Sunday, November 22, 2020

Being Thankful

 The Council: Be thankful that most of the souls, most of the entities,

will gain their greatest perfection, their greatest spirituality,

in the small things.  Be happy that more is not asked.  This does

not mean that you do not have more to give; it simply means that

you are entitled to less demands.   

Spirituality does not necessarily mean great sacrifice.  There

have been some souls who have entered the material manifestation

in, how shall we put it, in less than desirable condition and have

succeeded in obtaining great spiritual strides by simply living an

everyday type of life, taking advantage of the small things that

come their way, and exercising the love that they should.  Be

grateful that you are not called upon to sacrifice.  There are some

who are, but this is to serve as the stimulant for each of you and

a thankfulness to each of you.  Those who have a lifestyle that

require great sacrifice; it is for a purpose, sometimes for their

own individual soul's growth, other times as an example to others to

show what the Love of God's relationship can do.  

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