growth in any manner, regardless of what you pray for, you are capable of having those prayers answered miraculously. We hope by what we have shared with you this evening, this day, you will begin to think about this and begin to realize that when you look into your mirrors, what you see there is not the real you but only a small segment of the real true you, that deep within your eyes as you look into that mirror you can sense that you are far greater than that small existing fragment of creation that you see reflected back. Look at yourselves, all of you, as great healers, great creators, and look at yourselves as the sons and daughters of the Almighty God, that as His children you are heir to all of what He is and all that He has. We thank you all, and we pray that your days be filled with peace and an inner joy that you have never experienced before. May the rest of your life be filled with a silence of happiness and a silent joy that causes you always to look upward. We thank you.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 9 - Group Prayer

In this next to last posting on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council discusses group prayer.

Questioner: When people pray as a group, does that group create a stronger entity?

The Council: Let us put it in these terms, generally, generally, it is only as strong as its weakest participant. Yet, again, that weakest participant may be there in that group as a vehicle for the others to learn. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: One should never exclude a weak prayer person from a group. That group may be losing its greatest opportunity.

Questioner: How can the group learn from the individual? I can see how the individual can learn from the group. I don't see the reverse.

The Council: In just one aspect it may be a great lesson in discipline for that group. Discipline in the aspect of exercising more prayer or a continuation of prayer. It also may be a learning vehicle for that group to realize that just because that individual is not capable of the same quality they should not be excluded. This would tend to give the others an opportunity to become involved with their own personal egotism or self-worth or value. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: And possibly it might do the group good to pray for that individual to be able to gain greater strength in their prayer habits and prayer abilities. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: Very well.

Questioner: If there is a group of people that is praying for a specific thing and it is like a chain and someone honestly forgets, would that break the chain at all? If it wasn't their intention to forget?

The Council: Well, there could be many factors that come into play, but if it were truly simply a matter of forgetting, and such situations can come into existence, then it does not really break the chain, but the one who forgets then must answer to themselves very honestly whether it was simply an accident.

Questioner: Is there such a thing as making up for forgetting a prayer?

The Council: Oh well, the human form and the human consciousness is all too often guilty of rationalization. Does that answer your question?

Questioner: No, not really.

The Council: Think about it. It does.

Questioner: Talking about group prayer, in the Scriptures there is that part that says that if two or more are joined together and agree on touching something, then it will be done. Something to that effect. This leads one to believe that perhaps group prayer somehow is stronger than if all the individuals were praying for the same thing separately. Is there any particular power to group prayer that adds something more than what each individual adds?

The Council: As we said, group prayer is only as strong as its weakest prayer person. What it does do that individual prayer does not is that it helps to fortify all the individuals involved on a conscious level, thus it has a bearing on the inner awareness or the inner levels of that individual giving themselves, shall we say, more confidence as a part of the whole or as them being part of the whole. The burden of responsibility does not fall solely on one individual, but all will then share equally in the success or failure. Now, that is speaking from the aspect of the individuals in a group prayer situation. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: When one is no longer worried about the failure or their inability, then the full potential of that individual's soul then can be released. It is based on their strength of faith in what they are doing. So as part of a whole group then they have less fear of personal failure. If the prayer does not come about, they can always say in their minds, "Well, I did my share. It must have been somebody else." So when the responsibility of failure then is removed, they can more freely open themselves up. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, I see.

The Council: So in a sense for some individuals group prayer is very good.

Questioner: Thank you.

The Council: None of you should avoid becoming part of any prayer group. It is always beneficial to all those concerned. It also shows that you realize that it is not your abilities alone that are responsible for the answering of prayer. So you acknowledge your proper place in a prayer situation. So such things are good for all concerned.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 8 - Pain

In this eighth of the ten part series on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives further information on what they term as “prayer of activity.” In these examples the activity is a little different than what might normally be thought of as activity.

Questioner: When you said "prayer of activity," I get the idea that that should be charitable activity. What about offering pain or discomfort or maybe just even a boring task that you have to do, can you offer those things up in the same way?

The Council: Well, pain, a painful situation, suffering that one must endure can be offered up as an activity of prayer providing one is assuming that pain or accepting that pain in a humble manner. Do you understand?

