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Life After Death Part 4 - NDE

Near death experiences occur for a specific reason. The Council has said that the purpose of near death experiences is to “reestablish in the awareness of man that there is a continuation of life after death, that we are truly immortal.” They say that what people experience when they have a near death experience is presented in symbolic form. This is necessary so that they have something they can relate to when they talk to others after they return from the experience. The spiritual is nearly impossible to explain to the finite mind that we utilize for our physical experiences.

In the following quote The Council explains the most common symbols in the near death experience.

"Those who have seen beyond the veil have seen quite clearly, and there is no way to prove their experience; but these things come to the forefront of man's awareness now to bring a greater awareness of an existence afterwards; also to bring to his awareness the responsibility that he must assume for his actions. All things have their purpose, and there will be more and more interest in what exists after this manifestation."

“There is a universal symbol of light, and the experience of the shaft of light or a tunnel of light or what have you is the soul's way of communicating through the physical organ of the brain what it experienced. It is the bringing back in symbols or pictures the experience that it had when it was released totally from the physical container and then regains its position in that same physical container.”

In the near death experience the soul is totally released from the physical body. The physical container will continue to function for a short period of time, not necessarily breathing or having a heartbeat, but the cellular integrity is maintained.

These symbols usually consist of a tunnel, shaft of light, the meeting of loved ones or religious figures and, in some cases, they see a city of lights.

The Council tells us how we can put the near death experience to use in a positive manner and the importance of the symbolism.

“Hold the symbolisms because they give you something to relate to, but do not place your mind or your thoughts so rigid as to -- this will be actually a city of lights, this will be actually a shaft of light.  Take them in the sense in which they bring to you or the attitude that they bring to you; such as a city of light is a heavenly place. As you think about such symbolism as a city of light, also think about a heavenly place. As you think of a shaft of light, also think of spiritual growth and enlightenment, then that way you are broadening yourself and not holding yourself rigid to words."

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life After Death Part 3 - Making the Adjustment

Many years ago William LePar had a near death experience (NDE). It took him several years before he could talk about it and even more time before he began to explain some of the more involved experiences. He said that it was necessary for him to think and attempt to fully understand the experience before he could try explain it to others. Some aspects of it were almost beyond physical understanding and explanation. I hope that you find these thoughts interesting.

Mr. LePar: "A death experience is a very beautiful experience but it’s not a fantasy. Not everything is roses on the other side. When you cross over you are going to have a period of time where you are indoctrinated into your state of existence. That’s the best way to describe it, because we are so tied to this physical that once we leave it, it’s like, 'gee we are in a whole new world.' We don’t even realize that’s where we originated from. That’s how heavy the earthly experience is, the physical experience is, so when you initially cross over it’s like, 'my God it’s a whole new thing.' We are surprised that we run into members of our family that are deceased. Well, what did you expect? Sure, my mother is not really my mother on the spiritual side as she is just another soul that I negotiated a contract with. She agreed to be my mother in my physical life, but in that negotiation and in that relationship, you do develop real true feelings and interests in the souls that you have worked with. So when you cross over initially you are going to have that same feeling of a mother or a father that you had when they were alive, when you were together alive, but that’s short lived. You are awakened to the fact that yes, that soul cares about you because of your interaction but that soul really isn’t your mother or your father."

 Audience: Does that soul care for you more because you had that relationship than another soul that you didn’t have a relationship with?

 Mr. LePar: "It’s not a question of if they care more for you than someone else. It’s a different form of caring. Once you get on the other side you understand there’s only one kind of love period. Love is love, but there are a number of ways or situations in which we express that love. It’s all equal. It’s just different ways or different situations. When you are talking about parents, that love that you feel for them and they feel for you, is just the same love that they feel for someone else that they had nothing to do with as far as a relationship. Some things are very hard to explain because we are not capable of thinking or understanding the way it is on the other side. It’s like when people say 'What about time?' There’s no such thing as time. You have experiences and they have nothing to do with time. My near death experience lasted 15 minutes. I have said this many times, it was like living 3 months on the other side, living 24 hours a day, never sleeping. How could you not sleep? There was no sleep. I can’t say to you that I talked to so and so for 20 minutes, because there is no 20 minutes. There’s no time. It was an experience but in trying to translate all the things that I experienced, all I can do is say it was like I was over there 3 months and never had time to sleep. I was going 24 hours a day. It’s hard to comprehend because the material state is so ingrained in us that we can’t comprehend anything other than this.

Now this is my feeling, my personal interpretation. The traveling through the tunnel is a symbolic form of moving from the heavy to the light. When I say light I am not talking about light as far as brightness. I am talking as far as state of existence. I think it’s something that is a symbolic resurrection, if you want to call it that, to help us leave behind and raise the consciousness to 'hey, we are in a new place here, a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of experiencing.'”

