Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 5

In this Q & A with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, we are given insight into how prayers may help souls that we have never known.

Questioner:  What happens when you are praying for someone and you pray
what you think is best for them, but it is not really best for them?  Is there any
harm done in that?

The Council:  No, as long as your intentions are that it is for their well-being.

Questioner:  If a group prays for an individual soul and the soul does not really
want the healing, what happens to those prayers?

The Council:  They simply go to those individuals that may need prayer that have
no one to pray for them.

Questioner:  Would it be a good idea for an individual once in a while to say a
prayer for nobody in particular but for anybody that maybe doesn't have anyone
praying for them?

The Council:  Certainly, that is a very wise idea.  There are many souls, many
individuals, who are suffering and need prayer and there is no one to pray for
them, except those who on occasion think of those who have no one. Adding to
what we have said before about those individuals who do not accept the prayer
that has been sent to them. It is possible that they will hold that prayer or that
power in reserve for a future time when they may need it more or at a time when
 it would be more appropriate to accept that power or that prayer.  It is up to the
individual who is involved or who is the center of the prayer intentions.

Questioner:  So if you are praying for someone and that individual does not want
that prayer at that particular time, it is not sent to someone that needs it, that
individual can hold it and use it another time?

The Council:  The individual will not hold it on a selfish basis but will only hold it
if it would be useful at a more appropriate time.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Then at such time that prayer will be used. It actually is in effect at
that very moment that it is sent.  It is then being processed or utilized for that
future date.  No soul will just hang onto a bundle of prayers.  Even, shall we say,
the worst individual now on the face of the earth, if that individual were prayed
for and they wanted no prayer help at all, even though that may be the most
despicable person on the face of the earth, at a soul level they would not hang
onto those prayers.  They would, by their nature of creation, allow those prayers
to go to those who need them. 

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 4

Here William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, talks about miraculous healings. In the first question, the questioner is referring to an incident from the life of Jesus.

Questioner:  The woman that had the issue of blood for so many years and had such a strong belief that if she touched Jesus's robe she would be healed, and according to what we are told when she touched His robe, He felt the energy flow forth from Him and she was healed.  I have a few problems because she believed so strongly and was healed, and yet I do understand and follow what you are telling us?

The Council:  Well, when individuals bring their consciousness up to the quality that Jesus Christ had such things will be very commonplace. Now, that does not mean that instantaneous healings cannot take place now or that they do not take place.  There you are talking about a dynamic situation that is brought about for a purpose far beyond the healing of just one individual.  Now, it is true that each of you can muster such power, but what will you really learn from such activities?  At first, you will be astounded, amazed, and possibly you will go beyond that point and become more aware of what is really in process.  In most cases, one will go from being astounded and amazed to boredom at such commonplace activities or else become so involved in the dynamics of the situation or the phenomena itself that they will go on a very dangerous ego trip. They may even go to the point of becoming involved with spiritual egotism which is an extremely dangerous trap.  It is far better for the average individual to undergo a healing gradually than to be a part of a miraculous healing; one has time to digest the activities involved with a slower healing or a more normal healing.  Again, this is not to say that you should not expect a miraculous healing or a dynamic event.  That is part of your right and that is part of your obligation, but because it does not come you should not lose faith.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes, thank you.

The Council:  Remember, instantaneous healings are signs to open eyes that have been closed.  Once the eyes are opened then the real work must begin. Far too often though the eyes are simply reclosed, never to have the opportunity to open again. 

True miraculous healings, now we are speaking of the true miraculous healing, not some showmanship trickery that is often pulled or some temporary hysteria, but we are talking about the full-fledged healing that can be truly documented.  It is simply that an individual has taken on an illness, for whatever reason, and has determined that at a particular time and in a particular way that illness will leave, even though it may not leave according to what man thinks the natural laws of it leaving would be.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  One can, and again, one can in mid-life, in mid-sickness, experience a true miraculous healing.  Did this come unexpectedly? Is this something that just happened at that time?  No, no, no. Life, your life, is not a matter of chance.  It did not just happen.  It was to happen by your own personal design and choice. Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes.  I am sorry.  Everything you say tonight makes more questions for me.

The Council:  Very well.  We have all the time in eternity.  That is the purpose of these get-togethers.  To answer questions.

Questioner:  If you are saying that miracle healings do happen and they are predetermined by our plan, more or less, that it is not an accident, would our plan ever be that we would have some terrible disease and go through a miraculous cure strictly to praise or glorify God, that would be our sole idea or to bring other people to God?  Would that ever be a reason?

The Council:  Yes, that could be one of many, many reasons.  You can bring glory to our Creator, to our God, in many ways, as a witness or a testimony through a miracle or as a show of your inner potential.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 3

In this bit of information from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they answer a question which I am sure most of us have asked many times: “Why was my prayer not answered, especially when I wanted it so badly and was so sure that it would be answered?” For some of us, it seems that our prayers are never answered.