Questioner: Well, not really because if I am in pain, I don't feel that I have any choice at that moment but to accept it.

The Council: Well, that is true, you accept it, but it is the attitude in which you accept it. Do you accept it begrudgingly saying, "This is all God's fault," or do you say, "I have this pain and it is here for a reason, and I am learning from it and thank God that I am; it could be worse"? You see, offering pain up with that attitude is very beneficial. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Also, a boring activity. If you are doing something, fulfilling your responsibility, say a responsibility of tending to a member of your family, an elderly member of your family, if you are tending to them completely or properly, even though you are bored to death with it and would rather do something else, but your persistence in it and your accepting that responsibility, if those activities with that attitude then are offered up as a form of prayer, then they are very acceptable. Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: There are so many ways to offer up good, powerful prayers that it would amaze you if you would just simply stop to think. There are so many ways of praying, but it is the attitude that you maintain during that process of prayer. Now, commonly people think of prayer as words or thoughts but activities are just as strong a prayer form as words are. Get up in the morning, each of you, and sit on the edge of your bed and say to yourselves, "I am going to do something good today." Give yourself a wide open pathway. Just say you are going to do something good today, and then see to it by the end of that day before you return to bed that you have done just one thing good, even a little thing good, then offer that day up as a form of prayer, a form of active prayer, for whomever may need it, whether it is someone you know or someone you do not know, it is every bit as strong and useful as someone saying prayers, verbal prayer. A good prayer, regardless of what form it takes, is not judged by the form that brings it into being.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 7 - Prayer for disasters

In this part on prayer, William LePar’s source, The Council, are talking about situations that need more effort in the form of prayer than what is normally required such as prayer for Mother Earth or for those who have suffered from major disasters of any kind.

Questioner: If you get stagnant in your prayer and say the same thing over and over, does that have any effect on the outcome of it if your intentions are still good?

The Council: If the intentions and the emotions can be kept fresh, then one will not become stagnant. If one finds themselves simply mimicking words, then it is time to change the words, time to begin to look at yourself to see whether your intentions are still there and not just developing a habit, although prayer is a good habit, it can become weakened in its strength if it is not kept fresh and new.

Questioner: You mentioned that some situations need a great deal of prayer because of barriers placed in the way of that prayer. Are these barriers from the individual that is the object of the prayer or are they objects from other sources?

The Council: When an extremely large amount of prayer is needed, now we are talking about over an extended period of time, when a condition like that exists it is generally because outside forces are attempting to undermine the prayer, that power that is being exerted. So what is necessary then is a constant revitalization of that power. In some cases, it can be to such a severe extent that to keep the status quo, just to keep the status quo or the situation as it is from deteriorating to a worse condition, much or great amounts of prayer are needed. But there are outside forces that can undermine prayer. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Does it also answer a situation?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Very well.

Questioner: Is there any kind of prayer that can be said that can break down these barriers that are formed?

The Council: Sometimes conditions exist where only a situation can be slowed in its deterioration. Do you understand what we said? "Can only be slowed in its deterioration."

Questioner: I don't understand. What can be slowed?

The Council: In the example we used before where a level, the status quo, is maintained, the situation is only maintained. There are situations where the condition can only be slowed down from becoming worse even though greater amounts of prayer are being put out. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: In situations like that you usually find an unusual condition, and when such conditions do exist there are many facets that are involved that most generally go beyond the conscious awareness of those involved or the situation as it can be observed, but one should always maintain heart and continue in prayer.

Next week: In this eighth of the ten part series on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives further information on what they term as “prayer of activity.” In these examples the activity is a little different than what might normally be thought of as activity.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 6 - Prayers of Activity

In this selection from one of our files on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us the key to a powerful prayer and also insight into what they call “prayers of activity.”

Questioner: Also, what if our prayer is just a fleeting thought of good intention instead of maybe a formal prayer or a half-hour of informal prayer, is it still effective or not as good as if we take more time?

