Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Connection with God - In the Beginning.

In this quote from William LePar's spiritual source they tell us that those of us in the earth plane or the material manifestation have lost, to a degree, our awareness of our true godly state. It has been partially severed. We still need this connection to survive, and it is our goal to strengthen that connection until we have recovered all of our awareness that has been lost over time.

This posting is a little longer than most of my posts, but I think that you will find the explanation very interesting. The last portion was posted previously, so what you have here is a more complete picture of The Council's explanation.

Questioner: You said, "In the beginning, at the time of the Fall, it was necessary to tap into God for our essence to create," and, if this is so, is it still necessary, are we still dependent on that?

The Council: Most assuredly, you are still dependent on it. Now, what example could we give that would be easily understood? Suppose you were to take the electrical system of a home, now you have a wire from your power company coming to your home, and it goes into the house to a master box, and from that box then you have all sorts of other wires that run here and there. You may cut off any of the other wires and the rest will work properly. Or, from the point of that wire that you cut off, beyond the cut-off point anything up to that would run, anything beyond that would not. As long as the main line comes into the house, there is life in the house, there is electricity; but suppose that you did not sever any of the smaller lines but severed the main line that came into the house, what would you have running that used electricity in the house then? Nothing. In some way you could apply this example to the connection you have with the Divine; you see, you were acts of love and these acts of love, although you may consider them to be tremendous beings (in your physical mind, of course, you cannot truly comprehend) but in the spiritual awareness, each of you was a tremendous ball of energy that was formed and developed, but this energy was in its very, shall we say, fetus stage, so that it constantly needed nourishment for its further growth, much as a mother carries a child. As long as the child is within her womb, she must feed that child and it is the same with you. Your Divine Father constantly fed you for your growth. Before you were fully matured where you could go your own way under your own steam, you decided to cut the umbilical cord. Well, actually, you can never do that, but we are using symbols or figurative speaking.

Since you decided to sever the umbilical cord, you had not fully matured, so as it stands now you have severed only part of that cord, so that the full intensity of your godly awareness is not yours; that is by choice. You cannot exist if you sever that cord completely, for that which feeds you would not be there, and eventually you would, so to speak, burn yourself out: the same in the heavens, there are suns that grow in intensity, but in time they burn themselves out, and they no longer exist. Now, each of you are still babes: you are still in your mother's womb; and the Divine is still feeding you, giving you the nourishment that you so justly need for your existence.

Think of it in another way. God is the living essence of all that is created spiritual and material, and as this essence you simply feed off of it; you are suspended in this ocean of love, in this universe of love; you are similar to a beautiful goldfish in a bowl, but a bowl that is so tremendous that it encompasses all that is ever and ever will be created, and each of you are capable of having your own universe to work in. You cannot live or exist in any place without touching the life-giving love of the Infinite Father. As a beautiful piece of needlepoint or tapestry is developed, it is first constructed from a backing; the stitches are placed very precisely in certain places in this backing, and as time progresses then a beautiful picture is formed, and the backing is completely covered. You are the beautiful stitches; the backing that holds those stitches together is the Divine that is the basis of the tapestry; the stitches are of no value without the backing, but the backing has a value for anyone else who wishes to apply their stitches to it. The foundation is always the necessity.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Do We Need to Reincarnate Through all Signs of the Zodiac?

Questioner: Are there certain experiences a soul has to have before they choose a particular sign to be born into?

The Council: Each sign has the ability to offer an entity, shall we say, tools to work with. Since the final product or the final development is a well-rounded or, shall we say, a fully aware entity, it is basically the entity's choice which sign that he enters into. There are times though when there is a necessary, shall we say, correction for the entity to undergo before he can come in or progress any further. In that particular instance then it may be necessary for the entity to enter in through a certain sign so that he is equipped, shall we say, with the tools necessary to overcome the obstacle in his path. But as a rule there is enough leeway in each of the signs so that this is not an absolute necessity as a general rule.

Questioner: So then we don't necessarily go around the horoscope from sign to sign in our incarnations?

The Council: No, each individual is a separate entity and each individual has its own balance that it must achieve, so therefore it will move from sign to sign as the balance is needed. What you may develop out of balance may not be what someone else would develop out of balance. It is not necessary to make a complete passage through all the twelve signs.

It may be necessary though under certain circumstances where an individual re-enters a number of times under the same sign because he has not been able, shall we say, to handle the situation, and then again that same entity may avoid one or two or three signs altogether and never make entrance under those signs.

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