Monday, May 16, 2016

Perpetuating Karma

William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, talks about the mistakes we make and the consequences. This information is a follow-up from the previous posting.

Questioner:  Does that mean if you have a lot of karmic debt and come back and you have planned a life of service but it is relatively peaceful and you start making the wrong decisions, is that sort of unleashing all that load, all the karmic debt, is it more forceful then if you start making the wrong decisions?

The Council:  Well, you generally make decisions of less and less quality which causes you more and more problems.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  So what happens then is you perpetuate the karmic debt and you add to it. The karma does not dictate tremendous pain and suffering. Karma is paying the price for what you have done, that is all things will return to you.  Well, what creates karma is your withholding of love, and when you do this, this creates all types of problems for yourself and for others.  So, doesn't it make sense that if you plan out a life of service and love to others that that should peacefully correct the karma?  Unfortunately, the ego fouls you up again.  You do not follow the original plan.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Man has been taught that karma means suffering and pain.  Well, that is man's understanding of the law of the Divine, but that is not the way that the law of the Divine must work.  You make it into a situation where that is the way it works, but it is not necessary for it to work that way.  If you have done dastardly things in previous lifetimes, the only way that you can correct those things is through love, loving yourself and loving others.  So, doesn't it make good common sense to plan out a life of love and service to correct your karmic debt?  Well, whether it makes sense to you or not, that is the way the law goes, that is the universal constant that exists.  Love is the pathway to growth and evolvement, but you people just do not want to look at life and your existence in those terms.

(Editor's note: I took the liberty of adding this in closing to this posting.)

The Council: May the Peace and the Joy of the Infinite Father be upon you all, and may His Light shine down upon you, around you, and within each of you. This is our standard opening blessing at all the communications. We ask that each of you accept this blessing in good will.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Living Essence of All

This is one of my favorite quotes from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. I believe that it expresses, as well as I can understand it, the expanse of God's creation how each of us fit into it and the total love that He has for each of His creations. It is short but I think almost poetic. Also, for me, it touches the soul.

he Council:  God is the living essence of all that is created spiritual and material, and as this essence you simply feed off of it, you are suspended in this ocean of love, in this universe of love, you are similar to a beautiful goldfish in a bowl, but a bowl that is so tremendous that it encompasses all that is ever and ever will be created, and each of you are capable of having your own universe to work in. You cannot live or exist in any place without touching the life-giving love of the Infinite Father.

As a beautiful piece of needlepoint or tapestry is developed, it is first constructed from a backing, the stitches are placed very precisely in certain places in this backing, and as time progresses then a beautiful picture is formed and the backing is completely covered. You are the beautiful stitches; the backing that holds those stitches together is the Divine: that is the basis of the tapestry, the stitches are of no value without the backing, but the backing has a value for anyone else who wishes to apply their stitches to it. The foundation is always the necessity. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Healing Power of Animals Part 1

In the next two postings William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, discusses animals and healing. They also point out that a person's attitudes towards animals can give insight into the quality of that person's soul.

The Council: If you have a friend or a relative who is ailing and lonely and you give him a gift of an animal and it brings him joy and something to look forward to, you are in a sense giving them a healing. This also can be carried to an actual physical healing.

There is much to be said for those who love pets or animals. There have been many situations where the desire to fulfill the responsibility that one has to a pet has brought that individual the healing necessary to give that individual the additional time to fulfill that responsibility and also beyond that time necessary.

There are instances where there can be, shall we say, a soothing effect by animals themselves that would assist in a healing in a physical sense or what have you, but an animal itself can not actually heal per se. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Just so none of you are, shall we say, hoodwinked into thinking that there are healing cats or dogs that walk around. Continue.

Questioner: Then you might be saying that animals themselves help us in our spiritual progression?

The Council: Absolutely.

Questioner: Is it at all reciprocal? Do they have a spiritual progression and do we help them?

The Council: No. They come from a central stockpile of spiritual existence that is for man's development and growth. In other words it is a central stockpile of spiritual energy that continually re-manifests in the material for the service of mankind, but mankind must assume the responsibility for that animal or for that amount of spiritual energy as it manifests into an animal in the material form. Man has a responsibility to the well-being of any domesticated animal.

There are times when the love that you give to an animal can make it, shall we say, permanent. It can give a dimension to that form or that amount of spiritual energy that would be somewhat equivalent to a soul. In other words, instead of that energy returning then to the central stockpile of spiritual energy it is held out so that it has an individual state of existence for your use at a future time or for your comfort at a future time, but in no way should animals be abused. The way an individual treats an animal can sometimes be a very good sign of the state of their soul, and also compare the way some individuals treat an animal as opposed to them treating another individual and this can also be a good determining factor in the state of their soul or this can be a factor that you use in determining the state of their soul.

In the second part of The Council's discussion on pets they will give some insight into the psychic abilities of animals and a severe warning to those who abuse animals.