The Council: It is still effective and still the same quality as hours of prayer. It is the intention, not the length of time nor the place, it is the intention. A prayer or let us say a form of prayer that is too often overlooked is a prayer of activity. If there is someone who needs prayer whether it is for a physical healing or what have you, you can offer a prayer of activity for that individual. You can go out and do some good for another soul or another individual and simply say that that good activity that you are doing, the purpose or the intention of doing that is to benefit that individual who may need a healing. So you are offering up your activities for the benefit of someone else. So that you can tend to an invalid who cannot feed themselves, you can do a good deed by volunteering your services to help feed that individual and then do that with the intention of that goodness being offered up for another individual who is ailing, so you are killing two birds with one stone. Both of them, we may say, very good ammunition, very good activity. So you are actually getting two for the price of one.

Questioner: So it wouldn't be bad to do something like that all the time knowing that you are trying to get two goods out of one?

The Council: Well, every once in a while there are bargain days.

Questioner: I can help someone at the hospital every day with other intentions. Would that be wrong?

The Council: If you are volunteering your effort, no. If it is part of your duty, then that becomes an "iffy" situation. Then it would be determined on the quality of actual physical labor involved and also possibly the quantity. Now, one can offer up their entire day of activity as a form of prayer, providing your intentions for that day is to accomplish some good, but if you are just offering your everyday day up for a form of prayer, it hardly would be suitable. You must have a specific goal of achievement in the area of good for that day. Now, you notice we said goal of achievement, we did not say that you had to achieve, but you have to have the intentions of achieving. That is why at this time it is the heart's desire. If the desire is strong enough, you will overcome or accomplish whatever your goal is. Given enough time you will accomplish it, if the desire is there. That is why at this time under this New Dispensation, under this new segment of this spiritual cycle, it is the intention of the heart. You may try for days , weeks, months, or years to accomplish something and never succeed, but a true heart's desire with continuation, the effort constantly put forth, you will eventually achieve that goal. Given enough time you will achieve it. But suppose an individual comes to a realization of such a goal too late in life and they do not have the time, should they be denied their rights of accomplishment simply because the realization came too late when they were able, even at a late date, to instigate a sincere desire? No, they are not deprived of the accomplishments; it is automatically accredited to them. This is very clearly stated in Scripture dealing with the laborers of the vineyard who were hired in the first part of the day and the last part of the day. They were all paid equally. Certainly, good sense would tell you that one hired in the first part of the day would put forth much more production and effort than the one hired in the last part of the day, yet they all received equal pay. What is Scripture telling you? It is the desire not the final product. Your world limits you beyond your ability to control at times, so because of consequences or circumstances beyond your control should you be denied an accomplishment? No. When you are speaking of spiritual achievements and gains, you are never denied their accomplishments, if you have sincerely tried. Now, as to the time of lengthy prayer. There are cases where many, many hours must be spent in prayer to achieve even the slightest effect. Why is this? Is it because the individual being prayed for refuses to accept the prayer or only accepts part of it? No, in most cases of vigilant prayer it is because the individuals who are praying need the discipline. Now, we said in most cases. There are some cases that need great amounts of prayer. There are some situations for a healing to come about need tremendous amounts of prayer because there are many, how shall we put it, many barriers placed in line of those prayers that prevent the power from moving as fast or in its full potential as it was originally directed. Very well.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 5

In this Q & A with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, we are given insight into how prayers may help souls that we have never known.

Questioner:  What happens when you are praying for someone and you pray
what you think is best for them, but it is not really best for them?  Is there any
harm done in that?

The Council:  No, as long as your intentions are that it is for their well-being.

Questioner:  If a group prays for an individual soul and the soul does not really
want the healing, what happens to those prayers?

The Council:  They simply go to those individuals that may need prayer that have
no one to pray for them.

Questioner:  Would it be a good idea for an individual once in a while to say a
prayer for nobody in particular but for anybody that maybe doesn't have anyone
praying for them?

The Council:  Certainly, that is a very wise idea.  There are many souls, many
individuals, who are suffering and need prayer and there is no one to pray for
them, except those who on occasion think of those who have no one. Adding to
what we have said before about those individuals who do not accept the prayer
that has been sent to them. It is possible that they will hold that prayer or that
power in reserve for a future time when they may need it more or at a time when
 it would be more appropriate to accept that power or that prayer.  It is up to the
individual who is involved or who is the center of the prayer intentions.

Questioner:  So if you are praying for someone and that individual does not want
that prayer at that particular time, it is not sent to someone that needs it, that
individual can hold it and use it another time?