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Life After Death - Part 2 - The Process of Dying

 The Council defines the death process:
 Death is instantaneous and what death actually is is simply a refocusing of your consciousness.  That is all.  Once the consciousness has been refocused then it does not need the material manifestation, and there is no real sense of change other than being able to view what is going on in the surrounding area.”
The Council is saying that at the moment of death, there is absolutely no pain in the separation of the soul from the physical body. It is a refocusing from a physical existence to a totally spiritual awareness. At the moment of death the physical body is totally useless to us. Instead of seeing the world as a participant as we did when we were physically alive, we now begin to view life as if viewing a play or a television show.
The Council
"You see, the entire death process is again the refocusing of your attention, and you are well aware of your changing; whether you are willing to accept it or not is another thing, but you are aware that the time for the change of your focus is near.  In other words, you are aware that death is coming.  So regardless of what is done to the body, and in some cases the physical container is given drugs that may cause the outer awareness a certain amount of, shall we say, hallucination, but the inner awareness, never.”

This process of change that we call death is in actuality not a death. Our soul is immortal. We simply focus, or refocus, our attention from the physical world to a spiritual world or to a spiritual reality.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life After Death - Part 1 - It's the Little Things that Count

Life After Death Series Part 1 - It's the little things that count

William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, talked about life after death in our research and study groups for more than three years. Also, in 1985, while in the hospital for routine tests, Mr. LePar experienced an NDE (near death experience).  Over the next several postings I would like to share with you insight that The Council gave along with recently transcribed recordings of Mr. LePar's experiences on the other side of the veil. This is the first in the series. I believe that what Mr. LePar tells us in the following is as important as anything that I will post in the future. This offers us solid information to ease our transition to our spiritual reality.

We talk about dying and going to heaven or hell. It should be so simple! I can guarantee you there are going to be some people, where they go, they are going to wish that there was a real hell. That would be easy, that would be easy. I can speak from personal experience. I went through the death process. I went there, I came back. I know what's there. Knowing that, I have also been blessed to see a little bit more. That is: the only way that you succeed is by being a caring person. It's not the big, wonderful spiritual things that you do in life. It is the wee little things that we generally don't consider important. Just a little act of kindness. Say you're sitting at work and you have a little bag of candy. One of your fellow workers walks by, reach in the bag and say, "Hey, you're sweet, here is a little bit of sweetness to show my appreciation for your sweetness." A little nice remark, sounds corny. Well, it might be corny but you don't know, that person may be really depressed and down in the dumps. A nice little remark like that, a cute little remark, a corny remark, a piece of candy, might just make a world of difference to that person at that moment in time. But you see, we don't know that!

Those people who will lose the spiritual race, now, I'll tell you this, you can put good money on this, people who will lose the spiritual race, will not lose it because of the terrible things that they did. They will lose it because of the little things that they did not do! There are more people looking into their own darkness on the other side because of things that they did not do. We are too involved with ourselves, we are too full of self-importance to think about little things that might make someone else's life happy or easy. We are too interested in making our own life happy. We should find happiness in our life by doing for others. You don't have to write a check. You don't have to buy food. You don't have to go out and give them clothes. You don't have to buy them a place to live. Just little kindnesses, like a smile, like saying something pleasant to them, compliment them. Things like that. Sure, if you can help them in other ways, that is your choice, do it if you want to. You may not have ten dollars to give someone to help them, you may not have a suit of clothes to help them, but you always have a kind word that you could give. That is where it lies!

I have heard people say, "Well, I just couldn't afford to help those people." What is this? It is more rationalization, more justification of inconsideration. That is exactly what it is. You may not have anything material to give people, but you certainly can pay them a compliment, you certainly can sympathize with them. You can treat them with kindness and respect and listen, listen. Sometimes the greatest thing that you can give to a person is just listen to them and their problems. Even if you have heard it a million times, so what? If it makes the person feel good, listen again. Maybe it is helping them relieve a little frustration so that they can think and work at straightening out their problems. What have you got to lose? I have never seen anyone lose. You always win when you do something like that.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Council - A Blessing

For those of you who have inquired about The Council, I thought that a little more information might be useful. The Council is the spiritual source that spoke through William LePar for nearly four decades. Mr. LePar was able to raise his physical vibrations and The Council lower theirs so that they could merge. The merging allowed The Council to use Mr. LePar's physical body to communicate with us. One of the most important aspects of this cooperation was that The Council assured us that all information given by them is based on Divine principles. They accepted the "Test of the Spirits" as described in the Bible. The Council always began and ended a trance session with a blessing. Each blessing was different and has a slightly different focus to it. The following is an example of one of those blessings:

"Our prayers go for each and every one of you and all members of your families and your friends.  Accept our love and our prayers.  Enjoy the benefits that God has seen fit to make available to you.  We do not mean that in the sense of God Almighty, but in the sense that each and every one of you have a god buried deep within you.  When the day comes that you are willing to accept that godly reign over your domain, that is the day when we will see you face to face.  We pray that you all realize the goodness and the power that lies within each and every one of you.  Create tomorrow, not only for yourselves, but for your children and your children's children.  Let that creation be a world of peace and joy, and let it be a world that even your Creator would be proud to walk upon the face of.  May the Love that our Heavenly Father gives to us be acceptable when we wish to share it with you; and may our love and respect for you be given through you to others.  Accept our prayers for your well-being."

