Monday, January 30, 2023


 Generally, our quotes from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, are informative, enlightening and often inspiring. This one is informative and hopefully enlightening in a positive way. It is best if we know the enemy, as well as we, can so that we are well-armed.       

Questioner:  Could you please give me an understanding of Satan and his forces?

The Council:  Satan is the total collection of all the negativity that has ever existed, coming to a central focal point so that when it is necessary this negativity can actually manifest and develop into a form, whether it be the traditional pitchfork and red-suit or whether it be in an actual physical form.  Do not take Satan lightly.  In NO way should you be that foolish.  Satan is as real as you are, whether you look upon yourself as physical or spiritual.  As to his angels they are the individual entities who allow themselves the selfishness that create the darkness within.  Whether one thinks of Satan or his angels, be wise to know that it is real.  At this very moment if one of you were to allow themselves to be used as a channel for negativity, you could if that negativity were to desire, you could be responsible for an actual manifestation of a demon or what have you right within this room now.  Just because the light is in here does not mean that the darkness cannot be lurking by too.  So, when the Bible speaks of Satan, heed those words.  For there is a Satan; there is a Lucifer; there is a Devil.  But be wise to know too that it is the total negativity of all that there is.  This should not take away from its actual danger but should add to it. 

 Editor’s note: We will follow this quote with a series about Angels.

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Saturday, January 7, 2023

The Light of Day

 The Light of Day by Associate Denny Highben

This is being written in the morning hours of December 23, 2022, when I can see the light of day but not the sun. Here, as in much of our immediate world, we are experiencing the “cyclone bomb.” Its creation and approach had been announced for many days and now, finally, it is here.

No one should have been surprised. Whether you choose to say we were told or we were warned, it boils down to the same thing. (Ironic, don’t you think -- the use of the word “boils” when the wind chill has left “mere freezing” in the rearview mirror.)

The light of day comes through the obscurity imposed upon us by the forces of nature. It may seem weakened, but it is not; a little more focus may be required of us to understand the light, but it is there. Only dimmed by the forces of nature.

Belief, believe it or not, is a force of nature. Actually, it is the strongest force of nature. It is the primary resource, for lack of a better word, available to us in both the physical and spiritual worlds with which we must contend every moment of every day until moments and days are no more. It seems to me that is the crux, the essence, of William Allen LePar’s message: How we freely choose to use the awesome power of belief determines our tomorrows.

Through the years a lot of attention has been given to the so-called “psychic” or “spiritual” source which spoke through LePar during his extremely deep, catatonic-state trances. Simply, that source is known as The Council, a cooperative effort of souls. But it is so important to remember that, had he not chosen to be utilized in such a way, had he not believed strongly in the spiritual value of his service, he would not have done it. As The Council said in the very first trance communication preserved by SOL, they were brought forth by the spirit whose physical body they utilized to talk with the material world.

 When you think about beliefs, the mechanics of how belief works, a good source for that reflection can be found in what SOL calls “The Children’s Trance.” It is unique among all the communications because it was held specifically for the children of SOL Associates. The initial goal was to help LePar prepare for his first fully public trance, when the audience would be filled with strangers who were there primarily out of curiosity. That occurred in 1989, when SOL held The Million Word Celebration – more than a million words of dialogue with The Council had been received and preserved by then. But it turned out to be really so much more.

One child, in a child’s way of being direct, asked The Council: “Were Adam and Eve really made from dirt?”

In their answer, The Council utilized the natural process of a magnet attracting “a bunch of little metal chips around it.”  That is an excellent image for understanding the power of belief. Like those little chips of metal, what is attracted to us depends on what we believe, what we desire. Our “magnetic power,” so to speak, is the power of our spiritual essence, our divine nature. We attract elements of light to us by what we choose to believe. That process creates the presence for us to use as we move through physical life.

Those elements of light are attracted to us, become a part of us, solely on our belief in them and our desire for them. The less desire, the less belief, the less powerful the force of attraction. Free will is always maintained.

The opposite is also true. The spiritual elements of darkness, however, are another matter. Remember that what is above is below. Nature abhors a vacuum. If little or nothing exists by our choice to fill our little sphere of activity, something will occupy the vacancy. If it isn’t elements of light, by choice, something less than light begins to fill the void.

Earlier, the statement was made that belief is the strongest force of nature. Some may quickly argue (rather sanctimoniously, I might add; but then I am arguing with myself, so never mind) that love is the strongest force of nature. No. Love IS nature, our spiritual nature in its purest form. In one of the most succinct statements in The LePar/Council archives, The Council says that love is all there is. Love is everything. Anything else is something less. So, if love is really all there is, then belief must be a force, a tool, for love to use to accomplish something. But what? To go from relying on belief, the light of day sometimes obscured by forces of material nature, to achieving once again a total awareness of self and of the spiritual universes that belong to love.

Back to the explanation to the SOL children of Adam and Eve. The Council:

“Well, you could say that Adam and Eve, their soul, when they came near the earth kind of pulled a bunch of stuff towards it and it kind of made their body then, and these things that had pulled towards them were the elements of nature, but God really didn’t pick up some mud and make a body like the story tells you. What the story tries to tell you is that you are part of this earth and that you have to do the best job living that you can, so that you don’t have to be around here forever and ever and ever. Do you understand what we are saying?”

So, the sun -- our physical source of light -- may be obscured this day but the Light is still there. And it may be helpful to remember that, at this moment, our physical days are once again getting longer. The darkness is receding once again. But in the mind, in the soul, do more than remember. Believe.