Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When One Soul Grows All Souls Grow

While working on a project I came across this information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. This occurred during one of the research and study group sessions while Mr. LePar was in trance. This is a good example of how information was obtained during a session. The Council always reminded us to: "Think and use our God-given wisdom." They would not spoon-feed us information. We were required to take an active part in the trance sessions by questioning the information presented to us.

I found this not only interesting but thought provoking, especially in its application to our lives personally and to the activities of the world in general. I hope that you find this worthwhile also. Remember, as you are reading this that the positive and negative actions that are being discussed are actions originating in our physical world. This should be read carefully as it is an involved concept that The Council is explaining.

Questioner:  You once made a statement that when one soul grows, all souls grow.  Is the reverse of this true?

The Council: No.

Questioner:  Well, would you expound on that initial statement?

The Council:  For a soul to grow, they must add something positive.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  And in so doing when they add something positive to creation it does affect all of creation.  So, consequently, as one soul grows, all souls grow.

Questioner:  But if there is a negative action, why wouldn't that affect all of creation in a negative way?

The Council:  It would affect more the material aspects of creation.  That statement was made in respects to the spiritual aspects of creation.  The positive is made in respects to the spiritual aspects of creation.  That eventually filters down into the physical.  Negativity, although it may have a greater affect on the physical, immediate effect, it eventually ends up only affecting the source of the negativity, in its greatest effect.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  As one soul grows, all souls grow.  This can be first looked at in a spiritual sense, but as it emanates out into the spiritual, etheric, it then is reflected back and it goes back into the physical world, and it will eventually permeate or positively affect the physical creation or physical world.  Now, a negative aspect, it does have an effect on the physical, and as it extends outward then and it is reflected back, its ultimate destruction is the source of its origin.  It may influence and affect other areas, but the greatest damage is the source, the originating source.  And the reason why there is an effect beyond the originating source is because all lives are interconnected through responsibilities or through relationships or through karmic situations.  Does that explain it any clearer?

 Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well.  The thing that one should be aware of is that in order for there to be light, as you understand it, and for you to deal with it in the situation that all of you are, in order for there to be light, there must be darkness.  In order for there to be joy, there must be sadness.  In order for there to be evolvement and growth, there must be something less than that or there must be a point from which you must reach up. 

Remember, you have deemed it necessary for the sorrow in order to experience the joy.  You can also deem all of one or all of the other. There is not an appropriate ratio.  The world has chosen, man has chosen, the nature of man dictates that anguish, suffering, sadness bring growth.  Your Father dictates that joy, happiness, laughter bring growth.  The Heavens dictate that love brings growth.

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