Monday, April 30, 2018

Love and Respect Yourself

The following is a closing message from a trance with William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. It encourages us to love and respect ourselves. It was a constant theme with them.
The Council:  We enjoy being with you.  The nature, the good nature, that each of you have is not so far from the nature that we carry.  The only thing that separates all of you from all of us is your concept of what you are doing.  Just as you are growing through the activities of the physical world, so are we growing.  We have learned that we can grow without the framework of physical creation.  You, too, will learn that.  All of eternity and all of everlasting life is a process of evolvement or growth.  It is unending and will always be unending.  If you can realize that the most important concept that you can weave into your entire conscious framework is to love yourself and respect yourself so that you can love someone else, you will have the keys to success, for if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone else.  You must begin to respect yourself; you must begin by accepting the responsibility of being a child of God.  And the first   responsibility is to love and respect yourself.
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Friday, April 13, 2018

Spirituality - Thoughts Versus Actions

The Council:  "Those of you who quest for spirituality must understand what real spirituality is. It is not the act of kindness or loving or caring. It is the thought that instigates the act. If one can train his thoughts, if one can control his thoughts along the line of what is good, what is kind, what is loving, the natural outcome will be an action. Look into yourselves, and examine just how much love is there, how much kindness, how much caring. If there is even just the thought of possibly becoming serious about spirituality, then you have all that is necessary for success. All you must do is cultivate it. All you must do is begin to think about kindness, about compassion, about caring. In time, those thoughts will become actions."

Do not misunderstand when we say thought is important. One cannot just think spiritual thoughts or thoughts of loving, or kindness. One must allow those thoughts to manifest in an action. If the thoughts are sincere, if they truly are from your heart, then they will become action, they will become a doing. Those who only think thoughts of spirituality must question their own sincerity. Are they more interested in the search or in the discovery? There are many who want the search but not the discovery. The search poses no responsibility. The discovery engulfs one in responsibility, in commitment, in the doing. Allow the thoughts and nurture them, and perfection or spirituality is yours."

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