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Recently there was a episode on CBS talking about Alzheimer's disease. Many years ago William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, addressed this issue. I realize that this may be at odds with conventional thinking of medical science but I am offering for you reading because we have found that their information has never failed in its accuracy.

Questioner:  There is such an increase in this disease called Alzheimer's.  Is this related in anyway to the hormones they are giving animals?

The Council:  Look more to a metal product.

Questioner  Aluminum?

The Council:  Yes.  You are taking in more aluminum into the body than you have ever in the past.

Questioner:  Through cookware and what else?

The Council:  Through cookware, through body preparations.

Questioner:  Such as deodorants?

The Council:  Yes.

Questioner:  The aluminum chlorhydrate in deodorants?

The Council:  Yes, you are spraying such things directly on the skin.  It is being absorbed by the skin and taken into the system.  It is collecting in the brain tissue itself.

Questioner:  I have a question about the aluminum.  What about the blood-brain barrier and what about the fact that within a family that lives together, eats together, has the same diet, one will have Alzheimer's and five won't?

The Council:  Well, it depends on the individual system, first of all.  There are blanket statements that can be made as a point or an example,  "let's look."  Do you understand?  But each individual will have its own tolerant level or level of tolerance, and each individual then will be able to deal with whatever conditions establish a disease according to their own level or on an individual basis.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes, I understand all that, but what I am getting at, is there some reason that aluminum will cross the blood-brain barrier in some people and not in others?  Or doesn't that have anything to do with it?

The Council:  Let us put it this way, the aluminum has an affinity for brain tissue.  If you take a look at the composition of brain tissue, you will find a strong draw between the molecular structure of aluminum and the structure of brain tissue.  Not only that, it being of a heavier nature or a more dense nature, it does not wash out of the system as readily.  It is not as instantaneously destructive as other heavy metals, such as mercury or lead or what have you.  They can do their damage in other organs of the body and do it quicker where the aluminum is an element that works slower and it works on a cumulative basis, up to a point.  So you must look at these situations and what is the affinity of certain elements to the body, to the structure of the body.  If you can find that relationship, it would be very easy then to be able to produce a serum that would negate that relationship, thereby eliminating the problem, but you would also then have to backup that with care in seeing that such a product would not be introduced in the system in some other way or continue introduction into the system.
If you consider the, how can we put it, the activity of the amino acid on the transference of hormones from the brain to the body.  Do you understand what we are talking about?

Questioner:  No, but keep going, maybe I'll catch up.

The Council:  If you understand how amino acids can cause a transference or activate hormonal changes from the brain to the blood system.  If you can understand that, the aluminum oxide, if you would understand better, it will be transferred in a similar method.  There is a need for carriers.  So if you think along those lines and consider then possibly some sort of vaccine that would break that attraction, you would be able to eliminate to a certain degree the accumulation of the aluminum.  Further challenges or investigation could come up with a leaching of that aluminum out of the brain tissue.  Before a certain amount of damage is done, if this were instigated, then the final effects of the Alzheimer's disease could be eliminated.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Spirituality Defined

The following gives William LePar's source, The Council's, views on spirituality. Hopefully, this information will be useful to you.

The Council:  Spirituality. Some of you express an interest in spirituality. Some of you say that you are on a quest for spirituality. Some of you say that you wish to be spiritual. But what is spirituality and how do we attain it? It is very simple. It must be simple, it must be very obvious. It must be staring us right back into our faces if we have an All-Loving and Forgiving God, an All-Loving and Forgiving Divine Presence, and since we do, then spirituality is before us. If we cannot see it, if we cannot understand it, if we cannot reach out and bring it into ourselves, it is because we choose to be blind to the love that this Infinite and Divine Presence has for us.

What is spirituality? It should be obvious and yet how very, very few see the obvious. Spirituality is but an attitude, an attitude towards oneself and an attitude towards life or to those around us. How do we attain spirituality? If spirituality is an attitude, then to attain it we simply bring that attitude into us, make it a part of our nature. Not something we talk about, but something that we do something about.

What is this great secret, this attitude, this mystifying miracle maker? It is as simple as this: Do nothing to someone else you would not want done to yourself. That means then you must be caring, you must be loving, you must be honest, you must be faithful, and you must be a responsible individual. That sums up spirituality, yet for as simple as it is, for as obvious as it is, those who choose not to see what lies before them are numbered in the frequency of raindrops hitting the face of the earth in any given storm. Infidelity to oneself translates to infidelity to all other aspects of that individual's life.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Avoid Negativity

While our Research and Study Group was reviewing our information on prayer from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, I came across the following information that I would like to share with you:

Questioner:  What can we do to avoid negativity?

