Friday, August 18, 2023

Humankinds Entry into the Earth Plain – Part 1

The next three presentations will discuss humankinds first experiences in the earth plane in a place know as Mu. William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, will give us some details about those early days.

Questioner:   Our first question is, Did man enter into the physical on any other land mass other than Mu, and if so, why in other places?

The Council:   Most assuredly, souls did enter into the earth plane or the material manifestation on other land masses.  Now, the concentration of souls, mind you, the concentration of souls was in the land of Mu.  Very well.

Questioner:  If they did come into other places, other land masses on the face of the earth, and Mu was the power at the time, why did they come in, was it their choosing or was it their place to start from some problems or lack of problems they had to pass on where they came in?

The Council:  Remember the element of free will?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well.  As souls begin to utilize the solidness of the material manifestation and its potential, many souls agreed to be active in a particular area because of their relationship with the other souls.  Now, it was not predestined that Mu should be the first center of physical activity.  Since the element of free will is always the first principle in your activities and in your growth, then others chose to enter in at other places, either because they had a relationship with souls, other souls, and chose to be a community unto their own, or for whatever reason. It would hardly seem natural, don't you think, that all souls would be in such agreement as to only utilize a small portion of the earth at that time?

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