The Council:  The individual will not hold it on a selfish basis but will only hold it
if it would be useful at a more appropriate time.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Then at such time that prayer will be used. It actually is in effect at
that very moment that it is sent.  It is then being processed or utilized for that
future date.  No soul will just hang onto a bundle of prayers.  Even, shall we say,
the worst individual now on the face of the earth, if that individual were prayed
for and they wanted no prayer help at all, even though that may be the most
despicable person on the face of the earth, at a soul level they would not hang
onto those prayers.  They would, by their nature of creation, allow those prayers
to go to those who need them. 

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 4

Here William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, talks about miraculous healings. In the first question, the questioner is referring to an incident from the life of Jesus.

Questioner:  The woman that had the issue of blood for so many years and had such a strong belief that if she touched Jesus's robe she would be healed, and according to what we are told when she touched His robe, He felt the energy flow forth from Him and she was healed.  I have a few problems because she believed so strongly and was healed, and yet I do understand and follow what you are telling us?

The Council:  Well, when individuals bring their consciousness up to the quality that Jesus Christ had such things will be very commonplace. Now, that does not mean that instantaneous healings cannot take place now or that they do not take place.  There you are talking about a dynamic situation that is brought about for a purpose far beyond the healing of just one individual.  Now, it is true that each of you can muster such power, but what will you really learn from such activities?  At first, you will be astounded, amazed, and possibly you will go beyond that point and become more aware of what is really in process.  In most cases, one will go from being astounded and amazed to boredom at such commonplace activities or else become so involved in the dynamics of the situation or the phenomena itself that they will go on a very dangerous ego trip. They may even go to the point of becoming involved with spiritual egotism which is an extremely dangerous trap.  It is far better for the average individual to undergo a healing gradually than to be a part of a miraculous healing; one has time to digest the activities involved with a slower healing or a more normal healing.  Again, this is not to say that you should not expect a miraculous healing or a dynamic event.  That is part of your right and that is part of your obligation, but because it does not come you should not lose faith.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes, thank you.

The Council:  Remember, instantaneous healings are signs to open eyes that have been closed.  Once the eyes are opened then the real work must begin. Far too often though the eyes are simply reclosed, never to have the opportunity to open again. 

True miraculous healings, now we are speaking of the true miraculous healing, not some showmanship trickery that is often pulled or some temporary hysteria, but we are talking about the full-fledged healing that can be truly documented.  It is simply that an individual has taken on an illness, for whatever reason, and has determined that at a particular time and in a particular way that illness will leave, even though it may not leave according to what man thinks the natural laws of it leaving would be.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  One can, and again, one can in mid-life, in mid-sickness, experience a true miraculous healing.  Did this come unexpectedly? Is this something that just happened at that time?  No, no, no. Life, your life, is not a matter of chance.  It did not just happen.  It was to happen by your own personal design and choice. Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes.  I am sorry.  Everything you say tonight makes more questions for me.

The Council:  Very well.  We have all the time in eternity.  That is the purpose of these get-togethers.  To answer questions.

Questioner:  If you are saying that miracle healings do happen and they are predetermined by our plan, more or less, that it is not an accident, would our plan ever be that we would have some terrible disease and go through a miraculous cure strictly to praise or glorify God, that would be our sole idea or to bring other people to God?  Would that ever be a reason?

The Council:  Yes, that could be one of many, many reasons.  You can bring glory to our Creator, to our God, in many ways, as a witness or a testimony through a miracle or as a show of your inner potential.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 3

In this bit of information from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they answer a question which I am sure most of us have asked many times: “Why was my prayer not answered, especially when I wanted it so badly and was so sure that it would be answered?” For some of us, it seems that our prayers are never answered.

Questioner:   Particularly in dealing with prayers for others, when we believe that we consciously believe that a particular prayer will be answered that we have done what we have felt with the conscious knowledge that we had at the time, that we had gone through those steps, and we really consciously believe that the prayer would be answered with almost a kind of a sense of joy, maybe a bouncing step, and then the prayer is not answered in the way it was asked. What is really taking place there?