The Council:  Develop spiritually within, inside yourself.  Place your entire being in a positive frame of mind at the very beginning of your day, simply by starting your day off with a prayer and committing yourself to a godly existence for that day. That is your first means of protection.  But from there you must take a constant watchful eye on each and everything that transpires.  It is not an easy task at first, but once you attune yourself to such a day, over a period of time it becomes quite natural and you automatically protect yourself as long as you are willing.  You see, it first comes through the inner change and attitude.  Make each act of yours an act that you are offering up to your Infinite Father as an act of prayer and each act then that you find yourself engaged in, check and see if it is a godly act, if it is something you wish to offer up to your god or not.  You see?  Very simple little things like that can help keep your entire day a godly expression, thus eliminating any effects of negativity, at least to the point where it would be detrimental to you.

Questioner:  What is the best way to protect ourselves from negativity?

The Council:  There are many ways, if you are talking of, shall we say, little gimmicks.  There are many ways of doing that.  But basically again they are only, shall we say, amplifiers for the mental attitude that must be present, such as protecting yourself with the White Light which is a very strong form, because it necessitates visualization which is a strong tool.  The gemstones that we have given you in the past can be a form of protection, but you see, these are all, shall we say, little gimmicks; they are little amplifiers. The real protection comes first in your own mental attitude. 

As far as your own beings and protecting yourself, keep yourself attuned to godly ways, and that is your safest means of protection.  Use the visualization process of the Light that represents Christ and His protection.  Those would be the simplest and most productive.  A good foundation in what is godly and what is not as far as knowledge goes is very beneficial.  A certain amount of knowledge is good.  Then from that knowledge allow your God-given wisdom to put it into practice and to magnify it so that it becomes useful in many areas of your day-to-day existence.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fate and Destiny

The following comes from one of William LePar's Universal Being Lectures and requires no additional comment from me.

I don’t care what conditions you were born into. I don’t care whether you were born into abject poverty or an abundance of wealth. I don’t care if you were born into a condition where there was great sadness in your family or great joy. It’s immaterial in the final analysis because at the point of birth that was the hand that was dealt to you. The beauty of life is that we have free will and with that free will we are able to change anything. Fate is what you came in with but you make your destiny. You are not condemned to those conditions that you were born into. You have the free will choice and with that choice, right thinking and positive action, you can create whatever destiny you want. Remember after all is said and done you are a god in the small and you have a great deal of control over your own destiny by the choices you make. If you want happiness, genuine happiness not temporary happiness, if you want spirituality, you make the choices now so that your destiny is what you desire.

I’d like to end this with a two line quote from the Council. The essence of these two sentences is everything in a nice neat little package. It goes this way:

“Those of you who quest for spirituality and happiness must understand what real spirituality and happiness is. It is not the act of kindness or loving or caring but it is the thought that instigated the act.”

If the thoughts are sincere, if they truly come from your heart, then they will become action. They will become a doing and they will become reality.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When One Soul Grows All Souls Grow

While working on a project I came across this information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. This occurred during one of the research and study group sessions while Mr. LePar was in trance. This is a good example of how information was obtained during a session. The Council always reminded us to: "Think and use our God-given wisdom." They would not spoon-feed us information. We were required to take an active part in the trance sessions by questioning the information presented to us.

I found this not only interesting but thought provoking, especially in its application to our lives personally and to the activities of the world in general. I hope that you find this worthwhile also. Remember, as you are reading this that the positive and negative actions that are being discussed are actions originating in our physical world. This should be read carefully as it is an involved concept that The Council is explaining.

Questioner:  You once made a statement that when one soul grows, all souls grow.  Is the reverse of this true?

The Council: No.

Questioner:  Well, would you expound on that initial statement?

The Council:  For a soul to grow, they must add something positive.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  And in so doing when they add something positive to creation it does affect all of creation.  So, consequently, as one soul grows, all souls grow.

Questioner:  But if there is a negative action, why wouldn't that affect all of creation in a negative way?

The Council:  It would affect more the material aspects of creation.  That statement was made in respects to the spiritual aspects of creation.  The positive is made in respects to the spiritual aspects of creation.  That eventually filters down into the physical.  Negativity, although it may have a greater affect on the physical, immediate effect, it eventually ends up only affecting the source of the negativity, in its greatest effect.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  As one soul grows, all souls grow.  This can be first looked at in a spiritual sense, but as it emanates out into the spiritual, etheric, it then is reflected back and it goes back into the physical world, and it will eventually permeate or positively affect the physical creation or physical world.  Now, a negative aspect, it does have an effect on the physical, and as it extends outward then and it is reflected back, its ultimate destruction is the source of its origin.  It may influence and affect other areas, but the greatest damage is the source, the originating source.  And the reason why there is an effect beyond the originating source is because all lives are interconnected through responsibilities or through relationships or through karmic situations.  Does that explain it any clearer?

 Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well.  The thing that one should be aware of is that in order for there to be light, as you understand it, and for you to deal with it in the situation that all of you are, in order for there to be light, there must be darkness.  In order for there to be joy, there must be sadness.  In order for there to be evolvement and growth, there must be something less than that or there must be a point from which you must reach up. 

Remember, you have deemed it necessary for the sorrow in order to experience the joy.  You can also deem all of one or all of the other. There is not an appropriate ratio.  The world has chosen, man has chosen, the nature of man dictates that anguish, suffering, sadness bring growth.  Your Father dictates that joy, happiness, laughter bring growth.  The Heavens dictate that love brings growth.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

We Have a Mission in Life

While working with William LePar's lecture Cornerstones to Spirituality I came across this information which I would like to share with you.

When we’ve reached the end of our rope and we can’t take another step forward and when life seems to us as though we have no purpose left in it then this is a great opportunity if we’ll only see it. It’s the opportunity to start over again and turn around or turn over a new page in our life whether it’s yesterday, today, or tomorrow. We all have a mission in life. We all have a purpose in life and we must realize that only you can fulfill your mission in life. You are so unique that there is only one of you. There never has been another person like you. There never will be another person like you. You can’t be replaced by a thousand people. If you were to decide right at this moment to lock yourself in a closet and avoid life for the rest of your natural life I could not, no matter how hard I try, fulfill one second of your life in an effort to replace what you could offer life. You have the unique opportunity to be able to share yourself with others. I can’t do it for you. Nobody else can; nobody else on the face of the earth can share you with others. Only you have that ability. You have something that only you as a unique individual can give to others.

Did you ever stop to think that you might be an extremely vital experience in a person’s life? The very fact that they are introduced to you and you can exchange a few words. That may be an experience that is extremely vital at some point in time in that other person’s life. Oh, you don’t have to spout great wisdoms but as an individual you must become involved in life. You must be willing to become a shepherd of people by becoming a teacher, a helper, a listener. You must be willing to give others the opportunity to gain in life. You must be willing to become like a networking agent that helps others to better themselves. Regardless of how many words of wisdom or holy words you may have read in your life, regardless of how many you can spout from memory, what good are they to you if you cannot take those very words, those thoughts, those concepts and make them a part of your life so that you yourself act upon those words and live your life in accordance to that wisdom.

The trials of our life are lessons that we’ve failed to learn in the past. They are the ghosts that come back to revisit us. Although we have made faulty decisions in the past we now have the opportunity to make better decisions and escape all pain previous choices have brought to our door. Our life is a journey. It’s good to know that there’s always an end to every journey. We must remember that it is the journey that really counts in the end. Our efforts to achieve a God awareness or God self or Christ consciousness is a journey that we make, not a destination. Yesterday is nothing more than today’s memories. Tomorrow is the dreams of today. I’d like to take this time to close with this final sentence. Tomorrow is composed of the dreams of today. Today let us all begin to dream of a God consciousness. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love is Everything

Many of my recent postings have focused on the many aspects of love. There is a good reason for that besides its obvious importance in our spiritual growth. Of the more than 3200 typewritten pages from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, more than half of them make some reference to love. They say, if we do nothing else but practice brotherly love we have the kingdom of God before us. The follow is another of there statements on the subject of love:

The Council:  Love is everything that you can imagine that is good. It is the desire to make whole another individual by filling in all the cracks and crevices, all the holes, all the broken edges that life may have chipped away. Fill your mate with love, help that person to bloom and your reward will be one of the finest thrones ever imaginable by the mind of man in the heavens above. Speak of garlands -- Complete one individual with your love, make one individual feel secure and happy and you wear the greatest crown possible. Love and commitment are the essence of creation. The Divine Presence when He brought all this, as you understand, into being, the motivating wish behind your creation was a Love that would be full and complete, a commitment to provide every opportunity possible for you as one of His children, as one of His creations, to be totally secure and full and complete, enveloped in the purest of all loves. You, as you are now, cannot create or give in the same quantity as this Divine Essence can but you can come very, very close in quality, and this can be achieved very simply by thinking about the person you profess to love, thinking about them before you think about yourself.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Many Forms of Love

Another thought from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council.

"A few points or steps in expressing that godliness that lies within you is to be able to love others without judgment, to be able to accept the need to love without anything asked in return, to love without any strings attached. This is a spiritual love. Another love that you must attempt to practice is the love that you have for your family, for your loved ones, for your spouses, for your children, for your parents, and that is a love of taking care of, nurturing. Another form of love is what is commonly called brotherly love, but it also indicates a friendship love, a respect for other individuals, and a concern for other individuals. There is still another love and that is a community love or a communal love, and this type of love, it is a reaching out, it is becoming active in community projects that uplift the community, that benefit the community, that adds to society as a whole. If you take these different forms of love and attempt to practice them in your life, if you begin to think and act upon a decision as opposed to a reaction, your life will begin to improve immeasurably because you will have begun to realize your true spiritual potential. You will begin to realize that with all your good aspects, with all your positive aspects, and with all your not so positive aspects, you have a uniqueness to give to mankind. Your mission in life, and all have a mission, is to offer yourself, your love, to your fellow man."

