Sunday, January 17, 2021


During this exchange with a questioner William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, tells us how the Divine has provided for the healing of all illnesses.

Questioner:  How could I pursue the acquisition of knowledge concerning the healing properties of plants, and how can I pursue the application of this knowledge toward actually healing people?

The Council:  As far as discovering new healing sources or new herbs, this has all been very well covered by others, and the discovery of anything new is not possible.  What you can do that would be of a great contribution is to accumulate all the information, not only on the herbs and their properties but on specific ailments that have been treated by the different herbs and correlate the healing and the herb or the sickness and the herb.  Do you understand?  In other words, if you were to take magnesium for a nervous condition and you were to, shall we say, eat peas to bring in more magnesium into the system to help control a nervous condition, then you would study the property of peas and also study or become aware that peas were used as a healing.  You understand this?

Questioner:  Yes, I see.

The Council:  As far as giving you new information, new miracle cures, mankind has all the cures necessary in the herbs.

Questioner:  No, I didn't really expect that.

The Council:  And what we would like to see you do, where you could be the greatest benefit, is gathering together the information, and on occasion experimenting with the family.  One word of warning.  Some systems, some entities some physical bodies have a sensitivity to this herb or that herb where another may not, and the caution would be lessen the amount if there is any suspicion or a truer caution would be lessen the amount in the beginning and increase gradually.

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Although the sensitivity to herbs and minerals, the effects would not be as drastic or severe or harmful as, shall we say, a chemical compound they can upset the system to a degree.  There are, of course, some herbs that are toxic; these should be handled with extreme care.

Questioner:  Well, how could I investigate the herbs in this area for medical properties and so forth?

The Council:  A surveying of what is available and a gathering and comparing that to the information that is already available; virtually everything that grows has been classified for its property.  In this area you have the people necessary that can give you the information you want.  It would be advisable to become particularly familiar with those herbs that are closest to where the family exists, because if certain things transpire, if those times do come, then you will need all the information necessary; you will need a knowledge of all the herbs available in the area.

Questioner:  You are speaking of herbs, does that include flowers?

The Council:  Generally flowers are part of the herb family.  Many herbs, the true value is in the blossom or in the seed as opposed to the stem or leaf.  It is like this, the Divine Father has provided a flower for a cure, a stem for the same cure, a root for the same cure, a seed for the same cure; so if you cannot get one you will be able to get the other; but it would be wise to have all that you can on hand, all the knowledge, so that at certain times of the year a flower is available and at the fall of the year that flower's seed is available, and what that seed may cure may not be the same that the flower cures.

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Mental Illness – Physical Illness, an Opportunity to Serve?


In this quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, we are given advice on viewing illness.

Questioner:  Can The Council address the source of mental illness? Is it a spiritual crisis?

The Council:  All sicknesses, whether they be of the physical nature or the mental nature, are part of the life plan. It is in many cases to create a situation wherein others around that individual have the opportunities to show their love and their compassion. At times, certain mental illnesses prevent an individual from making mistakes that they have made many times in previous lifetimes. But we must learn to look at all sickness, whether they be physical or of the mental nature, in these terms: These individuals are blessed and have come in to give each of you the opportunity to serve, to express your love, your godliness. One should not look at such situations, that of physical or mental sicknesses, as a karmic condition for that individual. This isn't a loving attitude. Look at it in a very productive and positive way for yourself. This is your opportunity to show whether or not you are a loving god or a selfish person who rejects the opportunity to be giving. As with the physical problems, because everything must have a means of operation or rules in order to create a common ground, mental illnesses originally begin in a malfunction of the body's workings. At the seat of all emotional problems or mental illness is the chemistry, the blood chemistry, and how it affects all of the parts or organs of the body. That is the natural law or rule in which such conditions come about.

Remember, any illness, regardless of what it is, is your opportunity to serve another individual, and in so doing you serve yourself, and this is good because in serving yourself in that manner you are showing yourself how godly you really can be. Taking care of those who are ill certainly isn't an easy job, but remember this, if there is anything of value, if there is anything real, it requires a great deal of work. Those things that you accomplish in this lifetime of a spiritual nature will not necessarily come easily all the time, but once you have acquired those you will never lose them. They become part of your spiritual wealth, a wealth that will never be taken away.

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