Healing Power of Animals Part 2

In the second part of The Council's discussion on pets they give some insight into the psychic abilities of animals and a severe warning to those who abuse animals. I have a friend who told me a story about her illness that demonstrates clearly how sensitive animals can be.

My friend, Pam and her husband, Bill found a young dog at the side of the road one rainy, cold day. They could not leave it so they brought it home with the intention of finding a suitable person to take him. As you can imagine the little fellow grew on them and soon became the third member of the family. The dog, Sammy, became much closer to Bill than to Pam. While Bill was at work Sammy was outside chasing squirrels and rabbits or just lying in whatever spot he found most pleasing.

After a year or two, Pam developed a severe problem in her lower back. It became so painful that she had to sleep on the floor. While awaiting surgery she found that even during the day it was necessary to lie on the floor to receive any comfort. Immediately Sammy lay down beside her. If she turned on her side, Sammy cuddled up next to her, putting his warm body against the area that hurt. Sammy would not leave her at any time. He would not go to his food and water bowl. He would not even go outside to do his business. Bill had to pick him up and carry him outside. As soon as he did his business, he immediately ran back to Pam's side. Bill had to bring the food and water bowls over to where Pam was lying.

After the surgery, Sammy lay beside Pam's bed day and night. When she went out on the porch to get some afternoon sun, Sammy stayed right at her feet. If ANYONE approached her besides her husband he immediately moved between them and her and made a sound that definitely said, "Don't come any closer. She's under my protection."

In a few weeks Pam was healing quite well and back to her normal activities. As this occurred Sammy went back to his normal activities, chasing squirrels and rabbits, paying no attention to Pam at all, just as he had done in the past. He seemed to realize that his special giving of love, his task was completed.

The Council's thoughts on pets and healing:

Questioner: When an individual is sick and they have a pet and their pet stays close to them throughout the whole sickness, is this a sign that maybe the pet is being used by someone to help with the healing?

The Council: It could be, but you must remember that a pet does have feelings; it does have emotions; it may not be able to think as, how shall we put it, it may not be able to think as logically or as analytically as the human mind can, but it does know, it can think, it is not just purely an instinctual reaction; animals are quite psychic, and they know when there is a sickness, and they also know that their life form or their soul or their spiritual state is for the betterment of mankind, so those animals who stay near their masters during times of sickness is a sign of their willingness to give of their energies for their master's benefit. So instead of eating the animal the animal is willingly loaning or giving its life forces to its master; wherein an animal such as a cow or what have you, man must eat that animal for his sustenance, for his means of nourishing his body. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, I do. When domesticated animals that we are responsible for are uncared for or abused, like some individuals have dog fights and so forth, and these animals die and go back to the central stockpile, does the abuse that they suffered here have an effect that diminishes the quality of the stockpile?

The Council: No, but it does diminish the quality of those individuals who participate in such ghastly forms of entertainment. Care should be exercised for in their next lifetime, if they have that opportunity, they may find themselves impaled on a bed of spikes as just punishment for the abuse of a spiritual source that should be uplifting and fulfilling for man.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Making Good Decisions after Bad

Once we make a bad decision, what motivates us to make the right choices from there on? William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, gives us the answer.

Questioner:  Council, I had one question.  Earlier you had said that after the one wrong decision and the rippling and there was a next decision.  You said if the mind or "conscious" or "conscience," I wasn't sure what you said, is wise enough to make the right choice. I was curious, do you mean "conscience" there or "consciousness"?

The Council:  Well, conscience and consciousness.  Let us say the consciousness is what you are outwardly thinking with, the conscience is that little voice inside.  Many times decisions are made from both levels.  Your conscious mind may think this is the proper decision but the conscience may say it is not a proper decision.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner:  Then when you said "mind or conscience," then you are saying "the conscious mind or conscience" is wise enough?

The Council:  Both work together.

Questioner:  Since we all make dozens of decisions everyday, and if not looking for some specific achievement like developing artistic ability or music ability, but just want to try to clear away all these ripples, because after 35 years of a bunch of wrong decisions you have got a storm, not just ripples.  How can you go about this? What is the best way to go about this to try to level everything out so you can start making more consistent proper decisions for the remainder of your life?

The Council:  It just takes a very firm decision on the individual's part to begin to make decisions based on a godly attitude as opposed to a self-serving attitude, and eventually you eliminate the ripples, decision by decision clarifies the vision.  But you have got to remember that if you have spent 35 years in making selfish decisions, you are not going to correct all that inaccuracy in all those problems that they have created in five or six little decisions. So it may take many years at re-establishing a very peaceful life. Great traumas that occur in individual's lives are not always planned.  Rarely are they truly planned at a soul level as a learning experience.

One learns just as well from a life of peace and harmony as they do from a life full of pain and suffering.  But it is your ego that creates the pain and the suffering.  Even those who have tremendous karmic debts to pay, when their life is planned out, it is planned out as a life of great service to others, and in this service then they correct the karmic debt.  What happens as a general rule, they make the wrong decisions, and therefore their life is no longer simple service but becomes one involved with all kind of pains and problems and turmoils and what have you.

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