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Reaching your Maximum Spiritual Potential

In this short quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they give us their thoughts on the easiest way to gain great spiritual rewards.

 The Council: To reach your maximum spiritual potential in this lifetime is very simple. Be compassionate. Be caring. Be loving. Be willing to make commitments and stay steadfast in those commitments regardless of how challenging they may be, for this shows your power and strength. This shows the god that lies within you, and this opens the door for The God, that Divine Source, to touch others in your life. Be a being of love. Be a being that cares. Worry not about the large or big things that you wish to do or accomplish. Concentrate on the small things, for it is the small things that are actually the big spiritual steps upwards. It is the ability to smile, to greet another fellow human being. It is the willingness to bend over and help the next person up, to reach out and comfort the one beside you. The willingness to commit to a person that you care for, that you love. This gives you dignity. It gives you self-respect, and it shows you just how strong you really are. It shows that there IS a god within each of you. Allow that god to come forth.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Ghosts and Apparitions

I think that many of you may find this of interest. William LePar's spiritual source, the Council, talked about ghosts and apparitions on rare occasions. This an example of a discussion between a member of our Research and Study Group and The Council.

Questioner:What part of an entity is it that hangs around that is classified as a ghost?

The Council: Sometimes ghosts are figments of people's imaginations.But there are, shall we say, imprints or forces, charges that can penetrate the area on a molecular structure and that charge can be held for a time, much time after. So you would have to more specific in your question to go any further than that.

Questioner:Well, this molecular structure actually has some type of consciousness, right?

The Council:It works more off the consciousness of the individual perceiving the ghost or apparition, you see.The entity or the live individual that sees some of the ghosts actually is psychically charging that traumatic experience there and manipulates it to suit the situation. Now this is only in some cases, only in some cases, you see. There are such things as you state ghosts. There are entities who can manifest physically or make their appearance physically but not all that one sees necessarily is an entity.

Questioner:What particular type of entity would be able to materialize and manifest itself like that, or is any specific ability necessary for this?

The Council:No, once you have gone beyond the physical and into the lower realms of spirituality or that which that consciousness that is after the grave or after the death experience, anyone generally or any entity generally in that area can re-manifest in the physical because actually what is being manifested is not a form or a material form, but it is a combination of an energized area in space and your own mental abilities being effected at the same time.In other words, shall we say, in the middle of this room is a hot spot of energy, and this energy is a conscious being, you see, a creation of God, and that energy, that hotspot, that creation wishes to converse with you in such a manner so as you see it and what that energy or that being will do with that field of energy there is excite you on a psychic level and this will cause you then to see that energy form and it will mirror what the entity themselves want you to see.

Questioner:Could this be affected also by living human beings?

The Council:In what respect?

Questioner:In a manner to project to someone else and to get the same results, get somebody else to see their projection?

The Council:That depends now on what the purpose is.Now there, shall we say there is the possibility of you being able to project a mirror image of yourself in another place for someone else to see, do you understand.This then would be termed bi-location.You see?


The Council:But you cannot call upon the dead, really.

Questioner:No, I didn't mean that.

The Council:And therefore you cannot project, shall we say, the same way as the dead or the deceased or those in another level or another state of consciousness can project to you.You see, the higher can always come down to the lower, but the lower cannot just pick and choose to go to the higher.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Creating a Brighter Tomorrow

During one of William LePar's trance sessions, his spiritual source, The Council gave us the following thoughts on creating a better tomorrow for ourselves. From their perspective, the world in general is in poor spiritual state. However, they believe that just as we can change our futures individually, we can as a group consciousness, change the world, but it first starts with each of us.

The Council: We can only say that it would be our desire to show you a picture that is much brighter than what it is, but unfortunately, if an untrue picture were painted what stimulus would you have in correcting the situation that now exists amongst you all in all countries? As long as the condition can be changed, we will speak of it. It is up to the people of the world to see to it that what it has created for its future does not necessarily have to be. Nothing is predestined. No individual is predestined. Each event in man's future and in his history could have been changed, if he had foreseen early enough. Your future can still be changed. When we spoke to you of what you are and what you can expect to experience once you leave your material bodies, we could speak to you of pleasant things, beautiful things, because no matter how corrupt you may have created your existence, in the hereafter, it will be changed to the proper outlook. Now we do not use the word "corrupt" in a negative form. We use it in the sense of varying from what actually is.