Questioner:   Particularly in dealing with prayers for others, when we believe that we consciously believe that a particular prayer will be answered that we have done what we have felt with the conscious knowledge that we had at the time, that we had gone through those steps, and we really consciously believe that the prayer would be answered with almost a kind of a sense of joy, maybe a bouncing step, and then the prayer is not answered in the way it was asked. What is really taking place there?

The Council:  Again, you must remember there are things that exist that are beyond your ability to know about, and even though you are absolutely sure that the prayer will be answered and in time it appears as though it hasn't been, does not indicate that the prayer was not answered.  The prayer could very easily have
been answered but in an area that you are not aware of or are not capable of seeing.  In praying, one must keep in mind that you are praying for the wellness, the wholeness, of a situation and not just a segment that you are aware of.  You are praying for a wholeness.  So, therefore, when a prayer is sent out and it
appears as though it has not been answered, if the intentions were sincere, the prayer is answered; it is just your inability to see it.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes, I can follow what you are saying, but in what areas would the prayer be answered?  Do you want me to be specific, in an instance?

The Council:  There are many levels or conditions that exist in any situation that may need prayer.  Some of them are surface areas that can be easily recognized; they relate to the material manifestation itself or the material situation.  There are those areas that will stem off into the future from that condition as it is now, but there are also conditions that have brought that situation about.  An example, an individual is very sick.  The individual just did not get sick.  There were conditions that brought this sickness about, either emotions or lessons or what have you, that cannot really be classified as something solid or physical.  Because of that condition of ailment or sickness, there are things in the future that are directly related to that sickness that will
exist because of that state of sickness or will not exist if that state of sickness is removed.  Now, since none of you are isolated individuals where you exist in your own universe but are part of a far greater state of existence the common denominator from which you all perceive your state of existence must be served
in order to provide a consistency of creation.  In this situation then it is necessary to consider this, that when a prayer is not answered, regardless of how firm you felt it would be, it is answered but it may have been answered to heal a condition that would be affected by that illness in the future that you were not aware of or it may go back to a time previous to that illness in order to effect a condition to prevent that illness from becoming serious or more serious in the future.  Remember, you do not exist in a sixty second per minute state or a sixty minute per hour state.  You actually exist in a state of no time but in a state of observation. In
that true state then healings take place from point A to point B.  In the physical manifestation you cannot see either point A or point B but only see the point or the position between those points that you are presently at now.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 2

In this quote from William LePar’s Spiritual source, The Council, they discuss how specific a prayer needs to be and how best to approach specific and general types of prayer.

Questioner:  That would go along with the next question we had about how specific would you have to be to really be effective?  If you just had a loving intention or an intensely warm feeling towards an individual and their well-being, could that still have a positive effect or should that be stated for some specific aspect, some particular good happen to them?

The Council:  Well, a good intention is a good intention.  There are many times that you may want to pray for an individual and have no possible way of knowing what they may need.  The same purpose is served as if you did know exactly what was needed.  Why take a chance in a situation?  Pray for the well-being, and if you know any details then pray for the specific details.  Cover yourself from both ends.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes.  I still have a question as far as ...

The Council:  The same good will be served.  You do not have to become specific, but as we have said, be specific when you can, but it never hurts, even though you can be specific about a particular prayer, it never hurts to send out an overall blanket prayer.

Questioner:  I think a lot of times we have questions about, you say it is the intention that is the real driving force of the prayer.  We wonder if just our words or the way that it takes expression, at least in our minds or in the words that we say, whether that could help that prayer or hinder that prayer?

The Council:  It is good practice to be extremely specific in your prayer. This we have told you before.  Be as specific as you possibly can. This is good practice. This gives you inner fortification when a visual effect of that prayer comes into your awareness or the reality of that prayer comes into your awareness.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  We are also saying, along with being specific, it does not hurt to send out a blanket prayer.  In any case, the reason for us suggesting this is for your good more so than the individual that you are praying for.  "Your good" in this respect: that you become aware of the fact that you are limited and you are then opening the door to a greater power than yourself.  When you realize your proper place in any situation, then you open the door of opportunity to yourself and to that situation.  By realizing that you have a limitation, then you must, if your intentions are good, allow what you are lacking to be made up for by something greater than yourself, which, of course, we are referring to the Divine Creator Himself.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  So by praying for those things that you know are specific and then praying a blanket prayer, you are admitting to your situation which is limited in knowledge and experience and opening the door for those powers that you are capable of controlling and generating to be directed according to the Divine Will
whether it is the Infinite Father's Divine Will directly or that portion of the individual you are praying for that is part of the Divine Will for those things that are beyond your knowledge or awareness. 

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