Thursday, March 28, 2013

When the Heart Sings

The following is an example of the poetic style that Mr. LePar's spiritual source, The Council, often used in the closing of a trance session. There is really nothing that I can add to the words below. The Council:           

Something to think about: When the heart sings, when the eyes can see a little beauty in small things, when the heart laughs, when the heart experiences joy and warmth, when the lips smile, and the voice is raised in a loving laugh of joy, then that soul is given proof that it has created a thing of beauty, and the seed of that creation was planted in the past. If that soul will choose to look even more at the beauty in the small things that exist, it will continue to create for itself not only small beautiful things but it will gradually begin to create large beautiful things for itself. So when the eye sees a little beauty here or a little joy there and it appreciates it, it will then begin to look a little more or a little harder, and it will then begin to see even more beauty and more joy. And in so doing then the heart begins to laugh and feel joy to a greater proportion than what it did before, and if the heart is happy, if it sees beauty, if it experienced joy, then it is a reflection of the thought, the mind, of the entity, and if that is the reflection, then it means it is creating even more. So it becomes an unending circle. It is an unending spiral that grows upward. Look for something joyful. Look for something small and tiny that is joyful. Then look for something small and tiny that is beautiful. Appreciate that joy, that beauty, savor it, place it in your heart, and keep it in your thoughts. And in so doing you open your blind eyes to greater light, greater beauty, thus the heart rises up and the consciousness creates more and more that is godly. If you laugh today, it is because you have created something joyful yesterday.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

How the Pyramids were Built

I thought for this posting, I would offer something a little different. This comes from a series of trances when we were discussing the spiritual history of mankind. As we progressed through time we came to the period of Atlantis. William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, said that it was Atlanteans who actually built the biggest pyramids in Egypt. It was their technology that was used. The following is a brief discussion of how they did it.

Questioner:  Could you tell us please how the pyramids were built?  That is, any of the pyramids, Egypt or Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis?

The Council:  Through the mental processes.

Questioner:  The same powers that could also be turned to destruction?

The Council:  Power is neither good nor bad.  Power in itself is neither good nor bad.  Those that apply it determine whether it is good or bad.

Questioner:  Did they simply will the construction, will the blocks to move?  I suppose that is the question.

The Council:  Basically, it was a matter of willing, but they needed help.

Questioner:  From crystals again?

The Council:  No, only partially.

Questioner:  Then from what?

The Council:  Special appliances.  Basically, metallic rods held in hands. One was a barrel-shaped rod; the other was a staff rod.  The high priest then would carry these, and it was used as a tuning mechanism. The assistant priests or the common priests then would concentrate, and through a means of chanting which would have been strictly cosmetic in actuality, the chanting served their conscious mind for concentration, but the chanting in itself served no other purpose; focusing these thoughts then and the high priests holding these rods, touching the stone or the block that had to be moved, created a field that negated the gravitational force, thus allowing that stone or that rock to rise.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes, somewhat, are you talking of vibrations?  Through some kind of vibratory energy that the rock gained an anti-gravitational state?

The Council:  The mind emanates an electrical field.  This electrical field can be focused.  The priests would concentrate on the rising of the rock or the elevating of the rock.  They were of one mind then.  The high priest which held these appliances, with the use of the appliance would be able to be what you could refer to as a power element or the priest with these appliances then would accumulate these electrical impulses derived from the extreme concentration and would trigger then, with the help of these appliances, a force that would negate the magnetic field in relationship to the object.  Now the priests would lay hands on the object or the stone.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  The high priest would walk ahead or behind of the stone and one could consider then, because of the appliances, the high priest would be used as the power source to cancel out the gravitational force on the rock itself.  This would be done in a manner that is hard to explain because the concept is not in line with man's normal understanding but what constitutes material form but atoms.  Again, what are atoms but fields of energy or electricity, and so by activating the molecular structure of the stone in such a way it would eliminate the relationship with the magnetic field or with the gravitational field, thus causing it to elevate or levitate.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

How God Looks at Us

This is the closing of one of WIlliam LePar's lectures given many years ago. What is presented is certainly timeless.

"I’d like to share with you one final insight from The Council which will bring my segment to an end.  This final quote summarizes our status in the eyes of this Divine Presence.  It shows us also how to view each other.  What I found very interesting was that The Council said this is the way this Divine God or this Infinite Father looks at us, what he thinks of us.  It goes this way:

'You are a glorious being.  You are deserving of all the godly love possible and it is your responsibility to love yourself to the greatest degree possible, to respect yourself to the greatest degree possible.  To do anything less is sad, truly sad.  To set aside all that beauty and power and the glory that is yours by your birthright is sad especially when the only way that that can be set aside is to exchange it for something so trivial as the self-serving ego.  Set aside the selfish ego and take on the godly ego.  Adorn yourself with the golden robes that you were given as your birthright and walk proudly sharing yourself with others.  Walk proudly picking those up around you as others will pick you up.  Resurrect yourself at this time.  Accept your divinity.  Carry your heads high and be proud that you are truly a son and a daughter of the Divine.  You are nothing less than the heirs to all of creation that is and all that will ever be.'

That is the way this Divine Essence looks at us.  His sons, his daughters adorned in golden robes walking hand in hand with our brothers and sisters carrying each other being able to justly hold our head proud, inheriting all that has been created and all that ever will be created in the future. 

In respects to each of you I would like to personally salute each of you as ambassadors of God’s love."

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