The Council:  Again, you must remember there are things that exist that are beyond your ability to know about, and even though you are absolutely sure that the prayer will be answered and in time it appears as though it hasn't been, does not indicate that the prayer was not answered.  The prayer could very easily have
been answered but in an area that you are not aware of or are not capable of seeing.  In praying, one must keep in mind that you are praying for the wellness, the wholeness, of a situation and not just a segment that you are aware of.  You are praying for a wholeness.  So, therefore, when a prayer is sent out and it
appears as though it has not been answered, if the intentions were sincere, the prayer is answered; it is just your inability to see it.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes, I can follow what you are saying, but in what areas would the prayer be answered?  Do you want me to be specific, in an instance?

The Council:  There are many levels or conditions that exist in any situation that may need prayer.  Some of them are surface areas that can be easily recognized; they relate to the material manifestation itself or the material situation.  There are those areas that will stem off into the future from that condition as it is now, but there are also conditions that have brought that situation about.  An example, an individual is very sick.  The individual just did not get sick.  There were conditions that brought this sickness about, either emotions or lessons or what have you, that cannot really be classified as something solid or physical.  Because of that condition of ailment or sickness, there are things in the future that are directly related to that sickness that will
exist because of that state of sickness or will not exist if that state of sickness is removed.  Now, since none of you are isolated individuals where you exist in your own universe but are part of a far greater state of existence the common denominator from which you all perceive your state of existence must be served
in order to provide a consistency of creation.  In this situation then it is necessary to consider this, that when a prayer is not answered, regardless of how firm you felt it would be, it is answered but it may have been answered to heal a condition that would be affected by that illness in the future that you were not aware of or it may go back to a time previous to that illness in order to effect a condition to prevent that illness from becoming serious or more serious in the future.  Remember, you do not exist in a sixty second per minute state or a sixty minute per hour state.  You actually exist in a state of no time but in a state of observation. In
that true state then healings take place from point A to point B.  In the physical manifestation you cannot see either point A or point B but only see the point or the position between those points that you are presently at now.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 2

In this quote from William LePar’s Spiritual source, The Council, they discuss how specific a prayer needs to be and how best to approach specific and general types of prayer.

Questioner:  That would go along with the next question we had about how specific would you have to be to really be effective?  If you just had a loving intention or an intensely warm feeling towards an individual and their well-being, could that still have a positive effect or should that be stated for some specific aspect, some particular good happen to them?

The Council:  Well, a good intention is a good intention.  There are many times that you may want to pray for an individual and have no possible way of knowing what they may need.  The same purpose is served as if you did know exactly what was needed.  Why take a chance in a situation?  Pray for the well-being, and if you know any details then pray for the specific details.  Cover yourself from both ends.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes.  I still have a question as far as ...

The Council:  The same good will be served.  You do not have to become specific, but as we have said, be specific when you can, but it never hurts, even though you can be specific about a particular prayer, it never hurts to send out an overall blanket prayer.

Questioner:  I think a lot of times we have questions about, you say it is the intention that is the real driving force of the prayer.  We wonder if just our words or the way that it takes expression, at least in our minds or in the words that we say, whether that could help that prayer or hinder that prayer?

The Council:  It is good practice to be extremely specific in your prayer. This we have told you before.  Be as specific as you possibly can. This is good practice. This gives you inner fortification when a visual effect of that prayer comes into your awareness or the reality of that prayer comes into your awareness.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  We are also saying, along with being specific, it does not hurt to send out a blanket prayer.  In any case, the reason for us suggesting this is for your good more so than the individual that you are praying for.  "Your good" in this respect: that you become aware of the fact that you are limited and you are then opening the door to a greater power than yourself.  When you realize your proper place in any situation, then you open the door of opportunity to yourself and to that situation.  By realizing that you have a limitation, then you must, if your intentions are good, allow what you are lacking to be made up for by something greater than yourself, which, of course, we are referring to the Divine Creator Himself.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  So by praying for those things that you know are specific and then praying a blanket prayer, you are admitting to your situation which is limited in knowledge and experience and opening the door for those powers that you are capable of controlling and generating to be directed according to the Divine Will
whether it is the Infinite Father's Divine Will directly or that portion of the individual you are praying for that is part of the Divine Will for those things that are beyond your knowledge or awareness. 

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