Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unity in the Spiritual Plane of Existence

During the 4 decades that William LePar was the channel for his spiritual source, The Council, they nearly always spoke through him as a union of 12 souls. In all that time there were only two occasions that I know of where one member of The Council spoke separately from the other 11. What is presented below is one of those times. I felt that everyone would find this of interest because The Council has insisted that we never lose our individual personalities when we leave the physical plane. The individual personality continues to grow and expand and yet we are united with other souls in a way that cannot be duplicated in our physical plane. The Council:

To show each of you that we live in total unison and love with one another and still maintain our responsibilities to ourselves and we maintain our own individuality, I, as a member of The Council have chosen to speak to you on that basis.  Each of you may venture out into a new way of thinking and a new kind of life, one of real service to yourself and to others.  I, as an individual creation of the Divine Father, wish to encourage you, wish to point out that not all choices in life are easy, but one should not choose according to the easiness of the way of life, but choose according to its eventual awards. Do not be surprised in accepting certain attitudes which we will attempt to give you.  Do not be surprised if you meet challenges because of this.  It is not for us to destroy anything, but it is for us to add to and to clarify.  One must realize that when the truth is brought forth and the Light shines through that truth, all other elements that are not the truth will eventually crumble and fall.  But the truth does not shine out so easily; it is always a constant effort to bring it forth. We hope that each of you uses this strength in the desire to reach spirituality.  We hope that with these desires you seek that which is truly the truth.  I might also add that in speaking separate from my brothers and sisters, if we may use that term only to let you know that all are equal, there is a loss in doing this, not a loss in the sense that you understand, but as we unite and work in the Light of the Divine together we add to each other, and as I separate myself from these to speak to you to show that there is a personality for each of us, that time, that period, I am without those that love me and that I love.  That is why we rarely speak separately. 

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

In a Time Before

I think that this short message from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council offers a lot of food for thought if we dwell on what is said here. First, we existed as spirit beings with our Divine creator before this material world and universe existed. Second, we were given complete free will by the Divine so that we could choose any path that we wished. Third, the Divine wishes us to chose, of our own free will, to work with him in co-creation. Forth, that he has given us free will in how we work with the material world and that most of what happens here is by our choice and not his. Fifth, He wishes us only the very best but some have chosen not to accept this gift of His total love.

The Council:
In a time before the material manifestation existed, all of you existed with and in this Divine Essence, because your ultimate existence was to have the quality of this Divine Source, not the quantity but the quality. You were given absolute free will. This is the expression of total love from this Divine Source. The Divine Source does not wish that you should be subjective or subservient to His Will because it should be, but that you should be subservient to that Divine Will of your own choice. The Divine Will for you is that you gain the quality that God the Father has. Since you are only a part of Him who created all, you can never be equal in quantity. The patience of this Infinite Father is unending, but since He has given you free will, all things that transpire in the material manifestation and in those levels beyond are governed more by your choice than by what He commands. Some have truly moved closer through the eons of time; others have moved further away. Some have tried to bring light to the material manifestation, while others have tried to encrust it in even darker abysses and darker clothing.

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