Tuesday, April 12, 2022

When does a Soul Enter the Body?

This question brought about a very strong reply. This is not the first time that this particular question has been asked. William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s answers over the years have been consistent with the answer given here.

Questioner:  I would like to know at what point the soul enters the body?

The Council:  At what point does the soul enter the body? It is sad that more people aren't asking that question. The soul can enter the body prior even to the conception. The soul doesn't necessarily have to enter the body at the point of conception. That entity that has chosen that physical container can enter that physical body, regardless of what stage it is in, from the moment of conception to the actual moment of birth. This brings us to a statement that the world should begin to think seriously about. What if you had a need to reincarnate and there were no bodies through which you could reincarnate? What would you do? How would you re-establish your divinity? This society, this consciousness that infects the human nature at this particular period in time, cannot even think straight, cannot even think with the slightest degree of intelligence. If you, as a soul entity, must reincarnate to achieve a degree of consciousness, what are you going to do when the attitudes of your society become so self-serving and so selfish that there are no more children being born, there are no more vehicles that you can use? What will happen? What happens if man decides that life does not exist until the absolute second of birth, that that thing is not a living being, so therefore man has the right to discard that "thing" at his discretion? What if laws are passed and adhered to that says to mankind, he may dispose of that "thing" for any reason at all, at any time at all? What mankind is setting up for itself with these attitudes of self-indulgence and then attempting to escape the responsibilities or the ramifications of that self-indulgence, what he is setting up for himself in the future is a shortage of physical bodies in which to recoup his godly state.

If you think you have population growth now and if you feel that reducing the population growth will save your world, let us simply say this, in past histories of mankind the population that inhabited the earth was far greater than what it is today, far, far greater and the earth had no problem whatsoever supplying more than sufficiently the needs of that population. But then too, at that time, people were somewhat more conscious of their effects on the very source that provides them the physical sustenance for their life, their tool, in which to grow.