Your physical existence takes more determination, more activity now. Those who are of right mind see the brightness that tomorrow holds by seeing what lays before them today. If there is a ravine that must be crossed and the bridge is in poor repair, if you were to cross it on the morrow, it would necessitate repairing it today; and that is the way your future is. If you are to exist in tomorrow, you must create that state of existence today, the foundation for that existence today. Your abilities as individuals, as individual entities, go far beyond your imaginations. The power that lies within each of you to create a whole new world tomorrow is seldom ever tapped or used. Working through the natural means of your world, you can rid yourself of all that is not harmonious and leads to a happy state of existence, but it depends on the individuals to see to it that the world responds to the wishes of those individuals who occupy the world. Your greatest step to a more positive future is taking a better look at yourself as an individual, an entity that is unique, an entity that cannot be replaced, an entity that has a specific purpose, an entity who adds themselves to the sum total of the whole.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Do Prayers Ever Go Unanswered?

The background for The Council's quote: Recently my wife had a very serious illness. So serious that she was not expected to survive. Her condition was not only critical but extremely complicated. She was on two life support machines and 11 different medications. The doctors told us that some difficult decisions could be required of us at any moment. We were shocked! When we brought her to the hospital we had no thought that this was serious let alone life threatening.

We immediately notified all of our family and friends to inform them and request prayers that she would have the strength to see this situation through and that the doctors and nurses would make the proper decisions as they attempted to help her survive and improve. I am pleased to say that after 19 days with many ups and only a few downs she came home to her family. There is still much for us to do as she slowly improves but as one person wrote to me, "It is nice to pray for someone and actually have the outcome be as you had hoped."

As most of you know, we lost our very good friend and spiritual mentor, William LePar, earlier last year. During his illness prayers were given by friends and family from all over the world and yet in this case the results were not as WE had hoped. One of the very last words of wisdom that we received from Bill was this: "All prayers are answered. They may not be answered in the manner that you wanted but they are answered." I hope that what is presented next will give insight into why that is often the case.

Questioner: "… particularly in dealing with prayers for others, when we believe that we consciously believe that a particular prayer will be answered, that we have done what we have felt with the conscious knowledge that we had at the time, that we had gone through those steps, and we really consciously believe that the prayer would be answered with almost a kind of a sense of joy, maybe a bouncing step, and then the prayer is not answered in the way it was asked. What is really taking place there?

The Council: "Again, you must remember there are things that exist that are beyond your ability to know about, and even though you are absolutely sure that the prayer will be answered and in time it appears as though it hasn't been, does not indicate that the prayer was not answered. The prayer could very easily have been answered but in an area that you are not aware of or are not capable of seeing. In praying, one must keep in mind that you are praying for the wellness, the wholeness, of a situation and not just a segment that you are aware of. You are praying for a wholeness. So, therefore, when a prayer is sent out and it appears as though it has not been answered, if the intentions were sincere, the prayer is answered; it is just your inability to see it. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: "Yes, I can follow what you are saying, but in what areas would the prayer be answered? Do you want me to be specific, in an instance?

The Council: "There are many levels or conditions that exist in any situation that may need prayer. Some of them are surface areas that can be easily recognized; they relate to the material manifestation itself or the material situation. There are those areas that will stem off into the future from that condition as it is now, but there are also conditions that have brought that situation about. An example, an individual is very sick. The individual just did not get sick. There were conditions that brought this sickness about, either emotions or lessons or what have you, that cannot really be classified as something solid or physical. Because of that condition of ailment or sickness, there are things in the future that are directly related to that sickness that will exist because of that state of sickness or will not exist if that state of sickness is removed. Now, since none of you are isolated individuals where you exist in your own universe but are part of a far greater state of existence the common denominator from which you all perceive your state of existence must be served in order to provide a consistency of creation. In this situation then it is necessary to consider this, that when a prayer is not answered, regardless of how firm you felt it would be, it is answered but it may have been answered to heal a condition that would be affected by that illness in the future that you were not aware of or it may go back to a time previous to that illness in order to effect a condition to prevent that illness from becoming serious or more serious in the future. Remember, you do not exist in a sixty second per minute state or a sixty minute per hour state. You actually exist in a state of no time but in a state of observation. In that true state then healings take place from point A to point B. In the physical manifestation you cannot see either point A or point B but only see the point or the position between those points that you are presently at now."

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I sincerely hope that this quote will bring a degree of comfort for those whose prayers appear to have not been answered.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Key to Changing Our Outlook on Life

In this particular quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they give us the keys to changing our outlook, those attitudes about life that we wish were different. For most of us there are some people and situations that really get under our skins even though we know that they should not. We may even regret that we carry these feelings. Hopefully what is given below will be useful in changing those attitudes that we would like to change. The latter part of this piece of information is particularly good in pointing out how we should look at those things in our past that we wish were not there. Note: When The Council refers to the "God-Made Heavenly Realms", they are referring to those spiritual realms where you have moved beyond the cycle of reincarnation.

