Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Moth to the Flame

The Moth to the Flame

Just as we are drawn to the light of God,
as moths to a flame, so is God drawn
to where love is, as a moth to a flame.

Since the beginning of mankind, we have always been drawn naturally to a light, whether it be a physical light or the light of some lost remembrance of a greater state. See how the butterfly is drawn to the light of a beautiful flower. Once landing on its petals, bathed in the reflective glow of its brilliant host, it is served the sweet nectar that is the sustenance of its life. We who are more like the moth, traveling in a land of darkness, instantaneously are attracted by the distant glow. We seek that brilliant light so that it may illuminate the darkness through which we must travel. We seek that warmth so that it may comfort us in our flight.

Is it not so that the light is provided as an act of love to guide us to a safer place? Is it not an act of love that the light provides us with a warmth? Is it not an act of love that the light illuminates the dark place in which we flutter? Is it by accident that man's conception of light is the symbol for the Giver of all that is necessary and meaningful to man? Have we not realized yet that there are no such things as accidents? That certain symbols, certain concepts, are a part of our inner being, our outer reality, so that that Love that is represented by the Light is always before us, if we choose to see it, if we choose to accept it? Is it possible that we can even begin to conceive of the light, of the flame, if there were not at least a modicum of love within us?

If there is even a small spark of love within us, then the ultimate is unavoidable. It is only a matter of time before that spark of love is drawn back into the original Source of that love. Regardless of how far distantly removed that spark has become the spark and the source are of a oneness, thus they must be drawn and once again united. And if that spark is lost in despair and darkness, then the truth will reign in this: that the Source of the light will also reach out to that spark in the distance.

Do these things just happen? Coincidence? No, like will be drawn to like because the whole cannot be whole unless all parts are present. The light cannot be as brilliant as its greatest potential if one spark is absent. The spark itself, lost in its situation, calls out for help, calls out for reuniting with its whole. Man can fight that natural urge to be drawn to his God, but it is to no avail because he was conceived in love, therefore the love of God is present in him whether he chooses to utilize it or not. This being fact then it is also fact that God will be drawn to him as he is drawn to his Maker.

What is the impelling force of these actions? Nothing short of love. The same love that we can have for each other. The love that we have for each other is the same love that the Divine has for us as individuals. The inescapable fate of man: the uniting of his soul with the Great Soul of His Creator.

Everything in life or creation, whether it is the material aspects or spiritual aspects, is connected. Nothing is isolated. In this fact of reality, that all things are connected, there are bridges or pathways or avenues, which unite all of creation, that we can travel that can bring us to different points or opportunities. Some of these avenues are simple little actions or thoughts, attitudes, or frames of mind. These are for us to use. These are not necessary for the Divine. They are necessary for us. To reach the point of having these attitudes or approaches, we have to achieve a specific understanding, a specific insight, a specific awareness, and the faith to trust in such a child-like action and belief. Remember, it is the child that the Divine encompasses in His Arms and will hold to His Bosom. The rays of God's love reach out to the simple little actions or thoughts or attitudes that carry that small spark of light from ourselves. And as the rays of God's Love connect with us through those simple little actions that we are responsible for, they act as a magnetic draw that levels out our path towards Him. And in this symbiotic connection man is carried to his crowning glory.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Key to Spiritual Growth - A Poem

During William LePar's trances his spiritual source, The Council, often presented little gems of wisdom. Many times they appear to be in the form of a poem. On William LePar's website we post a quote each month. If you would like to see all of the past quotes, I am sure that you will find them of value, here is the direct link -!quote-month/c1i6l
On the website you will see a PDF symbol to the right of the current quote. Just click on it for all previous quotes. Please feel free to share these quotes.
The Council:
The only key to growth,
Spiritual growth,
Is love. 
The only action
To spiritual growth
Is love. 
The only way or effort 
To spiritual growth,
And at-one-ment with
The Divine Father
Is love. 
A simple word,
Yet a word
That encompasses so much,
And so completely,
That even a breath from your lungs
Can be an act of love. 
And if this be the case,
Then even your unconscious
Can be a minister
Of love and healing.