The Council: Your society feels that discipline means to do without. This shows a lack of wisdom and insight because discipline does not mean do without, discipline means gain control of yourself so that you can have all that you wish in life, so that you can benefit from all experiences, so that you can have a life of peace, of joy, of happiness, so that you can have spiritual growth and all the material things in life that you wish. Discipline does not mean to do without. Discipline means to take control of yourself, give yourself a direction in life and follow that direction, by making conscious, well thought-out decisions. Do not react, but act. Gain control of your life, gain control of yourself. Think about each challenge that comes to your life, each crossroads that you come to. Discipline means to gain all that you wish to gain. It does not mean to do without. Those things that you can control, wonderful, control them. Those faults that you may have that you cannot control, at least, with discipline, you are able to practice a degree of moderation. And so that which you cannot control, at least moderate it to a degree. The destiny that you have once you leave the material manifestation is not measured by how many good things you have done as opposed to how many bad things you have done, but it is measured by the true heart's desire. There are many things in life that you do that you wish you had not done, that you do not seem to be able to get full control on, will that hamper you from the God-Made Heavenly Realms? Not necessarily, not necessarily. If the circumstances in life have been such that you are not capable of certain things, does this withhold you from the God-Made Heavenly Realms? No. What will allow you entrance into the God-Made Heavenly Realms is when you ask yourself, "How much did I do? How much did I really try?" The answer that you give yourself will determine which of the Heavenly Realms you will go to. This Divine Essence does not judge you. This Divine God does not judge you. He does not weigh your good faults and your bad faults. He accepts you just as you are, all the good in you and all the bad in you, all the positive and all the negative. But you see, deep in you is a god in the making, a rediscovery of self, taking that divine essence, that divine spark, that spiritual electricity, and bringing it into the totality of your consciousness, your soul, your physical life, and allowing it to manifest to those around you. That is what life is about. A quality life or a spiritual life does not depend on how much you have; it depends on how much you have given of yourself.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Secret to Immortality

Many who read my postings have asked, "Who is The Council?" Hopefully the following will help answer that question. They say that they have moved beyond the need for reincarnation but still require a little polishing of their spiritual awareness in what they call the God-Made Heavenly Realms.

Questioner: The members of The Council, the twelve souls that you are, when you walked the earth plane, such as we do today, what path did you take to achieve the necessary spiritual awareness so that you no longer needed to reincarnate? And were you doctors, lawyers, and so on?

The Council: We are the same soul quality, the same creation that each of you are. As we said, we once had physical bodies, we once had lives. We did all the things that we should not do, and eventually we learned to do all the things that we should do. Were we doctors, were we lawyers, were we this or that? We were all things at one time or another. Did we just come into the material form once and then achieve some great illumination and pass on into the God-Made Heavenly Realms? No. We learned by the trials of the fire, just as you are learning. What path did we take? Well, we all tried many paths. We tried the easiest paths possible or at least we thought they were the easiest paths, until one day, one episode, one life, each of us as individuals stumbled upon the secret: You can only receive what you have given. At that point we realized that if we wanted the love that we needed for our own recognition of our godhead, we had to give it. And so that was our point of turning. That was the cleansing fire, that was the transmutation, and you might say that was the spiritual resurrection of ourselves. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Well, just one more. Thank you, Council. Do you all stay the same or do you go on and change or does someone go on and then another soul come in? Does The Council constantly stay the same?

The Council: No, The Council constantly evolves. The Council is a forum for those of us who have reached this level of awareness, of godliness, to be able to give one demonstration, one final demonstration, to man in his darkest hour of need. During one communication all twelve can be renewed or changed. In one communication it is possible that only one would be replaced. In a communication, those twelve that originally started may stay till the very end. It is the need of the individual. It is the desire to reach the final state of existence, and that is the total mergence with the Godhead, still maintaining your own unique identity, still with your own knowing, your own awareness, nothing lost only glorified and magnified a million times over.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

In a Time Before

I Hope that this piece of information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, will give a picture of our original existence before we became involved in the earth plane and the cycle of reincarnation.

The Council: In a time before the material manifestation existed, all of you existed with and in this Divine Essence, because your ultimate existence was to have the quality of this Divine Source, not the quantity but the quality. You were given absolute free will. This is the expression of total love from this Divine Source. The Divine Source does not wish that you should be subjective or subservient to His Will because it should be but that you should be subservient to that Divine Will of your own choice. The Divine Will for you is that you gain the quality that God the Father has. Since you are only a part of Him who created all, you can never be equal in quantity. The patience of this Infinite Father is unending, but since He has given you free will, all things that transpire in the material manifestation and in those levels beyond are governed more by your choice than by what He commands. Some have truly moved closer through the eons of time; others have moved further away. Some have tried to bring light to the material manifestation, while others have tried to encrust it in even darker abysses and darker clothing.

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